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    Flamengo Online Game: Learn how to watch Mengão matches

    Flamengo Online Game: Learn how to watch Mengão matches

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Sep 29, 2022 | News |

    Clube de Regatas do Flamengo is internationally recognized not only because of the many titles or the great players that are in the squad, but also for having the biggest crowd in the world, with more than 40 million fans in our country alone. Thus, it is not possible for everyone to go to Maracanã, and the way is to watch the matches from home, either on television or on the internet. So, see how to watch Flamengo match online and not miss any clash with Mais Querido.

    The subject of game broadcasting rights has grown a lot among fans lately. The tendency is for it to be even more discussed since the Host Law was passed, which gives the host club the right to negotiate the rights of the games they play at home with streaming platforms, television stations or any company that is interested.

    It is worth remembering that until recently there was practically a monopoly of broadcasting rights for football matches in our country. Only one company broadcast almost all matches, regardless of which championship it was. But in the current scenario, with the expansion of the possibility of seeing Rubro Negro Carioca games, some fans may end up getting confused or even not knowing where to watch Flamengo matches.

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    To solve this, in this post you will be able to check where to watch all Mengão games. The content structure is divided into championships, which are the following: our country, our country's Cup, our country's Supercup, Libertadores, Campeonato Carioca, youth games and women's football, that is, all tournaments that Mengo participates in.

    Without further ado, find out where the Mengão games will take place, and the first championship to be approached will be our country

    How to watch Flamengo game online and on television?

    Our country's series A is the second championship that the flamengo fan most likes to win, and the club has already raised this mug on eight occasions, the most recent ones happened with bichampionship (2022 and 2022).

    In this way, the fans annually charge that the club always wins this competition, and to “bug” some players, the coach or whoever the fans consider needs to be criticized, it is necessary to watch the matches. In the case of our country's Championship, fans can watch Fla games on Premiere (Pay-per-view), on SporTV (closed TV) and on Globo (open TV).

    our big country

    Unlike the broadcasting rights of other championships, as will be shown throughout the content, Grupo Globo holds 100% of Flamengo's matches in our country until 2024. It is worth noting that the Mandante Law does not interfere in this case since the agreement between the company and the club was made before the approval of the standard.

    So, check out in detail, how to watch Flamengo games in our country

    Globo – open TV

    Globo's transmission capillarity is the largest in the country, almost every state in our country has the broadcaster's programming on television. In this way, it is up to the company to decide which games of the round to broadcast on national television.

    It is worth remembering that even if a Flamengo game is broadcast on Globo, some squares may be left out. For example, the game may be broadcast on Globo Rio, but the Northeast branch may not be broadcast. To check the broadcaster's schedule, click here.


    SporTV is Rede Globo's closed channel focused on sports. In this case, again, it is up to the company whether the game will be broadcast on this channel or not. Thus, among all the possibilities to watch Flamengo matches in our country, SporTV is where the matches are least broadcast.


    Now, if you want to watch absolutely all Flamengo games in our country, you will need to subscribe to the PPV of Globo games, Premiere. Remembering that it is possible to follow the matches of other clubs. But when you log in, choose Flamengo as your heart club, this will help the institution make more money, this is very important.

    Fans have several Premiere plans at their disposal, with the cheapest costing 12x R$49,90 (annual package) and the most expensive being R$89,90 per month, but this includes other company services. To check all packages just access this link.

    In addition, the variety of ways to watch Flamengo games through Premiere is quite large. Globo allows fans to watch the games wherever they want. Therefore, the subscriber can watch the PPV through:

    • Computers: Globo Esporte, GloboPlay, Globo Channels
    • Smartphones and Tablets: through the application available for devices with Android and IOS system
    • Android TV
    • Smart TVs: available on Globoplay
    • Apple TV
    • chromecast
    • Airplay

    Just be aware of the issue of Globoplay, not all plans come with this streaming platform.

    On the issue of online platforms, subscribers who contract the package directly from the website will be able to create an account with an email and password to access the platforms.

    Now, fans who hire Premiere through Globo's partners, which are pay TV, mobile telephony or broadband operators, need to enter their login data and password with the operator that provides the service. Thus, it is necessary to create or associate your Globo single login to your operator information. After doing this, the fan only needs their Globo login to enter Premiere on the internet.

