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    Here's how to make a screen print on any Android phone and iPhone

    Printing on mobile is an easy alternative to save WhatsApp conversations, web images or even system errors. In addition to the standard Android method, it is common for brands to create extra ways to print screen. On the iPhone, the way to capture the screen varies according to the model.

    explains below how to print on iPhone, Samsung, Motorola and Asus phones. Also see how to screenshot on Huawei, LG, Xiaomi and Sony devices.

    How to print screen on samsung phone

    One of the best-selling brands in our country, Samsung allows you to take screenshots on your devices in three different ways.

    by the buttons

    Playback / Samsung

    The way to screenshot Samsung devices using the buttons varies by model. In the newer ones, just follow the pattern of pressing, at the same time, the volume down and that of on/offa. This procedure is valid for all Galaxy models, according to the brand.

    Playback / Samsung

    Older devices may have two alternatives to take a print. In some, it is necessary to press the buttons Home and On off simultaneously.

    Playback / Samsung

    The other standard, according to the company, is hardly used anymore. However, it should be tested in case the other two don't work. It consists of pressing the buttons Home e Back at the same time.

    Sliding the palm

    Playback / Samsung

    Some Samsung smartphones have the motion capture feature, which seeks to make the procedure even more intuitive. On these devices, it is possible to print screen by dragging the palm of the hand laterally across the screen, from right to left.

    For this, the function must be activated in the mobile settings. The company suggests that the user search for Swipe side of hand for capture in the settings search bar. When you find the option, just switch Disabled to Activated.

    extended capture

    Playback / Samsung

    Some brands offer extended capture option. With it, it is possible to print not only the displayed screen, but scroll to where it matters. The functionality is interesting for recording conversations, texts and long web pages.

    The feature, however, is only available on newer Samsung phones. After making the print, as explained above, you will see the icon of a down arrow. Tap on it and the screen will slide and more content will be captured.

    How to print screen on iPhone

    The way to screenshot on iPhone varies by Apple models. The prints made can be found in the following path Photos → Albums → Screenshots.

    How to print screen on iPhone X and iPhone 11

    Playback / Apple

    On newer iPhone models, the screenshot is taken by pressing the volume up e lateral at the same time. A screenshot will be generated and displayed in the lower right corner of the screen. Tap to open. If you want to delete it, just drag it to the left.

    How to print screen on iPhone 6, 7 or 8

    Playback / Apple

    In these models, the screenshot is taken by simultaneously pressing the buttons Home e lateral. Tap on the thumbnail that will appear to see the result or drag to the left if you want to discard.

    How to print screen on iPhone 5, SE or earlier

    Playback / Apple

    To print on iPhone 5, SE or earlier, hold the buttons Home e top at the same time. A thumbnail of the captured image will appear on the screen. To open it, tap on it.

    How to print screen on Motorola (Lenovo) cell phone

    It is possible to print on Motorola cell phones through the buttons and through the quick capture mode.

    through the buttons

    As with all Android devices, Motorola smartphones allow you to print through a combination of buttons. To do this, just press the On off together with that of turn down the volume for a few seconds.

    Quick capture

    Quick capture lets you take a screenshot by tapping the screen with three fingers at the same time. According to manufacturer Lenovo, the feature is available from the following models: Moto X4, Moto Z3 Play, Moto G6 and Moto E5.

    To activate, just open the app Motorcycle, touch Resources and then in Moto Actions. Then, just activate the key relative to the item Quick fabric capture.

    How to print screen on Asus phone

    Users of Zenfone models, from Asus, have two ways to take a screenshot of their cell phone. On any device of the brand, the captured images can be found in the folder Print Screen, which is inside Internal storage.

    through the buttons

    Playback / Asus

    Asus smartphones also follow the standard of Android devices when it comes to print screen. To do so, just press the buttons. On off and turn down the volume at the same time.

    when touching the screen

    Another way that some Zenfone models allow you to capture is by touching and holding the screen for a few seconds. However, it is necessary to access the device settings to turn this option on.

    To do this, just follow the path: Settings → ASUS Custom Setting → Recent Apps Key ou Recent apps key. In the window that opens, choose Tap and hold to take screenshots.

    How to print screen on Huawei phone

    Huawei is one of the brands that offers the widest range of options for taking screenshots on their smartphones. Whichever way you choose, the captured images all go to the same place. They are stored in the device's Gallery.

    through the buttons

    The way to take a screenshot using the buttons on Huawei phones is the same as on most Android devices. Just press the button On off and that of turn down the volume at the same time and ready.

    when hitting the screen

    Some Huawei models allow you to capture by tapping the screen twice, using your knuckles. The option is usually enabled from the factory. If you're not already on your phone, go to Settings → Accessibility Features → Shortcuts and Gestures → Take Screenshot.

    Then check if the option Smart screenshot is activated.

    extended capture

    Playback / Huawei

    Huawei devices also have the option to print the entire screen, ideal for sharing conversations or long texts. To do this, just draw a letter S on the screen with your finger (you need to see a blue stroke for it to work).

    Then the screen will start to scroll by itself. Tap the point where you want the capture to stop.

    Another option is to access the shortcut menu and tap on the screenshot icon. A thumbnail of the print will appear in the lower right corner of the screen. Tap on it and then on Capture, which appears in the lower menu. Soon, the screen will begin to scroll. Tap where you want the print to end.

    How to print screen on Sony, LG and Xiaomi phones

    On Sony, LG and Xiaomi smartphones, the screen print procedure is standard. Therefore, on these devices, just press the On off and that of lower the volume at the same time.

    If the procedure does not work on your device, it may be that you are using an older model. So try pushing the button Home and that of On off at the same time.


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