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    Solitaire game: 20 websites and apps to play online

    Solitaire game: 20 websites and apps to play online

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Sep 16, 2022 | Technology |

    Who never spent time with the solitaire game?

    It became very famous between the 90s and 2000s as it was present in the Windows operating system.

    But since Windows 8, the game no longer comes installed.

    Despite having become a fever, the card game, also known as Solitaire (or Solitaire, in Portuguese), has its origins around the XNUMXth century when it became popular in France.

    It is believed that he may have originated in Germany or Scandinavia.

    The name "Solitaire" is precisely because the game allows only one player, being considered a solitary game, without opponents, just you and the game.

    There is a version of the game that pays homage to the French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, as he, like many other people, enjoyed playing Solitaire. 

    Currently, there are several variations of the Solitaire game and the most famous and traditional, which was also used by Windows, in addition to the Spider Solitaire version, is "Klondike" and its rules are easy to understand.

    Basically, it is a card game that requires skill, reasoning, strategy and also a little luck.

    A deck of 52 cards is used and the objective is to assemble all the cards in specific spaces, of the same suit and in ascending order.

    Today, we are going to introduce you to some websites and apps to play online and also some of the different versions of the game and their respective rules.

    Stay with us until the end of this post and learn a little more about one of the most famous card games in the world.

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    Top 10 sites to play solitaire online

    1. HajaPaciência 

    The HajaPaciência website is among one of the most complete to play online.

    In it, you will find more than 30 types of the Solitaire game, from the traditional to the most “different”.

    Just below the game, the rules, its characteristics, the objective, how to play and the complete description are informed.

    Also, various tips and strategies that can be used by the player are provided. 

    In addition, the player can also change the wallpaper, play in full screen and undo moves.

    Also within the site, visitors can also find other hobbies such as the game 2048, bingo, puzzle, sudoku, coloring for adults, among others.

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    At you can play Solitaire (traditional, Spider, Kings in the Corner and Yukon versions) online and for free, as well as other types of card games.

    The platform grants the rules and explanations about the game and allows the player to make settings such as:

    • Turn over one or three cards;
    • Choose the type of deck;
    • Opt for automatic finishing games or not;
    • Select game speed;
    • Choose themes.

    3. Solitr

    On the Solitr website it is possible to play Solitaire and Spider Solitaire, with 1 or 3 card game options and easy, medium and hard difficulty levels, with the option to undo the last move.

    There are also other games that require concentration and reasoning, such as Mahjong and Sudoku.

    All of them can be played online and for free.


    On there are several versions of the Solitaire game, including:

    1. Patience 1 turn (1 card);
    2. Solitaire 3 turns (3 cards);
    3. Double Patience;
    4. Triple Patience;
    5. Harp;
    6. Easy Harp;
    7. Canfield;
    8. Westcliff.

    In addition, the site also has Spider Solitaire, FreeCell, Yukon, Forty Thiever, Pyramid and Golf Solitaire, each with several other variations.

    These are some of the most popular versions.

    5. 247 Solitaire

    To play through the browser, 247 Solitaire can also be a good alternative.

    It offers the classic Solitaire game and some of its versions, such as Freecell and Yukon, among others.

    It is not possible to perform as many configurations as in HajaPatience or Solitr.

    It is only allowed to undo the last action.

    Other than that, the site has a simple and easy-to-use interface.

    6. World of Solitaire

    World of Solitaire has the traditional Solitaire game and several settings, including:

    • The deck type;
    • The game background;
    • Automatic game;
    • Sound;
    • Order of suit;
    • Card animation type;
    • Velocity;
    • Game information;
    • Card sizes and more.

    Furthermore, on the site you can also find some variations of the game, such as Aces Up, Backer's Game, FreeCell, Pyramid and several others.

    To play the variations, it is necessary to go through a kind of "test" to see your skills and thus level up with each game.

    7. FRVR Patience

    With a simpler design than the others, Solitaire FRVR offers the “raw” Solitaire game, as it is not possible to make other settings such as choosing to turn 3 cards from the stock pile.

    It is only allowed to undo the last card move.

    Despite this, it is an excellent tool for anyone who is a Solitaire fan and is looking for light and easy fun.

    8.Google Solitaire

    The most used search engine in the world, Google, also offers a very basic classic version of the Solitaire game.

    In Google Solitaire, you can only choose the difficulty level between easy or hard.

    Still, it's a lot of fun.

