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    Does Free Annuity Credit Card Forever Exist? Check everything here

    Does Free Annuity Credit Card Forever Exist? Check everything here

    by Equipe AllYourVideogames | Aug 14, 2022 | Shopping | 0

    It's time to meet free annuity credit card forever. Here, we will present several options on the market, highlighting the main benefits of each one and how they can help the consumer. Some alternatives even offer online credit cards approved on the spot. 

    Gone are the days when the credit card was considered the villain of financial planning. When used efficiently, it can bring practicality, safety, benefits and even savings. Follow the best alternatives on the market here. 

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    What is the best free annuity forever credit card? 

    From now on, we are going to develop a complete list of the best no-annuity credit cards. Know the characteristics of each one and choose the best alternative for your pocket. 


    Does Free Annuity Credit Card Forever Exist? Check everything here

    Let's start our free annuity credit card forever list by talking about Digio. In addition to the fee exemption, you can make emergency withdrawals on the 24-hour network, national and international withdrawals and purchases at Digio store with special offers. 

    The customer does not have to worry about hidden fees, as it does not contain monthly fees, revolving interest and card reissue fee. Digio is accepted in more than 24 million stores, not only in our country, but also abroad. 

    To become a Digio card customer, you must be Brazilian, be over 18 years of age, have no irregularities at the Federal Revenue Service and have a clean name. The step-by-step process for applying for a credit card is very simple. 

    Initially, you need to download the app on your mobile device. Then we recommend filling in a proposal with your personal data. Now, it is important to wait for the bank's assessment, which is usually done within 15 calendar days. Still in this step, you will receive the activation code by email, which must be activated by the application itself.  

    The next step is the credit assessment. You must send your documents and proof of residency. The period for analyzing the material is seven days. This moment is important to ensure that there are no scams with your name. Once the proposal is approved, Digio forwards the credit card to your home within 10 days. Then, just unlock the card through the app. 

    Credicard Zero Platinum Mastercard

    This is yet another free annuity forever credit card that can't be missed on our list. It contains all the benefits of Visa Platinum. One of the main advantages is that the consumer does not have to wait for the physical version of the card to arrive at his residence to purchase a product or service. Just access the Credicard On application and request a virtual card for internet purchases. 

    Credicard Zero Platinum Mastercard allows the customer to choose the format that best suits their profile. However, to choose a different design, it is necessary to make a payment of R$20,00 on the first invoice. 

    Another positive point is that the credit card, which is sent to the consumer's residence, does not have a printed number. This is very important, as it ensures more security in your routine. 

    The Credicard account with Pix helps the customer to make transfers and receipts immediately, without having to pay any fees for these services. To top it off, you still have the technology approached, paid for. In it, the customer does not need to enter the password on the credit card machine to complete the purchase, bringing more agility to their daily lives. 

    To apply for the credit card, you must fill in the proposal that is released on the company's official website. After this process, wait for the profile analysis that is carried out by the company. If no problems are found with the registration, the card is sent to the customer's home within 20 days. 

    Mastercard Pan Zero Annuity Card

    This is another option for those customers who are looking for savings in their routine. However, the card contains low quality cashback programs and its flag is the most basic of the Mastercard network, preventing the customer from having access to other advantages. 

    However, for consumers who want to save money with purchases on the internet, the Pan Offers Club contains great discounts in establishments that are references in our country, such as: Netshoes; Renner; Kanui; Bahia Houses; Americans and Petz. 

    To apply for a credit card, you need to be a Banco PAN account holder, only meet the minimum income requirements and be over 18 years old.  

    Bmg Digital Mastercard Card

    In our list of free annuity forever credit card, the BMG Digital Mastercard card is a great alternative for those who cannot get approved in other options available on the market, since it does not undergo analysis with bodies such as SPC and Serasa. This process is done internally by the financial institution. 

    In addition to increasing your purchasing power, the card also features the Volta Pra Mim cashback program, allows you to make unlimited transfers to your online account, offers a virtual card and free and unlimited withdrawals on the Banco 24 Horas network.

    Original International Card

    There is no shortage of credit card options for Banco Original customers. In total, the consumer has access to four alternatives, however, only the International Original does not contain an annuity fee. Original card cashback is deducted directly from the invoice according to the amount spent per month. 

    The cashback amounts are: 0,15% cashback for expenses up to R$1.499,99 and 0,30% cashback for customers who consume over R$1.500,00. In practice, the greater the consumption, the more cashback will be accumulated and converted into credit on the invoice. 

    Another interesting advantage, which is made available to the consumer, is the discount platform, known as Meu Original. There, you have access to several fashion and apparel, marketplaces, electronics and education pages.

    Méliuz Mastercard Credit Card

    The next free annuity forever credit card was developed through a partnership with Banco PAN. The main advantage of the Méliuz card is the progressive cashback allocated according to the amount of the customer's invoice. That is: you can acquire more cashback as you use the card. Find below the percentages of the Méliuz cashback card. 

