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    Geraldo Rufino: 2 things I learned about increasing sales

    Geraldo Rufino: 2 things I learned about increasing salesGeraldo Rufino: 2 things I learned about increasing sales

    by Camila Porto | Apr 1, 2022 | Entrepreneurship | 12

    Do you want to sell more? If you said yes, I believe this post will help you a lot. Today I'm going to share with you two things I've learned about sales with Geraldo Rufino.

    Do you know businessman Geraldo Rufino? He is the founder of JR Diesel. Even after having several failed ventures, Geraldo is now an incredible entrepreneur and has a millionaire business.

    He started down there and today he is a great professional and a reference in the market.

    I met with Geraldo Rufino and learned two very simple but very important things about sales from him.

    Notice: Don't just look at the surface of this text, try to read between the lines of what I'm going to share with you.

    How to increase your sales: what I learned from Geraldo Rufino, the creator of JR Diesel

    Well, watching an interview with Geraldo Rufino, I learned these two things that I'm going to share with you and they've already made a huge difference, both for my business and for my life.

    1. Buy for one, sell for two

    To know how increase your sales, you basically need to follow a basic rule: buy for one and sell for two. That simple.

    You need to buy for one and sell for two, three, four… In other words, you need to generate profit. So far, nothing new.

    But what it really means is this:

    For you to be successful with sales, you need to buy well and know how to add value. If you don't buy well, you won't sell well, because you're going to get a small profit margin.

    If you pay a lot for a product, you won't be able to put a very large margin. Or if you pay cheap but can't add value, you'll sell cheap too.

    And that's how many companies end up behaving today. They buy well, they have a good sales and purchase strategy, but they do not have a good sales strategy. So they end up fighting over price.

    Camilla's tip

    I have an important task for you today! That task is to learn how to add value to your business.

    At the end of this post I will share with you a material that will help you to use social media precisely for this: to add value to what you sell, so you can buy well and sell well.

    2. Keep in mind that making sales is very easy

    The second thing I learned about selling from Geraldo is that selling is very easy. Let me explain the context of this sentence:

    In the interview I watched, Geraldo spoke several times about the importance of his language, because the way you express yourself and see the world makes a lot of difference in your daily life.

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    When we understand that something is easy, it becomes easy. If you truly believe that selling is easy, selling will be easy.

    But if you believe that selling is difficult, making money is difficult, losing weight is difficult, quitting smoking is difficult or anything else is difficult, that ends up becoming difficult. Before you even start, you are already discouraged thinking that everything is going to be difficult.

    It's important to keep in mind that things are easy

    Of course, not everything in life is easy. This phrase applies in the context that selling is easy, and that you have to believe it.

    As soon as you have the attitude that selling is easy, as a result, selling will become easy for you.

    So the main tip is: Be careful what you say, how you express yourself, because that can determine your success or failure.

    When you start to understand between the lines of these tips I learned from Geraldo Rufino, you will understand the difference it can make in your life.

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