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    Digital Affiliate: 10 steps to get started without mistakes

    Digital Affiliate: 10 steps to get started without mistakes

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Jan 4, 2022 | Entrepreneurship | 1 comment

    Nowadays there are several ways to make money through the internet, whether on websites, with disclosures, on social networks, etc. And in this segment of the web is the digital affiliate, a profession that has been gaining its space, and the person can follow this path just to earn extra income or even make it the main one of the month.

    Therefore, anyone can be a digital affiliate, but right away it is important to warn that to be a good professional in this area takes time, study and a lot of effort. Be careful not to fall into the “make a lot of money easily and quickly using the internet” talk.

    What is a Digital Affiliate?

    In a simple and direct way, the digital affiliate can be defined as a professional commissioned by the seller. This means that they are in charge of growing the online sales of a specific product. In short, the digital affiliate is a reseller.

    In a practical way, it works as follows: a person, company, startup launches its service or product on the internet and to contribute to the dissemination and leverage sales uses the work of affiliates. Therefore, these professionals need to publicize the demands on the internet and sell.

    So, in general, when a person makes a purchase by accessing the affiliate's disclosure link, this professional will already receive a commission for the sale made. Thus, he will earn a commission for marketing or customer conversion.

    Characteristics of the digital affiliate

    There are some modalities and types of affiliates and, because of that, you need to select the one that best suits your seller profile. Therefore, to integrate any affiliate program you must have the following requirements:

    • have an email
    • have an identity document
    • Be at least eighteen years old.
    • Create an account on an affiliate tool.

    Remembering that there is no need to have a website or blog. However, keep in mind that using these tools can help you with your marketing strategy, especially if the page has its own domain.

    This is because the disclosures of your ads are more credible and you will have more tools to contribute to your strategies. You can also use the services to create a more elaborate presentation of the items you sell and, consequently, yield better financial and advertising results.

    Keep in mind that blogs and websites make it possible to captivate your audience in a more organic way, that means, without specific investments. Thus, creating quality content, using good tools and relying on content marketing plans, all of this contributes to attracting new customers. Remembering that this can also be used in conjunction with social media.

    In a situation where a social network account with commercial aspects is created, it is possible to use tools to forward the sale. Therefore, it is allowed to share your digital products or services and place a link to your affiliate platform so that the sale is made at the time and place the user wants to buy, without bureaucracy, making the whole process as easy as possible.

    So programs usually have a tool to track sales and commissions. In addition, affiliate platforms may adopt a bonus mechanism based on the amount of ad clicks.

    It can also be a good way to work as a MEI person. With this, the professional can have his own business, which frees up the possibility of having a CNPJ.

    With this, you don't have to worry about bureaucratic issues when joining a program, there are not many requirements to start selling your products on an affiliate platform.

    How much can you earn with the affiliate program?

    Undoubtedly, the financial issue is the central part of any digital affiliate program. So, first, keep in mind that all possible achievements only depend on your efforts, because sales are proportionally linked to the effectiveness of your adopted plan and commercial performance.

    With this, there is no limit to receive commissions. Earned values ​​are proportional to the number of sales or referrals made. In addition, there are also no holds on your sales amount, unless there are limited numbers of items sold.

    In this way, the person responsible for the sales platform establishes the value of the digital affiliate's commission on each item sold. Because of this, it is difficult to say a specific number of how much a person can earn in the month, there are many variables to take into account, but there are cases that the affiliate receives R$ 0,30 to more than R$ 100 for each sale made.

    So, you need to be aware of the commission value of each item sold. You need to do an analysis to decide which services or products are more targeted to your reseller profile, in which they provide the best chances with the consumer you seek to reach and are easier to manage.

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    Ten Steps to Getting Started Without Mistakes

    If you are thinking of starting a business as a digital affiliate, here are some tips to get your journey off to a good start.

    1. Research which affiliate programs best fit your reseller profile.
    2. Select the platform that offers the most remuneration conditions for your marketing strategy.
    3. Establish the means of dissemination, for example, social networks, websites, blogs, WhatsApp and Telegram groups.
    4. Select which products will be marketed.
    5. Build your marketing strategy around your strengths.
    6. Research and understand the financial methods used on the platform to make your withdrawals.
    7. Research and prioritize your hottest products on the market, as long as it doesn't conflict with your reseller profile.
    8. Make a sequence of content and ideas to convert into sales, in addition to verifying the need to pay for advertising to boost your items.
    9. Regularly check the item catalog to vary your offer, without having to stray from your segment.
    10. Monitor the results of your decisions using statistical data and analysis that show what was good or bad.

    Keep in mind that there are some actions that are not accepted within the affiliate market, for example, the proliferation of SPAM messages, the dissemination of unrealistic promises and the wrong use of the platform. If this happens, the user may be blocked from the affiliate program.

    Tips to improve your performance as a digital affiliate

    To help you improve your sales performance, there are a few recommendations that can boost your sales. And don't worry, the tips are more linked to attitudes than the platform you use, that is, the change comes from your skills, as you can see below.

    Understand the positive aspects and points of the items you sell and convey this clearly to the customer. With that, always keep in mind as much information as possible.

    Don't limit yourself to just one medium to make disclosures. The importance of social networks, websites and blogs for your business has already been mentioned, in this excerpt, it is more to reinforce the information. In addition, it is also worth mentioning that you can use various types of media, such as texts, photos and videos, so you can get broader sales results.

