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    Direct carrier: how to track your order?

    Direct carrier: how to track your order?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Feb 20, 2022 | Shopping |

    As soon as something is purchased and approved in an e-commerce, the process of waiting for the product to be shipped and the delivery of the tracking code begins. For those who usually use virtual stores, you know very well how these steps work. A delivery company that has a partnership with huge e-commerces is Direct Carrier.

    Even with the popularization of virtual stores, many people still do not have the security to buy products over the internet. With this, one of the ways to bring more security to this type of consumer is to make it clear that it is possible to track the path that the item takes, from e-commerce to the carrier and from the carrier to the address of the recipient.

    And it is precisely on this issue of safety that Transportadora Direct stands out, as it is one of the most well-known and recognized transport companies in our country.

    Direct Carrier

    Transportadora Direct is a company specialized in logistics, transport and which has as partners gigantic e-commerces that are present in our country.

    She delivers items from the following online stores:

    • American stores;
    • Shoptime;
    • Submarine;
    • I'm Cheap.

    Transportadora Direct explains that the company's work methodology is systematized in conjunction with the aforementioned e-commerces.

    With this, the entire product delivery process goes through the following steps:

    • Collect;
    • Receivement;
    • Conference;
    • Separation;
    • Expedition;
    • Transport;
    • Reservation.

    Direct carrier: how to track your order?

    Orders sent by Carrier Direct can be tracked through the company's website. But for this to happen, the consumer must have access to the remittance code.

    In this way, it is possible to check the current status of your order, as will be shown a little later in this post.

    It is also worth noting that one of the advantages of Transportadora Direct is working with the proof of delivery system verified to the consumer when he receives the shipment. This means that, at the time of delivery, the customer needs to sign a mobile device of the delivery person.

    This device shows, in addition to the full name of the recipient, the degree of kinship, such as the ID number. The date and time that the item arrived at the final location is still recorded. It is also worth mentioning that this document can be accessed by the customer at any time in the Direct system, with the possibility of downloading it, if desired.

    Direct Carrier website for tracking

    To be able to follow the entire transport trajectory of the product, it is only necessary to have an internet connection, since the tracking takes place from the official website of Transportadora Direct.

    In addition to being able to check where your order is, the customer still has control of knowing the route in case it is lost.

    Direct tracking – How to track your product

    The tracking code is normally sent by the virtual store that sold the product to the email registered at the time of purchase. With that in mind and already with the tracking number, follow the tutorial below:

    Step 1: Access the Carrier Direct Log website;

    Step 2: Once you enter the homepage, in the upper right corner, you will see the option 'Track your Order', click on it.

    Step 3: A pop-up window will open. In it, you will see the message 'Track your order now'. Then you can track your product by: shipping number, pickup order or tracking number /AWB. Choose the alternative you want and then click on “Consult”.

    Step 4: Done! A new page will open for you to follow all the information on the trajectory of your shipment.

    It is also worth mentioning that keeping an eye on the trajectory of your order opens the possibility for you to organize yourself in a better way to receive your order. Thus, among the data that it is possible to verify, it will be shown when you will receive your product.

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    If you face any problems with the transport of your order, you can contact the Carrier Direct support telephone number at the following number: SAC: (11) 4003-2034.

    It is important that you have the order code and the invoice at hand. Opening hours are from 09 am to 17 pm, Monday to Friday, excluding holidays.


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