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    Green Entrepreneurship: What are its characteristics?

    Green Entrepreneurship: What are its characteristics?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Apr 12, 2022 | Entrepreneurship |

    Climate change, among other problems related to the environment, gain space in the round tables of discussion and are daily on the news pages giving birth to green entrepreneurship.

    Recognizing the need to reconcile a successful business model with environmental sustainability and the preservation of natural resources, many companies resort to this different model of entrepreneurship.

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    Green Entrepreneurship: Concern for the environment

    Pollution of the terrestrial, atmospheric and marine environment draws the attention of the global chain. These problems are derived from a sequence of human behavior that often violates the rights reserved for economic and social development in a healthy way with nature.

    In view of this scenario, many people look for alternatives that take into account not only the quality and cost of certain products and services, but also their relationship with the environment.

    It is important to observe how the disposal of solid waste is done and if the places are correct and also the reduction of the emission of pollutants that harm the ozone layer in addition to rivers, seas and oceans.

    According to a survey released by the United Nations Environment Program, UNEP, 51% of our countrymen said they want “investments in less polluting businesses and jobs known as 'green'”.

    Also according to the survey, “60% of respondents asked for greater efforts to protect land and forests”.

    In this way, it is possible to perceive the inclination of popular support for alternatives that adopt a sustainable form of business strongly present in green entrepreneurship.

    Green Entrepreneurship: What are its characteristics?

    Photo: UN Environment

    Features of green entrepreneurship

    The definition of green entrepreneurship goes beyond a company that combines its interests with some environmental points.

    The description given by UNEP places the modality as “an economy that results in improved human well-being and social equity, while reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcity”.

    Among its main features are:

    • Low carbon emission (CO2);
    • Efficiency in the use of resources;
    • Search for social inclusion;

    Adhering to the option is related to the commitment to work with the use of renewable, recyclable resources with respect to the diversity of the environment.

    It is essential that the strategies are aligned thinking about the functioning linked to social well-being, adding to collective development through the generation of jobs, raising awareness of consumption and reducing inequalities.

    Finally, green entrepreneurship is concerned with sustainable development that seeks to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere and inhibit the incorrect disposal of waste in land and rainwater areas.

    Positives for joining green entrepreneurship

    1. Contribution to the planet

    The Secretary-General of the United Nations, António Guterres, classifies the current problems that the planet is going through as an “unprecedented catastrophe”.

    However, despite the complicated picture, Guterres points out that the collective effort can contribute to the reversal of the scenario, among them, many actions present in green entrepreneurship.

    Watch the video below:

    2. Identity of a green economy

    The construction of the identity of an enterprise is very important for its follow-up in the market. Finding people who identify with the company's mission and values ​​adds value and creates authority for the business.

    If a person prefers not to use disposable cups and only reusable utensils are used in your establishment, the chances of you becoming an option for this niche of customers is greater.

    3. marketing

    Marketing is important to give visibility to your business. It is important that the information reaches the public that is in tune with your proposal. The closer you are, the more likely you are to get results.

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    Green entrepreneurship is an ally that can be used today to preserve tomorrow. Innovation is also one of the formulas for success and care for the planet is a universal mission. Have you ever thought about the possibility?

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