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    Easy-to-approve credit card: the 6 best

    Easy-to-approve credit card: the 6 best

    by Equipe AllYourVideogames | Aug 12, 2022 | Shopping | 0

    If you believe it's hard to get easy to approve credit card, we have good news: currently, the process takes place with more agility and less bureaucracy for the consumer.

    And the best: there are alternatives without an annual fee and with cashback, the famous program that offers money back to the customer after purchasing a product or service. 

    Despite having many alternatives available on the market, not all options are always in accordance with our needs.

    With that in mind, we decided to list 6 types of credit cards for you to compare cards and make a more assertive decision. 

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    What is the best easy-to-approve credit card? 

    From now on, you will know 6 options for the best cards to increase your purchasing power.

    Let's highlight its main features and benefits. Follow up!

    1. Easy to Approve Credit Card: Nubank 

    Let's start our easy to approve credit card list by talking about Nubank.

    The purple one, as it is known by its legion of fans, has a great quality of service and the customer can manage their finances in a simple way through the application. 

    The Nubank card is issued in both the Mastercard Gold and Platinum versions.

    To get your purple one, you must request an invitation from a friend or family member or download the application, which is free. 

    Initially, the financial institution may offer a low threshold amount. However, it increases according to the customer's consumption.

    It is essential to make it clear that if you have a name restriction or a low credit score, you will likely have difficulty getting approval right away. 

    For those who face this type of situation, there is a possibility that was launched by the company in February 2022, which authorizes you to take a part of your account balance to add a credit card limit.

    It works like this: if you want to have R$400 to use in the credit function, you can transfer R$400 from your account balance to the card limit. 

    The positive side of the process is that the amount is released immediately. So, if you intend to purchase a R$100 product, your new available limit will be R$300.

    At the end of the month, when you pay the invoice, the limit goes back to R$400. 

    Upon being approved for the Nubank card, the customer has the possibility of guaranteeing several benefits. For example: it does not charge an annuity or tariff from its consumers.

    In the financial institution's application, you can receive discounts and advance the installments; lock and unlock the card; request a limit increase; change the due date and activate travel notice. 

    There are also other interesting benefits, such as the possibility of automatically updating the registration on various types of websites, applications and digital services that work with card reissue. 

    You can also participate in the Nubank Rewards benefits program. Here, the points never expire and the participant can transfer those points to miles.

    Because of the partnership with Smiles, the user can execute the process in a few seconds and safely. 

    2. Easy to Approve Credit Card: Santander SX

    Another option that cannot be left out of our list is Santander SX.

    It is an easier credit card to approve. To be entitled to this benefit, the bank customer needs to have a minimum monthly income of only R$500,00.

    Those people who are not clients of this financial institution need to have a fixed monthly income of R$1.045,00. 

    One of the main advantages of Santander SX is that you don't have to wait for the physical version to arrive at your home to buy a product or service.

    The customer can make purchases on the internet with the digital version. It's a great online credit card approved on the spot. 

    The network also offers to the consumer the technology approached, paid. With this benefit, you do not need to enter the card password to complete the purchase at a physical establishment.

    With the Santander Way application, customers can monitor their consumption in real time and manage their limit anywhere in the world.

    All you need is a mobile device with internet access.

    If you like loyalty programs, the SX card is a good alternative. It allows you to participate in Esfera, which offers discounts on various partners.

    The Vai de Visa program is also available and contains great deals at both partner stores and restaurants. 

    And it doesn't stop there: the card user can withdraw money in the credit function and make the payment only when the invoice arrives.

    The network also allows billing in up to 24 installments, bringing more flexibility to pay off your debts in those months when you spent more than you should.

    3. Easy to Approve credit card: Saraiva 

    The Saraiva card brings several benefits to the customer:

    • No annuity;
    • Possibility of registering in the main digital wallets;
    • Points that turned into a discount;
    • International card for shopping in our country and abroad;
    • Special offers and discounts;
    • Guaranteed participation in the Vai de Visa program;
    • Free additional card.

    It's yet another great, easy-to-approve credit card that deserves special attention on our list. 

    4. Easy-to-Approve credit card: Méliuz

    The Méliuz credit card that is issued by the PAN bank under the Mastercard Gold brand.

    Just like the other alternatives that were mentioned in this post, it guarantees exemption from the annuity fee.

    The positive point is that the consumer can earn money back (cashback) on all purchases. 

    When purchasing a product with your card in online stores that are partners with Méliuz, you earn an extra 1% cashback. With the Méliuz credit card, you can also enjoy all the advantages of the Mastercard international card. 

    In the PAN application, you can monitor the purchases that have been made, check the limit, generate a payment code, change your password and invoice due date.

    This is a great Mastercard credit card. 

    5. Easy to Approve Credit Card: Credicard

    Let's continue our easy-to-approve credit card list by talking about Credicard. It is issued under the Visa Platinum brand and also has a free annual fee for the consumer. 

    Generally, approved consumers receive an initial limit of at least R$300, which can be changed every three months according to the investments made in the Credicard digital account.

    Consumers who are not approved receive a message by email explaining the reason for the negative response and what are the procedures they need to do to be approved in the next opportunity. 

    Credicard offers a virtual card for the consumer, all the benefits of Visa Platinum, a credit card without a printed number to bring more security to the customer, a credicard account with PIX to make transfers and receipts at any time of the day and without any fee, in addition to technology approached, paid (contactless). 

    6. Easy to Approve Credit Card: Neon

    Easy-to-approve credit card: the 6 best

    The process to apply for a Neon credit card is quite simple. Just make a digital account and ask for the benefit through the app.

    It has no annual fee and is issued under the Visa brand. The customer has the debit function released immediately.

    And, if the credit limit is not approved at the first opportunity, it is allowed to execute a new request to prove monthly income every 30 days.

    During this period, the company will check your account movements to understand your financial habits.

    Here, the rule is clear: the more you use the digital account, the more chances the customer with an ideal profile has to have approved credit. 

    In addition, there is the possibility of requesting a prepaid credit card.

    It is a modality that contains the debit function, and the customer needs to recharge to purchase a particular product or service.

    All operations performed on it use the deposited balance until the amount runs out.

    After having access to this list of 6 easy-to-approve credit card options, get to know the Magalu credit card. Another interesting alternative for the consumer.

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