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    Facebook Ads for Affiliates: How does it work?

    Facebook Ads for Affiliates: How does it work?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Apr 29, 2022 | Facebook |

    Here we are always emphasizing the potential that Facebook has to leverage any business. Among so many ways to make money on the internet, one of them is to be an affiliate. That said, today we are going to talk about Facebook ads for affiliates. 

    Those who work in the affiliate market have a great showcase on Facebook to direct their audience to their affiliate link. As visits increase, the chances of converting a sale increase. If you are already a professional in this market or want to start your career. Let's list Facebook Ads best practices for affiliates. 

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    Facebook Ads for Affiliates: How to get started?

    The first rule, of course, is to have a Facebook page. But attention, a fanpage and not a profile, after all, personal profiles do not have access to investment in ads. 

    The second step is to register a credit card in your ad account or load an amount into your account, via payment by bank slip. You must have a balance or payment method to invest in ads. 

    Your actions will be carried out and monitored by the ad manager, which is a tool available on the social network. Through this tool, it is possible to create ads and evaluate the metrics of the published ads. The coolest thing is that this monitoring can be performed in real time in the ad manager. 

    Facebook Ads for Affiliates: Creating an Ad

    In Facebook Ads Manager, there are several goals when creating an ad. Each objective will bring a different result. They are: Brand awareness, traffic, reach, engagement, conversions, lead generation, catalog sales, among others.  

    Facebook Ads for Affiliates: How does it work?

    The most used ad format in the affiliate market is traffic. This is because, through this ad category, it is possible to create a campaign that redirects the audience to a link. In this case, your affiliate link. 

    However, as the affiliation professional deepens their knowledge of digital marketing, nothing prevents them from using the other categories. For example, generating leads to promote your affiliate link via email, for example.

    Important: Before disclosing your affiliate link on Facebook Ads, it's worth reading the platform's privacy policies. That's because, depending on how you advertise your link, you may have your own ad account. blocked. In addition, disclosing the direct link of an affiliate platform can generate blocks. 

    That's because, as there are many people doing things wrong, Facebook often puts links to companies like Hotmart, Eduzz and Monetizze, which are well-known platforms in the affiliate market, as suspects. Therefore, having your own link, which leads to a capture or sales page, can be the most effective way to avoid blocking your ads.

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    5 tips for you to apply when making Facebook Ads for affiliates

    Now let's talk about how you can organize your Facebook campaigns, as well as tips that can help you reach your goals.

    Create capture pages 

    Capture pages are the safest way for you to invest in Facebook Ads traffic. As we said before, you should not disclose your affiliate link directly in the tool, this can even lead to your account being banned. 

    Instead, you can direct your audience to your landing page by introducing them to the pre-sale of your affiliate product. Only then, from this page, will you be able to direct you to your affiliate link. 

    Capture pages can have other purposes as well. For example, collecting emails or contacting potential customers. Your landing page function needs to be aligned with your marketing campaign. 

    set goals 

    You need to set clear goals for your Facebook Ads campaigns. Is your goal to sell more? Do you just want to profit regardless of percentage? Increase your customer base? 

    By defining these objectives, it is easier to use the Facebook tool to create your ads in a more assertive way. In short, every affiliate who sells more. Therefore, as a fundamental metric, you can use ROAS.


    ROAS is often one of the easiest metrics to calculate. ROAS means Return Over Ad Spent, in English. In Portuguese, the metric means Return on Ad Spend. In general terms, it allows you to calculate how much you spent and how much profit you made.

    For example, if you spent R$100 to sell a course that pays a commission of R$297, just divide 297 by 100. In this campaign you had a ROAS of 2,97. This means that for every 1 dollar spent, you returned 2,97.

    take tests 

    We always talk here on the blog about A/B testing. Testing is a great way to find out what works for your business. We may be inspired by other companies' ads, but what works for them won't always work for your ad. 

    That's why you should test your audience. For example, when making an ad with an image, create another ad, with the same targeting, but another image. Track to see which image converted the most results in your objective.

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    Start with internal campaigns 

    For those who are starting to create ads on Facebook Ads, a very nice tip is to start with internal campaigns. Only then, create campaigns for your capture page. This order makes your ads get approved faster on the social network. 

    In practice, this is a way to “warm up your ad account”. By running campaigns with the objective of Engagement, messages, viewing videos, for example, you run less risk of having your account flagged or blocked. That's because, one of the main problems is taking people off Facebook.

    Start slow, with a lower budget, test some headlines, headlines, images, audiences. As you have more confidence, increase your budget and diversify your goals, also betting on traffic campaigns, for example.

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    Put limits on your campaigns 

    It is natural for someone starting out not to know exactly the results they will be able to achieve. With this, you have the option to limit your Facebook Ads campaigns by time and/or by value. This will prevent you from going overboard with advertising. Even more if your expenses are registered on your credit card, this is a great way to control them. 

    Set a daily budget for your ads and record it on the platform. When starting your journey as an affiliate, define an amount you are willing to invest to enter the market. Just like any new business, having a start-up budget is very important.

    The same thing happens in the affiliate market. Set a value to invest and start to understand how things work. Set a ROAS of 1, for example, so you can run without losing money. This can be your first goal and starting point in the market.

    Facebook Ads for Affiliates: Bonus Tip 

    Did you know that you can induce your audience to take action so you can reach your goals? We're talking about the call to action. 

    The call to action or call to action in Portuguese is a strategy that many websites use to encourage people to take action on their page. Either through sentences or with the creation of a button like read more.  

    I will give an example here in this text. Click here and read the explanatory text with all types of call to action for you to apply in your campaigns. 

    Facebook Ads for Affiliates: Is It Worth It?

    Several businesses have achieved very positive results in their campaigns within Facebook. With the affiliate market there is no reason to be different. The big problem is that in the first error or not very positive result, people already give up using the ads tool. 

    So we strongly recommend testing everything you can (images, videos, headlines, call to action, copywriting). Tests, however, should not be restricted to campaigns that did not achieve the desired result. You can test which campaigns are converting, and thus, find out if you are able to further optimize your results. 

    Well, if you've read this far, we know that the chances of you increasing your sales with Facebook are higher! Always keep investing in your knowledge about digital marketing, it's cliché to say, but we know that it will help you a lot in your goals. 

    If you have more tips on how to do well in the Facebook Ads for Affiliates market, please share them with everyone in the comments.

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