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    Hosting images: 10 best free websites

    Hosting images: 10 best free websites

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Sep 16, 2022 | Technology |

    A great way for you to save space on your cell phone or computer is by using online sites to host images.

    That way you don't have to leave your images or a photo taking up space on your machine or mobile device.

    While this is a great idea, it is unconventional and few people often use an alternative.

    The internet contains several options for websites to host images for free.

    But which will be the best option for you to use?

    Seeking to make your life easier when choosing a hosting, we have separated the best options for websites to host images and some may even be well known. 

    Just check out our selection of 10 website options and choose the best program option to host images and, consequently, save space on your computer or cell phone, for example. 

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    Websites to host images

    1. Flickr

    One of the most popular and free image hosting sites on the internet is Flickr.

    The platform contains a collection of billions of photos shared on its system.

    With this site, you can create your own profile to host your own images or even follow other accounts and follow the posts and images hosted by them.

    In other words, Flickr works very similarly to social networks like Facebook.

    But the platform's functions don't stop there.

    The user will also have access to an editing system that has tools to enhance and improve the quality of the image before inserting it into their account.

    For free, the user can store up to 1000 photos on the system.

    But it is necessary to have an account on the platform. 

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    2. Imgbox

    If you want a website option to host images where it is not necessary to create an account for this, we can indicate Imgbox.

    The operation of this platform is very simple and practical.

    Just upload your image and the site will generate a link that you can share.

    In addition, there are also HTML and BB codes.

    So you can embed the file on other sites.

    While each image can only be 10MB, the platform's storage is unlimited, allowing you to store as many of your photos as you like. 

    3. PostImages

    Another option for hosting images that is quite complete and still very simple to use is PostImages.

    This system allows you not only to upload the images you want to store, but also to configure and resize them in predefined patterns.

    You can also choose an expiration date for uploaded files to be stored.

    That way, you end up controlling how long that image will be available on the internet.

    Although you can create an account, it is not mandatory to start using it.

    4. Images our country

    As its name suggests, Images our country is a national platform so you can host images without any worries.

    Images that you can upload to this platform must be no larger than 5 MB.

    But the storage is unlimited and you can upload as many photos and images as you like.

    With this, the service will generate a shareable link, in addition to HTML and BB codes, allowing you to embed the file wherever you want.

    It is worth mentioning that you also do not need to have an account to use this service.

    5. Imgur

    Hosting images: 10 best free websites

    Another well-known and interesting site for hosting images is Imgur.

    The user has unlimited storage and it is not necessary to have an account on the platform to use the functions.

    Imgur also works very similarly to a social network, as it has a community of several users, and it is possible to interact with each one.

    But for that, you need to have an account and a profile on the service and you can even log in with other social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

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    6. Google Photos

    That's what you're reading, Google also has a tool to host images, Google Photos, used by several people.

    With this platform, you can share images on social networks, Google Drive and even your Gmail account. 

    In addition to storing, Google Photos is also a smart platform that organizes images for you.

    It can sync the platform with your other accounts and contains some image editing tools for free.

    You can store up to 15GB of files for free, but this space is shared with other Google platforms.

    7. Free Image Hosting

    Free Image Hosting stands out for the ease of operation of the platform for hosting images.

    The process is simple. You only need to upload the image you want to store and then you will have access to a shareable link that you can use anywhere and on any device.

    The service does not require a registered account.

    In addition, the images will be stored and permanently saved in the system.

    The downside is that they will all be of low quality, as the free storage is only for images with a size of 3MB.

    8 Wix

    Wix is ​​known for being a website building platform, but you can also use it as a service to host images.

    You can use the system to create a gallery with your images and photos, leaving them saved on the platform.

    Storage on this system is free and unlimited.

    So Wix ends up being a great tool for hosting images to use.


    One of the simplest options for hosting images, but still very functional, is

    As soon as you open the site, you will have at your disposal the place to insert your image for storage.

    Just click on the “Upload Fire” button and your image will be hosted on the site's servers.

    Files must have a size limit of up to 5 MB.

    However, all formats are accepted. 

    10. UnSee

    Hosting images: 10 best free websites

    UnSee has a slightly different proposal for hosting images, compared to the options we mentioned.

    This platform allows you to define the time each file will be available, as a security system.

    You can configure the images to disappear after the first view, automatically, or set a time limit of 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour and even a day. 

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