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    Download free music: 8 music banks for videos

    Download free music: 8 music banks for videosDownload free music: 8 music banks for videos

    by Equipe AllYourVideogames | Aug 30, 2022 | Technology | 11

    You need download free music to use as a soundtrack for your videos?

    In this text, we are going to list the best music banks for you to download free music online legally and access copyright free audio files.

    Knowing good sites to download free music is essential to not be notified and not have intellectual property complications. The soundtrack is a very sensitive point when we talk about videos on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

    It is common for some companies to publish videos with songs that have copyright and, because of that, have their content removed. In the worst case scenario, Facebook pages and Instagram profiles are blocked from making new posts or even removed.

    You can't put your company's social media at risk!

    That's why we've prepared a list of free music download sites for you to use in your digital marketing projects.

    Generally, these copyright free audios are instrumental songs. Never, ever take your favorite artist's music and use it to illustrate your videos.

    Social networks are increasingly improving their algorithms for detecting copyright infringement.

    This automatic verification is done through computers that “listen” to excerpts of the songs. If detected in the check bank, your profile may automatically fall into the blocked pages list.

    Sites to download free music and use

    Below you will check some banks to download free music. But it is very important that you carefully read each of the licenses that authorize the use of downloaded music.

    Each site practices a methodology, some ask you to quote the site's name at the end of your video, giving the license credits. Others ask nothing about it. So read them all very carefully, okay?

    Now free up HD space and have fun on each site to download free music by choosing the audios you will use in your videos!

    Some of these free music download links are in English. Therefore, we recommend that you use your browser's translator to help you.

    1. bensound

    Probably the website to download free music most used by video editors. It offers dozens of songs for you to download and include in your projects. The site's interface is one of the cleanest and easiest to use you'll find here on this list.

    The songs are divided into categories. You can also do searches in a search bar. Just click the play icon to listen to the audio before downloading.

    Stay tuned for the BenSound usage license, click this link to read.

    2. incompetech

    We can say that Kevin MacLeod is the king of copyright free music. That's because I'm sure you must have heard some of his music in a video on Facebook or YouTube.

    He created this site to download free music with an immense list of content available for download. You can browse categories and do keyword searches.

    When locating the soundtrack listing, click on the name to download free music on PC. You can listen to a preview or click the download button to download the file and use it in your posts.

    Carefully read the usage policies and licenses available on the site, ok?

    3. Dan-O-Songs

    Dan-O is a composer and offers his songs for download on the internet. The melodies are more instrumental, perfect to serve as a soundtrack for videos.

    When accessing the site to download free music, you will find a list of all available tracks. Just click on one of them to listen to the audio or download the file by clicking Free. You don't even need to create an account.

    Stay tuned for the Dan-O Songs usage license, click here and watch.

    4. YouTube Music Library

    Anyone who has a YouTube channel can access an audio bank just to download free music in their videos. Just listen to the song, choose the one that best matches the video, download it and use it for editing.

    But be careful here! The ideal thing is that you use the audios listed here on YouTube's free music bank for content that is published on the platform itself, ok?

    It's not because the songs are instrumental that you can reuse this material on another social network. Read the YouTube Authorized Music Library Usage Policies here.

    Remember that there is little care in relation to audios on other social networks.

    5. Dig.ccMixter

    This free music bank is a show! Artists create the songs and upload them to the site. You do the search, you can listen to a preview of the audio and download the one you want.

    Pay attention to the usage license. Each musical track has a license and the way it is credited may be different, ok? Learn more about licenses here.

    6. Free Music Arquive

    Modest look, but with a huge file base to download free music! The Free Music Archive has audio files under Creative Commons and other licenses.

    Search for content using a search bar or by selecting one of the categories that best matches the style of your video. Click the play icon to listen to the song and the down arrow to download it.

    Take the time to read the site's terms of use. Each track has a specific usage license.

    7. Free Soundtrack Music

    Free Soundtrack Music is a repository where composers and artists can upload their music. Like other sites to download free music, you can hear a preview of the audio file even before downloading.

    This procedure is essential when using a free music site to effectively find the track that best fits each project.

    Stay tuned for the Free Soundtrack Music usage license, click here to read.

    8. Facebook Sounds Collection

    Facebook released the Sound Collection, a space to download free music for you to use in your videos. The cool thing is that there is a bank of soundtracks and also sound effects, all to make your projects even more creative and personalized.

    Just listen to a preview of the track or sound effect and download the file! You can use the search filters or type the terms in a search bar on the page itself.

    Access the Facebook Sound Collection, but don't forget to read the platform terms first.

    To learn more about copyright on Facebook, click here and read about it.

    And, it is always worth reinforcing the warning: before downloading free music, be aware of the licenses for the use of each file and each site.

    In some cases, you have to put credits at the end of your video. Look for beautiful ways to create endings to properly credit the songwriters.

    Now you have the knife and cheese in your hands! Good editing!

    If in addition to downloading free music, you also need free videos to make your posts, we have separated the best sites to download free videos.

    But if you're looking for images, don't worry. We have an excellent blog post with the best free stock images too.

    Now, we want to hear from you! Did you already know any of these sites to download free music?

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