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    Traffic Manager: What do you do and what is the salary?

    Traffic Manager: What do you do and what is the salary?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Apr 26, 2022 | Entrepreneurship | 0

    Over the years it is natural that some professions cease to exist. This is mainly due to the advancement of technologies that optimize and supply the human need in various jobs. However, the opposite also happens and new professions arise according to the new needs of our society. It is the case of traffic manager, and that's what we're going to talk about today. 

    The traffic manager is a professional who emerged with the advancement of digital marketing fronts around the world. Today he is one of the main professionals within an agency or a marketing company. 

    As the name suggests, a traffic manager will organize the workflow and actions within a marketing agency, according to the priority and strategy of the business. He is the one who will manage deadlines and ensure that everything is delivered according to a pre-established schedule. But how does a traffic manager do this? 

    Traffic manager: how does this professional work?

    As we mentioned earlier, the traffic manager is the professional who will be in charge of organizing all the demands of an advertising agency, or even regarding the digital marketing of a particular company. 

    He will be the professional who will organize the flows of advertising campaigns so that they are delivered on time. Among its main activities we can mention: 

    • Registration of new work demands on the team's agenda;
    • Delegate activities according to the capacity of your team;
    • Approve the work completed internally;
    • Negotiate delivery times;
    • Maintain the relationship with customers;
    • Manage the progress of tasks from start to finish. 

    Digital traffic manager: paid and organic

    A paid traffic manager is the professional who will carry out these activities focused on digital marketing. The role of this professional is to design campaigns to engage followers on social networks and turn them into customers and also drive traffic (visits) to a website. 

    When we talk about social networks, the traffic manager will monitor the movement of your audience on platforms such as: Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, Twitter and others. 

    With regard to websites, this professional seeks to develop advertising actions in order to increase access to a particular page or site. That is, the increase in visits to a virtual storefront of a particular business. 

    There are two types, paid traffic and organic traffic. The difference between them, as the name suggests, is in developing actions that generate results with the investment of money or for free. 

    Both modalities bring benefits when applied with the correct objective. For example, with paid traffic you can get faster sales results. If this is the goal of the traffic manager, a good deed is to invest in creating an ad campaign. 

    When it comes to organic traffic, there is no way to expect an immediate volume of sales. But there are other goals that can be achieved without monetary investment. You can, for example, use hashtags to increase the reach of your content on social media.

    These examples mentioned above are activities that the traffic manager will monitor in your business. Let's see how this professional works in each digital marketing tool available in the market. 

    Traffic Manager for Facebook Ads

    On Facebook, the traffic manager will manage the resources applied in a paid advertising campaign. Therefore, it is essential that he knows how to operate the Ads Manager of this platform. In addition, it is essential to know about the market in which you are operating and the persona you are talking to. 

    This professional will be responsible for preparing an ad budget and working to optimize your advertising spending within the tool. 

    Traffic Manager for Instagram 

    On Instagram, the traffic manager studies, organizes and optimizes all the potential that the tool offers for the marketing of a company. From the possibility of boosting ads from your posts, generating free content, partnering with other brands, promoting sweepstakes and etc.

    Traffic Manager for Google Ads

    Google is currently the largest search platform in the world. Do you know when you're going to search for a subject and as soon as you press search, it returns a multitude of pages to access? 

    Well, we know that the chances of access are higher for the links that are better ranked in the first options. Also, when you have to switch to page 2 of your search results, the chances of you clicking on a link decrease considerably.

    But how to leave your company's website in these first options? In this sense, the traffic manager will act on Google Ads. This professional will control the cost of a campaign, so that your company appears in the first positions of the search. 

    For this result to be satisfactory, it needs to be aligned with the structure of your website and have an SEO plan. 

    Traffic Manager: How Much Do You Earn?

    The average salary in the market for beginners is around R$ 2.200,00. For experienced workers, salaries range from R$4 to R$5.

     Now when we talk about traffic managers with a certain reference in the market, these professionals tend to work autonomously, and they earn BRL 20 per month. 

    Even self-employed professionals are an alternative if you are unable to keep an employee on your board. You can hire a freelancer for as little as BRL 500,00 per month only. Of course, this professional will not dedicate himself exclusively to your company, but he will certainly be able to help a lot to optimize your campaigns. 

    Traffic Manager: Conclusion

    There's a phrase that's often talked about here: "like doesn't pay the bill". This is a reality, but likes can be a crucial factor for companies that are starting in digital marketing. 

    A digital traffic professional can establish stronger online advertising strategies for your business and thereby optimize your ad spend. 

    It's that cliché that, despite everything, continues to make sense in every business: “doing more, with less”: more results with less financial resources in your ads. If you still have difficulty in this regard, think that the amount invested in digital marketing is going down the drain, maybe it's time you delegate this function to a trained professional. 

    If you enjoyed reading about the role of traffic management professionals, read more about this market on our blog. 

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