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    Don't be afraid to change: Do you suffer from “Gabriela's Syndrome”?

    Don't be afraid to change: Do you suffer from “Gabriela's Syndrome”?Don't be afraid to change: Do you suffer from “Gabriela's Syndrome”?

    by Camila Porto | Nov 9, 2022 | Entrepreneurship |

    Have you ever heard of “Gabriela syndrome?” If you are a person who has afraid to change, you may be suffering from this syndrome.

    People who have “Gabriela's syndrome” are those who, whenever you propose a change, they respond by singing:

    ♪ “I was born this way, I grew up this way, and that's how I am, I'll always be this way… Gabriela” ♪

    I prefer to keep my distance from people with this energy and I will explain why.

    On the fear of change: After all, what is the “Gabriela syndrome”?

    The people who suffer from this syndrome are the ones you seek advice in some way. When you say: “you should work less” or “you could take care of yourself more”, they answer you: I was born this way, I grew up this way and I will never change.

    This type of person believes in that saying that “a dick that is born crooked, never straightens”. This is a danger for you and for anyone who suffers from this syndrome.

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    I believe that you who are reading this post do not suffer from this problem, but you certainly know someone who does.

    Why don't I like people who suffer from Gabriela's syndrome?

    Because I used to be like that, and that's something that interfered with my relationships and my results at work. In fact, there is nothing that cannot be changed.

    When you assume that this is how it is, you were born this way and you will die this way, you are reproducing a speech to keep comfort zone.

    When you are not open to change and to try new things, you end up missing out on great opportunities, such as meeting new people or having different results in your work.

    What I can say to you is:

    Beware of “Gabriela syndrome”. You were not born this way, you will not die this way or always be this way: you will only be this way if you want to.

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    In addition to getting rid of “Gabriela's syndrome”, you also need to learn to take out the trash. Or rather: getting rid of people, things and habits that don't add to your life.

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