    9. Solitaired

    Undoubtedly, Solitaired is the site that proves to be the most complete in terms of variations of the Solitaire game.

    It has 550 types of Solitaire games.

    Completely online and free, each game explains its respective rules.

    It's an infinity of choices and discoveries for those who still don't know the other transfigurations of this game so popular around the world.


    Finally, another possibility to play Solitaire online is through the website Paciê where the player can configure as he wishes, between turning 1 or 3 cards, choosing the standard count and playing sounds.

    There are also other games available on the platform, they are:

    1. FreeCell;
    2. Spider Solitaire;
    3. Mahjong;
    4. Mined field.

    All online and free. 

    Top 10 apps to play solitaire online

    We have already talked about the sites that offer the Solitaire game online.

    Now we are going to present some applications of the game so that you have it in the palm of your hand on your mobile device.

    1. Solitaire

    Solitaire is among one of the most downloaded Solitaire apps on Google Play Store.

    It offers the Klondike version (the traditional one) and has very basic settings.

    It is available for Android and iOS system.

    2. Patience

    The Solitaire app also offers the classic version of the game, with some options such as buying just one card or three and also having the option of playing with your left hand, designed for the convenience of left-handed people.

    It is available for download on Android system.

    3. Flip Flop Solitaire

    FlipFlop Solitarie gives you the opportunity to play offline, that is, you don't need to be connected to the internet to be able to play.

    Several different rules can be configured, such as card sequence and suit mixing.

    It is valid to say that to unlock the full game it is necessary to make a purchase.

    Then the app will give you access to two other exclusive modes. 

    It is available for both Android and iOS.

    4. Churchill Solitaire

    Churchill is Sir Winston's own creation.

    The objective is basically the same as in the traditional solitaire game: clear the board.

    However, in this one, two full decks are used.

    The app is paid, but there are free trial offers available.

    It is available on Google Play Store and Apple Store.

    5. Microsoft Solitaire Collection

    We could not fail to mention the Microsoft Solitaire Collection application.

    Microsoft, most responsible for the success of the game, has made the Solitaire version available for mobile devices. 

    In addition to the Klondike version, it also features Spider, Pyramid, Tripeaks and FreeCell and also offers daily challenges, rewards and the option to integrate the app with Xbox Live. 

    The app of this classic is available for Android and iOS.

    6. Solitaire Grand Harvest

    Solitaire Grand Harvest – Solitaire Card Game lets you not only play solitaire, but also take care of a farm.

    You can grow your food, earn goodies and take care of your animals, earning coins and using them to play solitaire.

    7. Solitaire: Deluxe

    The Solitaire: Deluxe app has a modern and fun graphic.

    In addition to Solitaire, there are 15 more different game types, including Spider and FreeCell, each with a guide describing the rules.

    Game backgrounds can be changed according to one's taste.

    The game also has daily deals and other people's score ranking.

    It is available for iOS.

    8. Lonely

    Solitaire is pretty basic, with a few settings and a nice design.

    You can customize the game and compete with others around the world.

    It is available for Android.

    9. Solitary Freepack

    Freepack Solitaire has 100+ types of Solitaire games like Russian solitaire, Scorpion and more.

    It has an optimized layout for any type of device. 

    Its download is available on the Play Store and also on Amazon.

    10. All in One Solitaire

    This app contains 50+ variations of Solitaire game where all of them have unlimited option to undo the last action.

    The app also has tips, background music, large and quality cards and much more.

    It is available for download for both Android and iOS and is free to use. 

    The most popular Solitaire game types

    As mentioned throughout the text, the Solitaire game has numerous variations, some better known than others.

    Check out below a little about the most famous and most played by fans.


    Also known as Solitaire or just Solitaire, this is the classic version of the game, in which a deck of 52 cards is used with the options of turning one card (with an 80% chance of winning) or three cards (15% chance of winning). of victory).

    The objective of the game is to be able to move all the cards to the 4 foundations, which are in the upper right corner and must be in ascending order of each suit, that is, from Ace to King.

    It has 7 piles, in which the cards have to be arranged in descending order, unlike the foundations, and in alternating colors of any suit.

    The blank spaces that appear during the game are intended exclusively for the King card. 

    The Stock (the pile of cards where the player will buy the cards) is on the upper left side and the discard is located on its side, so that only the top card can be moved, just like in the foundations.


    There are techniques that can help to achieve victory in the game, such as starting the game moving the cards from the piles, before going out to buy cards, and releasing new cards whenever possible. 

