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    Facebook Bold: How to Highlight Words with Bold and Italics

    Facebook Bold: How to Highlight Words with Bold and Italics

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Jul 5, 2022 | Facebook | 32

    You know when you prepare content to publish on the page, but you want to highlight only one term in your message, like putting black not facebook? Having the opportunity to highlight words in Facebook posts, making those terms bold, italicized, underlined, or even with a different character, would give your post a tchan. Is not it?

    In addition to drawing attention to your post, highlighted terms can make the content easier to understand. That's because, the feature allows you to highlight the most important keywords or terms.

    Facebook Bold: How to write with bold text?

    By default, this is not possible on Facebook. There's no way you can pretend that the field to type a message on Facebook works like it does in Word. It is not possible to select a phrase and click on a button to make that phrase bold or with other formatting, as it is not a native function of the social network. Unfortunately 🙁

    However, there is an alternative for this to happen. And we're going to show you how you can make Facebook bold and other formats like italic, underline and more by changing their formatting.

    Learn more: Fonts for Instagram: the best apps from different fonts

    Important: this ability to see featured terms on Facebook only works for posts viewed by the computer browser and on iPhone devices. When viewing through Android on mobile, your formatting may not appear.

    Although the formatting will not appear for Android mobile users, they will be able to view your post in the original Facebook formatting.

    Negrito no Facebook: Unicode Text Converter

    As we said earlier, there is no way to do this directly through Facebook. But you can use, as an alternative, a very simple website that helps in this task. The way is to format the text using an external platform and already insert it (crtl C + crtl V) formatted in the Facebook publishing tool.

    On site Unicode Text Converter, you write and convert your text to a new format, changing the font and even managing to make the sentence bold. Just copy this text with the new formatting and paste it into your Facebook post.

    How to make bold post on Facebook?

    Step 1. Open the Unicode Text Converter website. That's where the magic happens;

    Step 2. In the text bar, type the desired text that will go to your post;

    Step 3. After entering the text, click the SHOW button.

    Step 4. A new screen will load, showing the text you entered earlier. Just below, the available formatting possibilities appeared;

    Step 5. With the mouse cursor, select the formatting that you like the most;

    Step 6. Press CTRL+C to copy the formatted text;

    Step 7. Open your Facebook profile and start your publication. Paste the copied phrase into the typing field. After completing your text, click on publish;

    Step 8. Your text will appear to other users as per your choice.

    That simple!

    Now you know how to format text for Facebook, with bold, italics or different fonts. Use creativity and type your text differently.

    How to write in bold on mobile?

    If you want to use bold on Facebook or other social networks, know that there are apps that allow you to type in bold on your cell phone. With them, you can change the font of your Facebook posts and use bold, italic and various other formats in the unicode standard.

    Fonts – for Instagram Pr‪o‬ (para iOS) 

    If you use iPhone and want to write bold on Facebook, the Fonts app will help you. With it, just write, copy and paste the modified text and use it in your posts.

    Cool Fonts (para Android e iOS)

    If you use Android and want to make your Facebook post bold, an app that will help you is Cool Fonts. It works the same way as Fonts, with various text formats for you to bold, strike, underline and other unicode-style fonts.

    Conclusion: How to make Facebook post bold?

    Highlighted texts attract more attention from your audience and with that, tend to generate more engagement. Any way to reach your audience, as long as they are within Facebook's policies, are valid and can help your results.

    In addition to highlighting the source of the texts, you can add the resources available through the social network itself. For example, placing a sentiment/activity or adding a location to your post. These features also tend to grab the audience's attention as they scroll through the page.

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