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    Download music online: the 20 best sites

    Download music online: the 20 best sites

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Jun 8, 2022 | Technology |

    We know that nowadays with the ease of access to the internet, it is very common for people to listen to music through streaming services. In addition to being a practical method where the user has access to a library with thousands of titles in high quality, it does not take up memory space on the device.

    But there will always be those songs that we would like to have saved to listen to anywhere even when we are not connected. With that in mind, we've selected the 20 best sites for download music online.

    The options are quite varied containing famous streaming platforms that even offer the function of downloading songs, some completely free and others with access only to subscribers. The list covers all music genres and you are sure to find the one that best suits your user profile.

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    20 options to download music online

    1. Snappea/SnapTube (Android Web)

    Snappea is a dedicated website for those who want to download audio from video clips or even the video file itself with high download speed and quality. Just access the site through your browser of choice and paste the video link in the search tab, without the need to perform any type of login.

    Snappea is completely free and has no download limit. It also has a more complete version for Android called SnapTube, which allows you to download files from social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. You can also download entire playlists directly from YouTube, among other features.

    The application is not available on the Google Play Store, and it is possible to purchase the APK file directly from the website.

    2. MP3 Stage (Web/Android/iOS)

    It is a free service that brings together music from bands and independent artists from our country. It was developed in 2003 by Studio Sol, our country's company also responsible for Cifra Club and The platform aims to be a space for new music revelations to publicize their work, boosting musical productions.

    The platform also offers the possibility for these artists to create their own page to add photos, music, videos and concert schedules, providing a unique digital environment that is highly accessed by an audience that encompasses several people across the country.

    The service has a very intuitive interface so that any user can interact with it without any difficulty. As a positive point, it is worth highlighting its large collection, with more than 1 million songs, which can be downloaded legally and for free on the computer or directly on the smartphone.

    3. Download (Web/Android/iOS)

    Recognized as one of the biggest download sites in our country, Baixaki was created in 2000 by the NZN group and is an absolute success not only here but also in several other countries such as our country, the United States and Japan.

    Initially, the platform emerged offering content in Portuguese for computer programs and games, and then incorporating online services and games, as well as mobile applications. Today, the selection of downloads totals around more than 85 program options from various segments for computers and Android or iOS mobile phones.

    Among them, there are several programs for downloading music online, such as Free Music Download, Tube MP3 and MP3jam, all of which are free and can be easily purchased on the Baixaki website through the search bar for the name of the desired content.

    4. (Web) is a free website that works similarly to Snappea and performs video file downloads by converting the URL into MP3, MP4, webm, m4v or 3Gp file.

    It's quite easy to use: just copy the link of the video you want to convert and paste it into the site's search bar, then click on "Get Video Link" and then select the format you want. Another even easier and more practical way is typing ”x2” after ”youtube” and before ”.com”. This causes you to be redirected to the site.

    The download has high speed and is compatible with unlimited audio, videos in HD, Full HD and 4k, in addition to dispensing with the need for any type of registration.

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    5. Amazon Music (Web/Android/iOS)

    Amazon Music is a giant and also has an Amazon music and podcast platform where you can access more than 70 million tracks on different devices. The service provides a number of benefits such as being able to create playlists and download songs for offline listening directly from the application wherever you are.

    In addition, it has special interactions with the Alexa virtual assistant in which it is possible to request, start or pause music in a very practical way. However, few functions are available to users of the platform's free plan, and it is necessary to subscribe to the Amazon Music Unlimite version to have full access.

    For those interested, Amazon offers 3 months free of the individual plan when you start using the app for the first time. After this exemption period, the amount of R$16,90 per month will be charged for those who wish to remain with the service.

    6. YouTube Music (Web/Android/iOS)

    Noting the growing demand for music streaming platforms, YouTube decided to develop its own service.

    Youtube Music provides a tailored interface that allows users to browse through music videos on YouTube. Built on the basis of discontinuing Google Play Music, the service offers a subscription that allows you to play music ad-free in addition to background audio playback and download music for offline listening.

    These benefits are also available to YouTube Premium subscribers. Like Amazon Music, YouTube Music has a free version with limited functions and ads.

    For those interested in trying out the paid version of the platform, YouTube has plans with prices in line with the competition and the first month is free. If you do not wish to continue with the paid subscription, YouTube will notify the user 7 days before the end of the trial period so that you will not be charged.

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    7. Spotify (Web/Android/iOS/and more)

    Spotify is one of the most popular and used streaming services in the world. Created in 2008 by the Swedish startup Spotify AB, it provides content protected and provided with digital rights management.

    You can find Spotify available on the vast majority of modern devices such as Windows, MacOS and Linux computers, on Android or iOS smartphones and tablets, as well as on Video Games (Playstation 4 and Xbox One for example).

    The platform provides access to more than 30 million songs of the most varied genres and styles, just browse the playlists or search for your favorite artists.

    Spotity also lets you create your own playlists and share tracks on social media with other users. Like Amazon Music, Spotify is a preemium service, meaning it has free features with advertisements and limitations, while additional features like improved streaming quality and music download are available in the paid version.

    Spotify offers 3 months of free premium for new subscribers.

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    8. Deezer (Web/Android/iOS)

    Developed in Paris and officially launched in 2007, Deezer is a streaming platform that supports over 73 million songs and 4 million audio programs available in over 180 countries.

    In our country, it was launched in 2022 and has a partnership with TIM, offering the service to its customers as a complement to some operator plans, entitled “TIM Music”. The platform offers a free version with very limited functions and advertisements.

