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    HBO Max what do you have? Is it worth signing up?

    HBO Max what do you have? Is it worth signing up?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Nov 30, 2022 | Shopping |

    want to meet the HBO Max what have in it and the main points about it?

    In this text, we have separated everything you need to know about it to know if it is worth subscribing to the platform.

    HBO Max is one of the main streaming services available in our country, competing with big names like Netflix, Prime Video, Disney Plus, Star Plus, Globoplay and others.

    The streaming service debuted on May 27, 2022 in the United States.

    In our country, HBO Max was only available from June 29, 2022. Many may still have doubts whether or not it is worth purchasing a subscription.

    So to help clarify this doubt, let's give our opinion about the platform.

    Below you can see the plans, advantages, disadvantages, which available plans are compatible and what HBO Max has in the catalogue.

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    HBO GO and HBO Max: What's the Difference?

    Before the arrival of HBO Max, our country had the HBO GO streaming service.

    But what is the difference between the two platforms? For starters, both services belong to the company Warner Media. However, the biggest difference is in the scope of content. 

    HBO GO was a service that had a greatly reduced program catalog compared to HBO Max. In other words, only productions owned and original by HBO were available, for a price considered by many to be quite salty for the size of the catalog: R$34,90 per month.

    HBO Max, on the other hand, has a much more extensive catalog of movies, series and other programming, not just limited to HBO productions. In addition, he has a much more affordable price on his plans.

    Next, let's talk about HBO Max what it has, amounts charged and other points.

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    HBO Max What It Has: Platform Catalog

    HBO Max what do you have? Is it worth signing up?

    The main point to take into consideration when subscribing to a streaming service is the catalog of productions that are offered.

    So, below check out what HBO Max has on the platform, maybe it's the point you needed to check to decide whether to subscribe to the service.


    As the name of the platform makes clear, HBO's own productions are also on the platform.

    Then you will find titles like:

    • Westworld;
    • Euphoria;
    • Big Little Lies;
    • I May Destroy You;
    • Lovecraft Country;
    • Watchmen;
    • Game of Thrones;
    • Sex and the City (which will get a revival directly on the platform itself);
    • The Sopranos;
    • Chernobyl;
    • Girls;
    • Funny or Die;
    • Newsroom;
    • True Blood;
    • The Leftovers and others.

    Warner Channel e Warner Bros

    Warner is not left out, and the station's titles are also available on HBO Max, among the main ones we can mention the following series and films:

    • Friends (which had a special episode bringing together the original cast);
    • A Nutty Guy (which also had a special episode with the original cast);
    • The Big Bang Theory;
    • Gossip Girl;
    • Duna;
    • Space Jam: A New Legacy;
    • Mortal Kombat;
    • Young Sheldon;
    • Two and a Half Men;
    • Katy Keene;
    • Veep;
    • Supernatural;
    • Love, Sublime Love;
    • The fantastic chocolate factory;
    • Conjuring Evil 2;
    • Godzilla vs. Kong;
    • Clockwork Orange;
    • Locked Down;
    • Harry Potter;
    • Lord of the Rings;
    • Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them;
    • Tom & Jerry;
    • The Hobbit and several others.

    TNT – Sports

    TNT Sport is also part of the Warner Media Group, so it will also have a space and a strong contribution to the platform.

    To find out more about HBO Max and what TNT has to offer, we can mention: live matches of the UEFA Champions League season 2022 and 2022 and matches of our country's 2022 Championship, more specifically from the teams Bahia, Ceará, Fortaleza, Atlético, Santos, Palmeiras and Youth, who have a broadcast contract.

    In addition, from 2022, the platform will also display matches from the Campeonato Paulista.

    DC/The CW

    HBO Max what do you have? Is it worth signing up?

    DC and its productions that belong to the Warner Group, can be considered one of the flagships of HBO Max.

    It is worth mentioning that DC has a shared universe of series with the broadcaster The CW, called the Arrowverse, in addition to the shared universe of films, called DCEU, in addition to other isolated productions.

    We list the movies and series that you will find on the platform:

    • joker;
    • Birds of Prey: Harley Quinn and Her Fantabulous Emancipation;
    • Wonder Woman;
    • Wonder Woman 1984;
    • Batman the dark knight;
    • The Suicide Squad;
    • Aquaman;
    • Zack Snyder’s League of Justice;
    • Batman vs. Superman;
    • Steel man;
    • Shazam!;
    • Justice League;
    • Constantine;
    • Green Lantern;
    • Teen Titans;
    • Superman & Lois;
    • Smallville;
    • Stargirl;
    • Doom Patrol;
    • Batman: The Animated Series;
    • Legacies and several other productions of characters from DC and the CW station.

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    Looney Tunes e Cartoon Network

    The children's audience is not left out and drawings by the well-known Looney Tunes and Cartoon Network are also part and are available on HBO Max:

    • Canine Patrol;
    • The Powerpuff Girls;
    • Adventure Time;
    • Scooby Doo;
    • Teen Titans in Action;
    • Pocoyo;
    • Looney Tunes: Cartoons;
    • Ben 10;
    • What's New, Scooby Doo?;
    • It's Raining Burger;
    • Crazy race;
    • The Amazing World of Gumball;
    • Dexter's Laboratory;
    • George the Curious;
    • Courage the Cowardly Dog;
    • Du, Dudu and Edu and some other options.