    If you still do not have access to your operator's login and subscription password, you must contact the service provider's customer service directly. But be careful, some old plans that were marketed by operators do not give permission to access the platform through the website and app. It is necessary to consult the operator to see how to migrate to the new plans.

    In addition to Globo's platforms, the carioca company entered into a partnership with Amazon so that it could also broadcast the matches on Prime Video Channels. To have access to the games in this streaming, the fan must be a Prime subscriber and also have a subscription to the Premiere service.

    our country's cup

    Just like in the Championship in our country, the rights to broadcast the games in the Cup in our country also belong to Grupo Globo. In this way, the matches continue to be shown on PPV, on open TV and on closed TV. However, in this case, most of Flamengo's matches are broadcast on national television, which is excellent, since more people have the opportunity to watch the matches from Mata to Mata.

    Our Country's Football Supercup

    The Supercup of our country returned in 2022 after a long time without holding this competition in the country. This tournament is just a game that pits the champion of our country against the winner of the cup of our country.

    In the two editions of this championship, Flamengo did well in both. In 2022 they beat Athletico Paranaense 3 x 0 and in 2022 after a 2 x 2 draw against Palmeiras, the Rio team triumphed on penalties against the São Paulo club, thus becoming twice champion of the competition.

    Globo broadcast the two editions of the Supercopa do Nosso País on national television and also on SporTV. That way, fans could choose where to follow the matches.

    Copa Libertadores

    If our country is the second championship that the Red Nation loves the most, Conmebol Libertadores is the dream of consumption of each of the more than 40 million fans. But it is precisely in this competition that there is a “fruit salad” from which fans can follow the matches. However, don't worry, all the means of transmission will be explained.

    Flamengo Online Game: Learn how to watch Mengão matches

    Photo: publicity/Conmebol


    Silvio Santos' broadcaster acquired the rights to broadcast the Copa Libertadores for open television in 2022 and the contract runs until 2022. In this way, SBT can broadcast one game per round of the competition.

    Anyway, in addition to being able to follow the Mengão games with SBT broadcast on national network, it is possible to watch the games on the broadcaster's website. In addition, there is still the alternative of using the SBT videos application, available for cell phones with Android and IOS systems.

    Fox Sports

    Now, if you want to follow all the games of Libertadores do Mengão Malvadão, you must have access to the closed channel Fox Sports. Thus, to be able to watch this channel you need to have a subscription TV package or buy a Disney streaming plan.

    Still on Pay TV, if you have a plan contracted from the operators, you can access ESPN Player to follow the games. Therefore, if you are already a subscriber to this type of service, you only need to download the application that is available on the Google Play Store and Apple Store and log in with your operator's data.


    If you want to follow all the games of Mais Querido in Libertadores, but do not want to have a link with any operator, you will need to subscribe to Streaming Star+ as it gives you access to ESPN and Fox Sports channels.

    Star Plus is available in a monthly subscription that costs BRL 32,90 or in an annual plan for BRL 329 (BRL 65,80 deducted from the monthly package). There is also the Combo+ alternative, a permanent offer that frees up access to Star+ and Disney+, independent streamings from each other, with a single price of R$45,90 monthly.

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    Just for information, the catalog of this streaming includes other broadcasts of championships in addition to Libertadores, such as League One, Série A Tim, Premier League, LaLiga and Copa del Rey. If you want to know much more about Star Plus you can visit this other post that we have on the blog where we explain everything about the Disney platform.

    Conmebol TV

    Conmebol streaming is the most unknown among the platforms mentioned, maybe you didn't even know it existed. In any case, Conmebol TV is the PPV service of the confederation that controls South American football, created in partnership with the Band Sports channel.

    Therefore, Conmebol TV shows all the games of the championships elaborated by the entity, such as the Libertadores da América, the Copa Sudamericana and the Recopa Sudamericana.

    Streaming costs BRL 39,90 monthly. To subscribe to Conmebol TV, you must contact your pay-TV operator. But not all companies give their customers the possibility to subscribe to this platform. In this way, this tool can be accessed through the following means:

    • Sky TV by subscription
    • Sky Play (streaming): application available for Android and IOS cell phones.
    • Claro TV
    • NET

    In the case of Claro TV and NET, it is possible to follow the Mengão games using NOW. To access Conmebol TV content on this platform, simply enter NOW Online and use your Minha Claro mobile account. In addition, streaming is also available for mobile phones with Android and IOS system.

