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    Hairstyles for short hair: the 40 best inspirations

    Hairstyles for short hair: the 40 best inspirations

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Jan 31, 2022 | News |

    If you are looking for hairstyles for short hair arrived at the right place. Take advantage of the tips and inspirations in this text to assemble your perfect look. There are 40 different types of hairstyles for every occasion and style.

    In this text you check what to wear on specific occasions and also in your everyday life. We have hairstyles from the neatest to the simplest, with accessories, up and down.

    Gone are the days when long hair was the most coveted by girls. Short hair is a good option for those looking for more lightness, freshness and style.

    You will find that many of these hairstyles are quite simple to replicate at home. Now there's no more excuse not to dare in the looks every day. Why dress up just for events when you can do these hairstyles in under 5 minutes?

    Feel powerful and confident anywhere without having to stop by the beauty salon, whether to meet family, friends, crush, or go out alone. Just pay attention to our tips and choose which of these hairstyles best suits your hair and style.

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    Hairstyles for short hair: Bride

    Without a doubt, your wedding is one of the most anticipated events and should be well planned. The ceremony, the party, the dress, the makeup, the hair and everything else that involves this event needs to be thought out so that everything happens as expected.

    The dress, makeup and hair are a set that must be in balance. It is important not to exaggerate the chosen colors and shades, as the bride must look as natural as possible.

    Choosing a hairstyle is also a special step, as it needs to last as long as possible with plenty of fixative. Loose hair, tied hair, braids, accessories, or other items will depend on the bride's style and the look set.

    Hair ornaments also suit this type of event. We have the option of adding flowers, sparkles, pearls directly to the hair or putting a tiara that highlights your face.

    Hairstyles for short hair: Bridesmaids

    The bridesmaid is chosen by the bride and, therefore, must be dressed according to the chosen outfit, but the hair is a separate stage that is not yet defined.

    If this is your case, you need to be even more dressed up than the guests. In the photo below, see the different options for hairstyles with braids, buns and decorations for bridesmaids.

    Hairstyles for short hair: Tiaras for party

    The tiara is an easy accessory to put on and can make all the difference in the look. Some are more discreet and delicate, others are more daring and modern, whatever you like, be sure to bet on this item.

    Hairstyles for short hair: Bow

    The bow has become a fairly frequent trend on social media for bloggers on Instagram. The style that has been most popular is this type of bow with pearls and embellished sparkles. This item can be used for both parties and more casual outings.

    Hairstyles for short hair: Stylish embellishments

    Sometimes just an ornament makes your hairstyle special, whether with your hair down, half up or in a bun. Bet on details with glitter, flowers or metallic style.

    Hairstyles for short hair: Curly and afro hair

    Afro braids are quite common and allow you to create a range of hairstyles. In the image below we see that the short cut with the braids is very beautiful and modern. Accessories such as bows, bobby pins, and pearl embellishments can also be used.

    These are just the options we offer so you can be inspired, but it's worth checking out the other existing hairstyles aimed at valuing black beauty.

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    Hairstyles for short hair: Clips

    Another trend that appears in several photos of bloggers is the use of bobby pins. They often use more than one bobby pin together on one side of the locks. They can be different from each other or from the same model. The idea here is to use bobby pins as a decoration and not just to hold your hair.

    Hairstyles for short hair: Bandana and scarves

    The use of bandanas and scarves was a fashion from the 70's that has returned in recent years. More and more digital influencers use the accessory on their social networks and the habit has become a trend. They are very versatile items, because with a single piece you can make numerous ties and create various hairstyles for casual situations or more casual parties.

    Hairstyles for short hair: Buns

    We separate some bun models to be used with semi-up hair. This hairstyle is easier to reproduce and can be applied in more casual situations. Some of these models add braids, which makes the hairstyle more differentiated.

    Hairstyles for short hair: Practical

    These hairstyles are also easy and the proposal is to adopt them on occasions that do not require a complex or neat hairstyle. In the example below, we are going to use a semi-high ponytail and a different type of tie that you can do with just pacifiers.

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    All these images were taken from Pinterest and they illustrate well how the hairstyles for short hair are diverse. Be sure to reproduce some of these inspirations to add more style to your look.

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