    Adult Swim

    For adults who enjoy animation, we have Adult Swim as an option available on HBO Max.

    The productions of this channel bring more mature jokes and more elaborate content:

    • Ricky and Morty;
    • Aqua Teen Hunger Force;
    • Squidbillies;
    • Robot Chicken;
    • The Shivering Truth are some of the main productions.


    Some of Hanna-Barbera's classics are also available, offering nostalgia.

    Among the main titles available, in addition to others, we can highlight:

    • Os Flintstones;
    • Yogi Bear;
    • Scoob!;
    • Bone Jetsons;
    • Scooby Doo 1 and 2.

    Original movies and series

    HBO Max is not just limited to productions from other channels, as expected, it follows the example of other streaming services and launches its original productions. The main ones are: 

    • Raised by Wolves;
    • Genera+ion;
    • The Flight Attendant;
    • House Of The Dragon (a spin-off of the hit Game of Thrones, scheduled to premiere in 2022);
    • Made for Love;
    • Baketopia;
    • Expecting Amy;
    • Generation Hustle;
    • Mashed potato;
    • Possessions;
    • Search Party;
    • High Dog;
    • Heaven’s Gate: the cult of cult;
    • Love Life;
    • Betty and others.


    Some movie classics can also be accessed in the HBO Max catalog, such as:

    • matrix;
    • Casablanca;
    • Singing in the Rain;
    • The Wizard of Oz and others.

    local productions

    HBO doesn't look bad and also dedicates a lot of space to local productions. Thus, you will be able to find several national and Latin American productions, as well as others:

    • CCP (our country);
    • The Secret Power (our country);
    • Beartown (Scandinavia);
    • A Miracle (Turkey);
    • 30 Coins (Spain);
    • Gomorrah (Italy).

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    HBO Max: planos

    HBO Max what do you have? Is it worth signing up?

    For those interested in subscribing to HBO Max plans, we have three options available, monthly, quarterly and yearly, which may have different prices if you are subscribing to watch only on mobile devices or also to watch in a multi-screen way.


    If you want to watch only on mobile devices, the plans would have the following values:

    • Monthly plan of R$19,90: you can watch it on tablets and smartphones, one screen at a time, you can download up to five titles and have a standard quality;
    • Quarterly plan of R$54,90 (-11%): has the same benefits as the monthly plan, but for a longer period;
    • Annual plan of R$169,90 (-33%): it also has the same benefits mentioned in the plans above, however, they last for 12 months. 


    If you want to watch your series, movies and other programs not only on mobile devices, but also on devices such as computers and televisions, the plan values ​​are: 

    • R$27,90 monthly plan: works on all compatible devices, allows three screens to be used at the same time, allows the user to download up to 30 titles, up to 5 different profiles can be used and has a high definition and quality 4K technology of image;
    • Quarterly plan of R$74,90 (-11%): has the same benefits detailed in the monthly plan, however, only for a period of three months;
    • Annual plan of R$239,90 (-33%): also has the same benefits as the other two plans above, however, with a duration of 12 months. 

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    Main advantages

    As we can see from the prices, HBO Max ends up having an advantage in this regard, as it is cheaper than big competitors like Disney Plus, Star Plus and Netflix.

    In addition, the catalog with several programs is also excellent, bringing content from different broadcasters to different audiences. 

    What's more, the availability of sports broadcasts more affordable than some streaming competitors turns out to be a big draw, plus you don't have to pay extra to watch the games.

    Platform cons

    But not everything is rosy and HBO Max also has a wide variety of negative points that can be essential for you to decide not to hire the service.

    Some people may miss some famous titles among the channels that make up the platform, as streaming adds titles gradually and weekly. So, it can take time for the catalog to receive the titles you might be expecting and haven't received yet.

    In addition, HBO Max's interface can be a little confusing, and at times it ends up crashing, regardless of whether you're accessing it from a mobile device or computer.

    But that's not all and the video player is not the best, in some views the video may end up closing by itself and the subtitles may be wrong, delayed or have some other problem. 

    While HBO Max has already improved a lot on the player issue and other issues, and they don't happen as often anymore, they still have a high chance of happening. 

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    What devices are supported by the platform?

    In order to have full access to HBO Max, you need to access it via the internet through a compatible device, below we list which devices are for you:

    • Videogames: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series XIS e Xbox One;
    • Computers: MacOs, Windows PC and Chrome OS;
    • Smartphones e Tablets: iPhone, iPad, Tablets e Androids Phone;
    • Smart TVs: LG, Samsung, Android TV, Apple TV, Chromecast e Roku.

    After all, is HBO Max worth it?

    But after all, can we say that the Streaming platform HBO Max is worth it?

    Well, in our opinion, yes, HBO Max streaming is quite worth it.

    For being one of the biggest catalogs among the competitors, it is already one of the several reasons for you to give the platform a chance, a catalog that tends to increase more and more soon.

    In terms of the problems that we mentioned above and others that you may have heard from the first users of the platform at its launch, you should not get attached to this, as the platform is always being updated and in a short time these problems will disappear completely. , some of them have even disappeared.

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