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    Facebook Ads: How to find inspiration for your ads

    Facebook Ads: How to find inspiration for your adsFacebook Ads: How to find inspiration for your ads

    by Camila Porto | May 6, 2022 | Facebook | 12

    A few days ago, I was creating some Facebook Ads campaigns. After more than 40 campaigns, testing more than 300 ads, impossible not to give the famous white. I started browsing Facebook, looking for ads to get inspired (only myself to WANT to see ads on Facebook), scrolled through Feed for 5, 10, 20 minutes and guess what…NOTHING to get inspired.

    ZERO inspiration.

    I started to turn to my sources of information about content, Facebook Marketing, Facebook ads and all the people I follow to see if they could find something cool to inspire me.

    After searching for a while, I found 3 MEGA simple ways to create Facebook ads when your inspiration just runs out.

    How to find inspiration for your Facebook Ads campaigns

    The first thing I need to make clear is that inspiration is VERY different from COPYING. So get inspired and don't just copy. Use these ideas from Facebook Ads without moderation, but with common sense 🙂

    After all this time searching, I found these solutions and sources of ideas to create my Facebook ad campaigns.

    Adespresso Ads Gallery

    I love Adespresso! Whenever my students know this tool, they just freak out at the amount of time it helps to save. In general terms, it is a tool that allows you to perform thousands of variations of Facebook ads quickly and practically. I highly recommend it, especially for those who are wanting to test a lot.

    With thousands of users, Adespresso created a gallery to help find inspiration for Facebook Ads. You can search their database for various ads for inspiration. You can search by market segment, placement (feed, mobile or sidebar), campaign objectives and attributes (whether they are remarketing campaigns, photo, video…)

    You need to do the research in English, but you can get a lot of cool insights to create the creative part of your campaigns.

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    In the same vein as the Adespresso gallery, also offers multiple targeting options to preview ad campaigns and get inspired. I think it has lower quality ads compared to Adespresso, but it's worth checking out some campaigns… It is possible to hire and pay a monthly fee. On their website you can find more information.

    How to find out the targeting of a Facebook ad campaign

    After you've fed your brain with ideas, it's possible that you'll get stuck on targeting options. Today, I have a spreadsheet where I write down all the segmentation ideas I have. So, whenever there is a blank, I take a look at the ideas I had. 

    But, a simple insight that you can start doing today is the following:

    Whenever you see an ad in your Facebook Feed, you can find out what targeting options it's using. This can give you a lot of insights (especially if that ad is from a competitor).

    1. When you see an ad on Facebook, click on the arrow (1) and then on “Why am I seeing this?” (two).

    2. In the case of this ad, I'm getting it because I visited their website. Soon, they are using Remarketing for those who visit their page. SO, if you still don't use Remarketing, in addition to playing around in the tomato plant and losing a lot of money and opportunities, you can start using it (but I can help you with that. Click here).

    And there? Did you like these tips?

    So when white hits, you already know where to look for inspiration for your campaigns.

    With image and content ideas and segmentation ideas, it will be easier to vary your Facebook Ads campaigns, right?


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