    It is worth noting that Conmebol TV within NOW is in the “On Air” or “Ao Vivo” tab.


    Some Flamengo games can also be played on Facebook Watch. This social network managed to reach an agreement with the Disney Group (company that owns the Libertadores broadcasting rights) to be able to broadcast some matches of the competition for free.

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    It is important to make it clear that the Mengão games broadcast on this platform are punctual, there is no table informing which or when the matches will be broadcast on Facebook Watch. Generally, when a game is broadcast on this social network, fans are informed just a few days before the match.

    Campeonato Carioca

    The 2022 Carioca Championship was a real mess. At the beginning of the year, Globo had the right to broadcast the Estado with all the Rio teams, except Flamengo. In this way, Rubro Negro used the provisional measure (at the time) of the Mandante's Law to be able to broadcast their games on FlaTV, the club's official channel on Youtube. This attitude caused Globo to break with all the other teams and, for a short period, Campeonato Carioca was without an open television as the holder of broadcasting rights. With all this fight, Record did well.

    Record TV

    A few days after Globo's break with the Carioca teams, Record TV took the opportunity and bought the rights to broadcast the Campeonato Carioca. The agreement was only possible because the broadcaster agreed to let the teams also broadcast the matches on their respective streams. It was from this case that FlaTV+ was born.

    Despite Record having the rights to broadcast the games on open television for Cariocão 2022, in August 2022, information came out that Rede Globo is trying to negotiate with Rio clubs to buy the broadcasting rights of the state competition exclusively on pay. -per-view.

    So far there has not been a solution, but you can be sure that this matter has not died, until the beginning of the Championship there will be many news in this case.

    FlaTV +

    FlaTV+ can be considered a pioneering service in our country for broadcasting games developed by a national club. The idea was cool, but the execution was not ideal. In the first matches, several fans suffered from the instability of the platform, at various times the match fell, reaching the point where some people could not even log in.

    The execution of the project was so strange that some games had to go without notice to Facebook Watch and Youtube because the FlaTV+ platform couldn't handle the amount of online fans. As the matches passed, Streaming achieved some stability, but it was far from ideal.

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    In any case, the club continues to bet on FlaTV+, and has already informed that the platform will start producing exclusive content and broadcasting certain matches. It is likely that the Campeonato Carioca 2022 can also be followed in this streaming. Flamengo has not yet announced a release date, but already has a small preview of the site.

    base categories

    If you like to watch all Flamengo games, not only the professionals, but also the basic categories, it is possible to follow the Sub-15, Sub-17 and Sub-20 matches completely free of charge through FlaTV. If you have availability, it is worth following the future stars of Mengão.

    It is worth remembering that the entire structure of the matches is totally geared towards the flamengo fan, with narration and reporting in the field with employees of FlaTV.

    women's football

    It is also important to give a moral to the girls of Mengão. Women's football is growing more and more, and for it to only improve, everyone needs to support this category. Even because the games are good.

    In this way, you can follow the matches of the Championship of our female country on the Youtube channel of Desimpedidos.

    Directv Go

    And to end all the legal possibilities of watching Mengão games, the last platform is Directv Go. In fact, this service has been a sponsor of Mengão since June 2022.

    Directv Go works via IPTV, being a tool that allows TV signals to be transmitted over the internet with the same characteristics as a traditional streaming service.

    Therefore, it is possible to watch a catalog of on-demand programming and live channels, in addition to sports-oriented content, such as the main football competitions in our country and the world on channels such as ESPN, Fox Sports, SporTV and Band Sports.

    DirecTV Go's basic plan costs BRL 69,90 per month. But if you want to add sports-oriented PPV channels such as Combate, Premiere, ESPN Extra and Conmenbol TV, you will need to pay an amount outside the cost charged by the platform. You can still check out our Directv Go review.

    Regardless of which channel will broadcast Mengão's games, the important thing is to support the team, only with this attitude will you help the club in this victorious era, full of titles. In this way, the team can maintain its financial austerity, which contributes to maintaining this star-studded cast.

    So, flamengo fan, did you like the post? Be sure to follow the blog for news in the technology area.

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