    In order to have access to the full Deezer experience, you must be a Deezer Premium subscriber or have a TIM plan that includes the service. Deezer offers 3 months of free premium. Be sure to check out the available Deezer plans.

    9. DoremiZone (Web/Android)

    DoremiZone is one of the best sites to download music online for free directly from your computer or cell phone. It has a large number of tracks that you can listen to and discover new popular songs. It even supports the most popular music sites like YouTube, Vevo and Vimeo.

    To download music online is very easy, you can search on the website itself by typing the name or lyrics of the song in the search bar, or even paste the video URL. Then just choose the format you want to download the music file and download for free and without the need to log in with a social network or make any type of registration.

    10. Your Music (Web/Android/iOS)

    It is a streaming platform of our country created in 2022 in Paraíba by Éder Rocha Bezerra. It is aimed at Northeastern artists to promote their work to the general public in the region, with more than 14 people already registered.

    His Music has about 13 million hits per month, of which 70% are from the Northeast region and the rest from the Southeast. Its main difference to platforms like Deezer and Spotify is the lack of subscription. The service is completely free and does not make any financial transfers to the artists. You can add and remove your songs whenever you want, knowing that you are there for publicity purposes only.

    Sua Música can be accessed through the website or through an app that can be downloaded for free from Play Story for Android devices or the App Store for iOS. Like other music apps, it makes artist suggestions, allows you to create custom playlists and you can also download songs.

    11. (Web)

    Founded in 2002 in the United Kingdom, is a website that works as an online radio aggregated to a virtual community with several stations available. The platform builds a profile for each user based on data collected from the music playing app and music platforms to make recommendations more accurately according to their taste.

    Even with the recommendations generated by the algorithm, you can freely browse the site and search for your music at your leisure. Although the service is free, it has a subscription system that offers some advantages such as more radio options, the possibility to see recent visitors, test beta versions of the site and not have advertisements.

    Do not think that the platform is just a radio, it offers a list of free songs. Just scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “Free Music Downloads”.

    12. ReverbNation (Web/Android/iOS)

    ReverNation is a music marketing platform created in 2006 that offers the opportunity for musicians to manage their careers.

    It currently has more than 3,8 million musicians in its database and provides distribution tools, various services and the search for new opportunities.

    It's a great way to keep artists connected with your audience, as in addition to the streaming and download service, you can also demonstrate various ways of supporting them.

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    13. BandCamp (Web/Android/iOS)

    BandCamp is an online platform launched in 2008 by the company of the same name, and like ReverNation it is also aimed at artists. Similar to a social network, it allows musicians to insert their content to promote and sell music, and even receive donations from fans.

    In addition, some groups use a feature where the listener himself decides how much he wants to pay. Thinking about preserving the copyright and preventing unauthorized downloading of your music, the platform offers the complete transmission of the music for free.

    14. Jamendo Music (Web/Android/iOS)

    Considered by some to be the biggest repository of free music on the internet, Jamendo has an interface similar to iTunes, a detail that can be considered attractive to users already familiar with Apple's audio player.

    The platform is primarily focused on independent artists and has more than 500 tracks from more than 40 artists in its collection. It is a huge library of various national and international musical genres.

    15. iTunes (Web/iOS)

    iTunes is an audio player developed by Apple that allows you to purchase digital content directly from the application.

    The platform is recognized for its intuitive interface and very practical functions such as Smart Playlist, allowing the user to organize their music precisely. In addition, you can upload music and videos to Apple mobile devices like iPods and iPhones.

    The iTunes application is free and already installed on Apple products, and is available for Windows in the latest versions. The user can pay for content, but also has a subscription service that can be tried for 3 months for free.

    16. SoundCloud (Web/Android/iOS)

    It is an online platform created in Berlin so that music professionals from all over the world can make their albums and tracks available in an environment accessible from any device with internet access.

    Its interface allows you to follow and support your favorite artists, filter the user's musical taste through tags and have access to podcasts. They also give you access to free music made available by the artists, just create a free account through the SoundCloud website.

    17. SoundClick (Web/Android)

    SoundClick is similar to SoundCloud, but its interface has a greater focus on music genres. Among its features, it is worth mentioning the list of trending artists and playlists created by the community.

    The service is free to listen to music and download tracks made available by the artists, but it has some paid options.

    18. Free Music Archive (Web/Android/iOS)

    It is one of the most traditional sites to download free music online. In them, you can find a wide variety of musicians of different musical genres without the need to make any kind of registration.

    Its library is hosted by WFMU, an American radio station, and the content is completely free.

    19. Open Music Archive (Web)

    The Open Music Archive is a collaborative project created by artists Eileen Simpson and Ben White to distribute royalty-free music files.

    It is quite similar to Free Music Archive, but with a less intuitive interface. That's not a problem: just type the name of the artist's song in the search bar.

    20. Incompetech (Web)

    Incompetech is a large free music library focused on instrumental work. The user will be able to access categories such as cinematographic music, comedy, adventure, horror, western, suspense and among others.

    It's great for anyone looking for music tracks to add to their YouTube and social media videos at no cost.

    Choose your service to download music online

    Ufa! After this list, there is a huge range of online music download platforms on the market.

    Some focused on a specific audience, others aimed at a wider audience to meet the need of all music lovers regardless of genre or nationality.

    Did you like our list? Which ones did you already know and use in your daily life? For those undecided, it's worth testing them all to know which one suits you best according to your style and what you want to consume.

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