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    Gestãogram – Instagram Automation

    Management is a Instagram automation app that serves to boost profile, publications and sales, get followers and schedule posts. Gestoragram works for the first 5 days after installation for free in trial mode, but after that period you have to subscribe to one of its paid packages to use it.

    This is one safe and reliable app who returns the money in case of dissatisfaction. Your download for free can be made for Androids 4.0 or higher.

    Gestãogram – Instagram Automation


    How does Managegram work?

    Gestorgram works on its Instagram 24 hours a day, performing more than 40 actions a month to make the account grow, gaining more followers and potential customers, increasing the reach of publications and the chances of sales and partnerships. The app follows all people who follow similar profiles, also based on hashtags and photos by location, automatically liking posts.

    Gestãogram – Instagram Automation

    To get the most effectiveness with Gestorgram it is necessary to configure the application, defining the target audience through hashtags, genre, competitor profiles and other related ones. The user also defines the speed of activities: beginner, normal, fast or turbo.

    Its functionalities include automatically liking, following and unfollowing, as well as sending a welcome Direct, comment management, friend list, access to training videos and conversion reports.

    How to register

    You must go to the app's website and click on FREE TRIAL FOR 5 DAYS. After that, you must enter your registration data, your Instagram login and password.

    Gestãogram – Instagram Automation

    After that, a welcome screen appears with an explanatory video on how to configure the features according to your needs, as well as recommendations and alerts on how to prevent app activities from being considered spam.

    After that, it's time to add profiles similar to yours to follow them, like their posts and thus attract new followers:

    Gestãogram – Instagram Automation

    After this step, more functionality appears on another screen where you will define location, hashtags, automatic directs, post scheduling, comment management, definition of a safe list of contacts, access to reports and app settings. The app itself provides training videos to help you:

    Gestãogram – Instagram Automation

    After you configure each function, just close the website and that's it, your app is ready to rock your Instagram!

    Is management safe?

    Management is a secure app which uses a reliable payment platform and protects all customer data. In addition, when someone purchases a plan, be it monthly, quarterly or annually, a refund of the amount paid can be made if the customer is not satisfied after 7 days of use.

    Although Gestoragram declares that it does not exceed the limits of acceptable daily actions on the social network, its automatic actions can be considered spam by the platform and even culminate in an account being blocked. That's why it's not recommended to manually like or follow any post or profile when the app is active. The account owner must carry out, as recommended by the app, at least three publications per week, every other day.


    Gestorgram offers monthly, quarterly and annual plans with the following prices and features:

    Gestãogram – Instagram Automation

    Download Management

    Manageragram can be downloaded on smartphones with Android 4.0 or higher. You can download the app from the PlayStore at the link below:


    Our opinion

    Gestorgram is a very efficient application to boost Instagram accounts, especially for sales and promotion profiles. Despite this, its trial period is short, only 5 days, so the user may not get great benefits if he does not subscribe to one of the available plans.

    The app is entirely in Portuguese, with a pleasant interface and is very easy to use. It also has several tutorials, explanatory videos and tips on how to get the most out of it according to the goals of each user.

    In order for it to work correctly, it is necessary to pay attention to the settings. Once they are well defined, the goals are achieved and the account gains more visibility, engagement and interaction with its followers.

    Advertisements for subscription plans and ebooks may appear from time to time. Other negative points of Gestoragram include failures in synchronization and automation of tasks.

    Gestãogram – Complain Here

    The most frequent complaints about Gestorgram in Complain here include the fact that the account continues to be managed by the app, which continues to like and follow posts and other accounts, even after the trial period ends or the plan is cancelled.

    Other complaints are about improper charges and the non-functioning of some available tools. 43,2% of people would do business again.

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