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    Free Market Delivery Man: How to register and have an extra income?

    Free Market Delivery Man: How to register and have an extra income?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Jan 5, 2022 | Entrepreneurship |

    Before knowing how to become a Mercado Livre delivery person, you need to know at least what crowdshipping is. Also known as crowdsourced delivery, this is a system of product deliveries that are carried out by ordinary people, not by delivery companies like the Post Office. 

    Thus, deliveries can be made on foot, by car, motorcycle, bicycle or with any other means of transport. The main objective of crowdshipping is to reduce delivery time and costs, consequently also reducing customer waiting time and companies' logistical procedures.

    The Mercado Livre delivery person will work and deliver with the crowdshipping platforms or the Mercado Envio Flex app, which we will talk more about. The Mercado Livre delivery person can carry out his deliveries by car or motorcycle, and like other delivery services, the more he works, the more money he will receive. The best part of this type of work is that the worker himself will have the flexibility to set his schedule and service goals.

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    How to become a free market delivery man?

    To become a Mercado Livre delivery person, the crowdshipping platform called “Eu Entrego” is usually used. In addition to e-commerce, the platform has major retail partners in our country, including Via Varejo and Carrefour. Below, we separate the main steps you need to follow to start being a Mercado Livre courier.

    Step 1. To get started, you must access the official website of Eu Entrego, which is: 

    Step 2. In the top menu, click on the “Deliveries” option, where you will be forwarded to a new page. 

    Free Market Delivery Man: How to register and have an extra income?

    Step 3. On the new page, you must go to “I want to be a delivery person” to register on the platform.

    Free Market Delivery Man: How to register and have an extra income?

    Step 4. You will be forwarded to a form, where you must enter all the requested data, such as: CPF, telephone number, address, full name and the definition of a password. Here you need to pay close attention to the address, as Mercado Livre will send delivery opportunities based on this.

    Free Market Delivery Man: How to register and have an extra income?

    Step 5. At the end, read the terms of use and privacy policy, if you agree with everything, check that you accept both and then click on “Register”.

    Step 6. On the next page, you will fill in another form with your bank information, also sending copies of the vehicle document that you will deliver. If you are going to make deliveries on foot, by bicycle or with another simpler vehicle, you don't have to worry about documentation. 

    The complete list of documents required at the time of submission is: Photo, RG, National Driver's License (CNH), Vehicle Document, Proof of Criminal Background (if any) and Proof of Residence. 

    Step 7. After that, your registration will be finalized and you will receive a confirmation email. However, your profile will still be analyzed by experts and only after approval will you be able to deliver. It is worth mentioning that, since July 2022, Eu Delivero will require an Individual Microentrepreneur (MEI) registration from its delivery people. 

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    How will work on the Eu Delivery app work?

    Free Market Delivery Man: How to register and have an extra income?Once you have your courier registration on Eu Delivered approved, you can start working, but first you need to know how the platform works. First, you need to be patient, as you have to wait for delivery demands for your region. 

    After you have completed your registration, you need to download the “Eu Entrego” app on your mobile device. The login for the app is the same email and password that you set at the time of registration, and the app is available both on the Play Store for Android devices and on the App Store for iOS devices.

    The app will send a notification as soon as a service offer appears, so you always need to check if your device has an internet connection and if it has a battery, as your income will depend on it. You will also have the address and route information, in addition to the amount you will receive with delivery through the application.

    It is also necessary to keep in mind that the delivery person must assume responsibility, that is, he must not cancel the accepted offers and commit to complying with the indicated delivery time. Whenever an accepted delivery is cancelled, the delivery person will fall in the ranking, losing priority when it comes to receiving new offers. If you have further questions, you can clarify through the Eu Delivery manual, by clicking here. 

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    How much does Mercado Livre earn?

    There is no way to say exactly how much a Mercado Livre delivery person will receive, but payments are made every fortnight, always on the Friday of the following week. That is, if you worked as a delivery person from January 14, 2022 until January 27, 2022, then your payment will be made on February 04, 2022.

    As stated above, the amount you will receive will depend on the amount of time and deliveries you have made. For example, if you manage to make an average of 5 deliveries a day and receive R$ 13,90 for each one, which is the average value for deliveries made in nearby regions, then at the end of the day you guarantee a value of R$ 69,50, XNUMX.

    Despite this, it is not difficult to find couriers who can earn around R$180,00 to R$250,00 per day. But for that, it is necessary to accept a high volume of requests, reaching more than 100 km.

    It is worth mentioning that the total amount will not go into your pocket, as you will have to deduct vehicle expenses, such as maintenance and gasoline. But even taking that into account, this is a great job option if you have the time and want to earn extra income periodically.

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    Free Market Flex delivery

    Free Market Delivery Man: How to register and have an extra income?

    Another way you can be a Mercado Livre delivery person is Mercado Envios Flex, which promises to deliver all deliveries on the same day the order was placed. Delivery workers receive their salary two days after deliveries are made, but they also have to work with their own vehicles. The product seller himself is responsible for organizing the fleet and making payments.

    If interested, delivery charges are: 

    • For deliveries in the same region as the seller: R$ 8,90;
    • For deliveries in neighboring regions: R$ 13,90;
    • For deliveries in distant regions: R$ 15,90.

    You need to know that Mercado Envio Flex is not a service that is available nationwide. At the time of writing this text, delivery services are only made in the capital of São Paulo and in the cities of Greater our city, so if you do not live in this area, Mercado Livre does not allow and you cannot make deliveries.

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