    • Expenses from BRL 750,00: 1% cashback on purchases made on the internet at partner establishments; 
    • Expenses from BRL 750,00 and up to BRL 1500: 0,5% on purchases made on the internet with the card + 1% extra on internet purchases at partner establishments; 
    • Expenses over BRL 1500,00: 0,8% on any purchase made with the card + 1% extra on internet purchases through partner establishments. 

    It is never too much to remember that all purchases made with Méliuz partners help consumers to accumulate cashback, which can have a greater amount according to their monthly consumption. To be entitled to withdraw the money, you need to accumulate R$ 20,00 in the account. 

    C6 Bank Mastercard Card

    The digital account card, which does not charge an annual fee from the consumer, is the most basic of the bank. Only account holders of the financial institution can apply for the card, however, the customer can make withdrawals and transfers without limits, fees or maintenance fees.  

    The C6 Bank Mastercard card allows the customer to participate in a discount platform at partner establishments that is available to all users. You just have to choose the partner store and make the purchase in the app itself, without having to leave your home. 

    On the card, you can also participate in the Atoms rewards program. It works like this: each real spent is counted 0,05 point and, by paying a monthly fee for the program, the customer can reach up to 0,28 point per real. Unlike other alternatives available on the market, points do not expire and can be exchanged at the C6 Store for various products of your choice. 

    Itaucard Click Visa Platinum

    This Itaú credit card offers several benefits to the consumer, such as: international emergency medical insurance, travel assistance services, original extended warranty, among others. 

    Inter Mastercard Gold Card

    Known for being the first digital financial institution in the country, Banco Inter stands out for offering a credit card with no annual fee. In addition to the fee exemption, the customer has one of the lowest interest rates available on the market and can also participate in a cashback program where the money is directly accounted for in the expenses of the invoice.   

    Another interesting benefit is the SuperApp. In it, the customer can purchase products with cashback in the financial institution's own application. It is essential to make it clear that the percentages of money can vary according to the establishment, which can reach values ​​above 3%. 

    Here, you can have a credit limit on the spot. Just make an investment in CBD. Your application is automatically converted into a limit for your customer card. The user can use this amount as a limit at any time, until he chooses to redeem the money. 

    Nubank Mastercard Card

    Anyone looking for a free annuity forever credit card cannot fail to evaluate the benefits of the Nubank Mastercard Card. Undoubtedly, it is one of our customers' favorites. Some people believe that it is the best credit card 2022.

    The annual fee waiver is not the only benefit granted to users. The digital account, for example, offers several services in a practical way and at no cost. 

    The card customer can also participate in a points program, “Nubank Rewards”. However, to use it, it is necessary to pay a monthly fee of R$ 19,00. When the user joins the program, he can accumulate one point per real and they do not expire. However, as announced by the company, to redeem great benefits, consumers need to consume at least R$ 1.400,00 per month.  

    There are also other benefits of the Nubank card that are worth mentioning, including: discount on early payment of the invoice, limit changes and expense management; virtual card purchases and payment by approximation. 

    Next Card

    Banco Next is a great alternative for customers looking for economic cards, digital and low-cost services for their routine. The institution, which belongs to Bradesco, offers a no annual fee and an international option. 

    To hire the Next card, the customer needs to open a digital account that also does not incur costs for the user. It also contains several advantages for the consumer, such as: unlimited withdrawals, transfers and issuance of extracts.

    When we talk about savings, the Next Visa international card is one of the darlings among customers. In the benefits program called “Mimos”, consumers can take advantage of discounts at partner establishments that are part of several categories. Among the most common are: food, education, entertainment, games, transport, among others.

    When purchasing products on partner sites, the customer still gets cashback, which is immediately credited to their digital account. To give you an idea, there are almost 160 credential stores in categories that help solve the problems of different types of users. 

    Despite having characteristics very similar to other alternatives that were mentioned in this article, Next does not have some features in its digital account that deserve to be highlighted, such as: deposit by boleto and PJ and MEI accounts.

    Is it worth applying for a free annuity forever credit card? 

    Hiring a free annuity forever credit card is a great strategy to save on your monthly bills, however, you should look at your customer profile to find out if it really is a good alternative. 

    For customers who have lower credit card consumption, the no-annual-fee credit card is a good option to manage expenses and help you have a more peaceful financial life. 

    Young people who are starting to plan their financial life with their first job or college students can apply for a credit card without an annual fee, as the requirements to be entitled to this benefit are lower. 

    However, if you are in the habit of consuming from R$ 2.000 a month on your credit card, the best alternative would be to hire a card that accumulates miles or offers points for every dollar spent. 

    Regardless of your profile, the best thing to do is to analyze your behavior as a consumer and hire the alternative that best meets your needs. Every user has different desires and what is suitable for one person may not be enough for another. 

    Once you have access to a complete list of free annuity credit card forever, learn how to apply for the PicPay card. Another interesting alternative for customers who value practicality and great benefits. 

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