    Think carefully before making a move and analyze the game better.

    An interesting tip is to try to make a move that opens the way for other moves soon after.

    Russian solitaire game

    In Russian Solitaire you also only use one deck, which requires a lot of skill and has a high level and difficulty.

    The objective is the same: move the cards to the 4 foundations, located on the left of the screen, in ascending order of each suit. 

    There are 7 piles that must be arranged in descending sequence.

    But it must be of the same suit.

    It is possible to move any set of cards, ordered or not.

    FreeCell Solitaire game 

    In FreeCell a deck is also used, where the objective is also to move the cards to the foundations in the ascending order of the suits, but with the least number of moves.

    There are 4 foundations in the upper right corner, with 4 cells on the other side, which are temporarily used as spaces to perform stack movements. 

    In FreeCell there are 8 stacks that need to be arranged in descending order and in alternating colors (black/red).

    An empty pile can be occupied by any card and it is allowed to move a set of cards that are in sequence.

    Pyramid Solitaire Game

    This version is one of the most differentiated.

    Reasoning is required here, but a little luck is also needed.

    You have to form parts of cards that, when added, result in 13, regardless of suit.

    Pairs are automatically moved to the single foundation located in the upper right corner.

    It is possible to return cards, twice, from the discard to the stock.

    Solitaire game Forty Thieves

    Despite being a considerably lengthy game, it is challenging and requires the player's skill to manage to send all the cards to the 8 foundations, which allow cards in ascending order and of the same suit.

    2 decks are used and it has 10 piles that need to be organized in descending order and with cards of the same suit.

    In the empty spaces, any card can be used. 

    Baker's Dozen

    The objective is basically the same as the traditional one, moving all the cards to the 4 foundations, also with cards of the same suit in ascending order, with fewer moves possible. 

    The total stacks are 13.

    They must be dealt the cards in descending order and it does not depend on being of the same suit.

    Empty spaces cannot be used.

    Triple Solitaire Game

    In Triple Solitaire, 3 full decks are used.

    Despite this, the difficulty level is considered low, being "Very Easy" when you turn over just one card from the stock and "Medium" when you turn over 3 cards. 

    The objective is to send the 156 cards to the 12 foundations, which accept cards in ascending order and of the same suit.

    It has 13 stacks, arranged in alternating colors and descending order.

    Empty spaces can only be filled with the King card and sequences can be moved together.

    Miner solitaire game

    The Mineiro Patience version also has the objective of the others in common: moving the cards to the 4 foundations, in ascending order and with the same suit, using only 1 deck.

    The difference is that the 7 piles laid out start empty and the movement of cards must start directly from the stock.

    That is, it is the player himself who assembles the piles. 

    Canadian solitaire game

    Canadian Solitaire can be a little trickier to beat.

    It is necessary to move all 52 cards to the 4 foundations on the right, but there is no stock and no discard.

    There are only 7 stacks that need to be arranged in descending order and with alternating colors.

    The foundations are in ascending order and with cards of the same suit.

    Empty piles only accept the King card.

    Spider Solitaire game

    Spider Solitaire has 8 foundations (amount that refers to the number of legs of a spider).

    Spider uses 2 decks and depending on the difficulty level chosen, you can only use 1 suit or more.

    The Easy level requires one suit, the Medium 2 suits and the Very Hard (four suits).

    The objective is to form eight groups of cards in descending order and of the same suit. 

    There are 10 piles in total and you can only move a group of cards if they are arranged in order.

    Any card in the empty space can be used.

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    A few more versions of the Solitaire Game:

    • tripeaks
    • Baker's Dozen
    • Yukon
    • Canadian Patience
    • lonely aces
    • Elevator
    • Diagonal Solitaire
    • Isabel 
    • Penguin solitaire
    • three hills
    • Djibouti
    • Flower Garden
    • eight out
    • beetle patience
    • Canfield Patience
    • Patience Gaps
    • Flea Solitaire
    • Scorpion Solitaire
    • forty rascals
    • six hills
    • seven pillars
    • Bear's Lair

    There are many options to play and spend your time, in addition to staving off boredom and at the same time developing skills and stimulating thinking.

    Download Solitaire Game Free

    If you wish, you can even install the game on your computer.

    In case you use later versions of Windows 8 and don't have the game installed natively.

    To download, just access the Microsoft website and go to the game's download page.

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