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    Horror anime: 10 best to watch with the light on

    Horror anime: 10 best to watch with the light on

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Oct 7, 2022 | Technology |

    Are you the type of person who loves watching that horror entertainment?

    If your answer was “yes”, and on top of that you like anime, then this post is ideal for you.

    you will meet the best horror anime to watch with the light on.

    In addition to horror, some works listed are good for otakus who also enjoy the action genre as some titles involve a lot of beating with heavy horror scenes.

    Therefore, when the work contains action with terror, it will be highlighted during the comment paragraph on the title.

    The best horror anime

    It is worth mentioning that the animes listed are not from best to worst, it is not a ranking, the order they are in is random.

    That said, see the best horror anime for you to make your hair stand on end.

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    1. Parasyte: The Maxim (Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu)

    We open the list with Parasyte, which is one of the best horror anime you can watch, not only in the horror genre, but in general.

    The plot is extremely captivating.

    In the very first episode, the viewer is hooked on the story.

    This is because the characters are excellent, the plot arouses curiosity and the traits are cool.

    About the horror, in several scenes you will be scared and even be in agony.

    An example of this happens when you see the character Migi, (it takes a while for you to get used to his shape).

    Anyway, at the end of the anime you will ask the following question: “who are the real monsters?”

    Horror anime: 10 best to watch with the light on

    Nota no My Anime List: 8.37

    Number of episodes: 24

    Where to watch: Crunchyroll, Amazon Prime Video and Netflix

    2.Tokyo Ghoul

    When the first trailer for Tokyo Ghoul was released, the otaku community was excited.

    The scenes that appeared showed dark characters, with lots of action and a horror theme to the point of causing goosebumps.

    And those who followed the manga gave good references to the work.

    Fortunately, when it was released, the title lived up to all expectations, as it is an excellent anime.

    It is worth mentioning that the first season followed a story from the manga although there were some changes here and others there.

    But the story of the second season went down a completely different path than the original.

    While the anime is good, it's also worth checking out the manga.

    And the incredible opening of the first season cannot be overlooked either.

    My Anime List Rating: 8.52 (Manga)

    Number of episodes: 48

    Where to watch: Crunchryroll, Amazon Prime Video, and Funimation

    3. The Promised Neverland (Yakusoku no Neverland)

    Think of a kind of Death Note with protagonists being children facing demons, all this mixing results in The Promised Neverland.

    In this anime, you will find some "minis L", that is, extremely intelligent characters, who will need to go through each situation to survive (it is not possible to detail because it would be a spoiler).

    The horror and horror scenes in this work are very impactful, even more so because the main characters are children.

    The viewer is in the crowd so that everything works out and the demons don't find the little ones.

    A point worth mentioning is that, as happened in the aforementioned work, in Neverland from the second season onwards, it follows a new course, but in this case, the studio that produced the anime simply skipped the best saga of the work.

    Despite this, the title is still worth your attention, however, be sure to read the manga, there are few chapters.

    My Anime List Rating: 8.24 (Manga)

    Number of episodes: 24

    Onde assistir: Crunchryroll, Netflix e Funimation

    4. Another

    Perhaps Another is one of the best horror anime in which the focus is on specific horror.

    Here, each episode has a death scene to make your hair stand on end.

    So, if you're looking for something to watch that causes fear, don't think twice and start this work as soon as possible.

    After this anime, you will never see an umbrella the same way again, let alone the sinister mannequins.

    Nota no My Anime List: 7.51

    Number of episodes: 12

    Where to watch: Crunchryroll

    5 Hellsing Ultimate

    Now, if you are looking for an action anime with very dark and terrifying scenarios, Hellsing Ultimate can be a great alternative.

    In this work there is a lot of action, with very charismatic characters and others that make you ask: “how was he able to do this atrocity?”.

    You get angry (on purpose) about certain things.

    It is worth mentioning that you need to watch the Ultimate version, which are the eggs with about 1 hour each.

    The other version (in episodes) is not so good.

    Nota no My Anime List: 8.38

    Number of episodes: 10

    Onde assistir: Crunchryroll, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix e Funimation

    6. Elfen Lied

    Now, if you are looking for a work with violence, blood everywhere, horror and psychological horror, Elfen Lied will fit in perfectly with what you were looking for.

    When you start watching, you are bombarded with information and heads flying, the impression that passes is that the story is not closed, but the entire plot is finished throughout the 13 episodes.

    This is the heaviest work among all the horror animes listed precisely because of the horror-filled story and the many sinister scenes.

    Only watch this series if you have a good stomach to digest everything you are going to see.

    Nota no My Anime List: 7.53

    Number of episodes: 13

    Where to watch: Crunchryroll and Amazon Prime Video

    7. Highschool of the Dead

    You know the good cliché?

    So this is a good way to define Highschool of the Dead, as here you will come across many gore scenes as is traditional in the horror genre.

    In addition, also with the conventional fan service characters in various situations facing the zombies.

    Here the story takes place with a group of students who gather in a school to defend themselves from the attacks of monsters.

    It's a good work, it has scenes that will cause some discomfort, but it's not as heavy as other titles already mentioned.

    Nota no My Anime List: 7.10

    Number of episodes: 12

    Where to watch: Crunchryroll, Amazon Prime Video and Netflix

    8. Blood-C

    Blood, blood, more blood and some more blood, this work has so much blood that even Kill Bill fans are jealous.

    In this way, those who have hemophobia may have some difficulty watching this anime.

    In addition to a lot of blood, this title has a lot of gore horror.

    But to be fair, so much blood has a justification that is explained throughout the story.

    One of Blood-C's cool details is that the Elders were inspired by monsters mentioned in HP Lovecraft's tales, such as the Cthulhu Mythos.

    Nota no My Anime List: 6.53

    Number of episodes: 12

    Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video

    9. Mirai Nikki

    Mirai Nikki is likely to be one of the most popular horror anime on this list.

    The main female character of Trama, Yuno Gasai, is very successful within the otaku community, despite her being completely psychopathic.

    If you think you know a jealous character whether in anime, movies, series or any other media, just wait to meet Yuno for your jealousy definitions to be updated.

    In this way, in addition to being a work with a horror that draws the attention of viewers, the story is excellent, it manages to hold the attention of anyone who is watching from beginning to end.

    If you haven't seen it yet, know that you're missing out on a great title.

    In this way, it is the typical anime that another character is much better than the main one.

    Nota no My Anime List: 7.48

    Number of episodes: 26

    Where to watch: Crunchryroll, Amazon Prime Video, and Funimation

    10. Corpse Party: Tortured Souls

    Corpse Party has a very heavy streak to the point of being disturbing.

    So much so that this title was known for its terrible death scenes that can stay in your mind for a long time.

    The animation of this work has only 4 eggs each being about 30 minutes long, which makes it perfect if you want to watch something fast and terrifying.

    But just be careful not to watch it at night and have horrible nightmares.

    Nota no My Anime List: 6.50

    Number of episodes: 4

    Where to watch: Crunchryroll

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    To end our list of horror anime, a tip that will save you time from watching bad horror anime is to stay away from the following works: Boogiepop Phantom and Serial Experiments Lain.

    Both have some popularity, but they're not cool, the story is boring and the characters are pretty bland.


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