    Regardless of the situation, do not resort to untruths, sensationalism or anything of that kind to sell your products, always be committed to the truth with your consumer, so you will have credibility in your name, in addition to avoiding possible (and probable) complaints.

    Create a relationship network with your customers, always listening to what consumers have to say, including the suggestions they make.

    The potential customer will only enter your ad if they are captivated, so make attractive offers and use flashy media, but remember, no appeal.

    Be aware of the environment in which you are promoting your products. For example, you sell mobile data plans for cell phones, you should not advertise this in a pet food group, that is, only advertise your product in places where potential customers may appear.

    Don't devote all your attention to the price of the products or services you sell. Many people make the mistake of thinking that a more expensive product will yield higher commission values ​​and end up not realizing the product segment.

    Trying to sell an item that is worth more than $1000 can be a daunting task. However, you will need to make fewer sales to reach your monthly goal. On the other hand, cheaper items will sell faster, but will require a higher number of sales.

    Select an item that is popular with consumers. There are platforms that indicate the products and services that are most popular at the moment. That way, with a well-established niche, you can create good strategies to sell more.

    Segments for or digital affiliate

    It is already a reality to work as a digital affiliate, but everything indicates that this profession still has very good potential, because the opportunities for segments within this area are very wide. Still, there are some segments that are in more evidence, as you can see below.

    Digital marketing

    Digital marketing services have a large target audience and several companies and entrepreneurs offer opportunities with the affiliation program. What contributes to the development of this area is that services can be carried out remotely, without impacting the quality of the item offered or the interaction with customers.

    Financial sector

    The financial sector increasingly expands the opportunity for people who make investments, and even beginners can already have a good direction. In addition, this is a niche that also enables professionals who are already working in the area of ​​promoting products and services within this market.

    Coaching profissional

    This segment goes more into the service area, where courses, digital books, mentorships and training can be sold. With this, the marketing of professional coaching products works in the field of referral marketing.

    educational area

    The digital affiliate that works in this area provides guidelines on the characteristics that are fundamental when deciding which course the client fits. Therefore, in general, the digital affiliate who is in the education area is paid with commissions for each enrollment completed.

    Platforms for affiliate programs

    The market offers many affiliate platforms, each with its strengths and weaknesses, niches and rules. With that, it's up to you to see which program best fits your salesperson profile and best meets your demands.

    So, check out some examples of platforms to join:

    • Hotmart
    • Lomadee
    • UOL Affiliates
    • Amazon Associates
    • Monetize
    • eduzz

    Digital Affiliate: 10 steps to get started without mistakes

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    Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a Digital Affiliate

    In fact, the digital affiliate has several opportunities, having a wide range of areas to work, but nothing is guaranteed, and this profession also has certain points that you need to be aware of.

    In this scenario, it is important to understand the main positives and negatives that the digital affiliate will come across.


    As an initial highlight of this topic, it is important to emphasize the chance to work whenever and wherever you want, in addition to not having to make large investments when you are starting out, as will be detailed. That said, check out some advantages of being a digital affiliate.

    Freedom to assemble your own strategies

    It is up to the affiliate to define their own sales plans, select the means of dissemination and establish the time they will use the chosen action. In this type of business, there is no boss to demand performance or tell you how you have to work, as long as you respect the rules mentioned above. In short, you are your own boss.

    Little or no initial investment.

    To get started in the digital affiliate area, it is not necessary to make an investment. The most natural thing is to just register for an affiliation program and earn the items that will be sold.

    But it is worth saying that, if you want, you can invest in the creation of blogs and websites, in addition to boosting ads on social networks. However, it is important to note that there are tools that offer possibilities to have a website for free.

    work flexibility

    As the work is at home office, the digital sharp has a lot of flexibility, which can be considered a great advantage. This benefit is especially evident in cases where the person works to earn extra income, since they don't need to pressure themselves so much and can only make their sales at opportune times.

    Work can start immediately

    As soon as you register for an affiliate program and your account is up and running, you can start reselling. However, the best thing is that you create all your planning to actually start marketing.

    No limits to increase your income

    The money received through the digital affiliate is directly linked to its sales production, with this, there is the alternative of working fully in this profession, which opens the possibility of differentiating the niches that it operates and having the entirety of its monthly income coming for that job.

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    On the other hand, there is the alternative of using the affiliation tool to receive extra income, thus dedicating more to your main work.

    Just focus on your sales

    The affiliate can dedicate himself exclusively to selling, which means that the platform takes care of the logistics when there is a need to ship the physical products. This is a tremendous advantage, so it is possible to focus only on marketing.

    And remembering that the payment is made automatically, and the digital affiliate earns the commission for each sale made.

    Negative points

    It is possible to earn considerable financial values ​​working as a digital affiliate, but not everything is perfect, there are some negative points that need to be weighed before dedicating your efforts to this type of work. So, see the main challenges you will find in the market.

    Great competition

    With the increase in people joining this niche of work, consequently, the number of competition rises. So, in this situation, the digital affiliate needs to be constantly evolving, keep an eye on the market to know what's grooving, but don't forget, competitors also have the same ambition.

    Conquered customers are not necessarily affiliates

    The affiliate is a reseller, so the entire relationship network belongs to the company or person in which it provides services. So, customers can no longer look for affiliates if they need to, and go talk to the company directly, thus ending the affiliate-customer communication.

    In this way, if you leave the platform and migrate to another or even enter a different type of work, all the contacts you have obtained over time working as an affiliate can stay in the company's hands, and if you need to, you may not have access to this data.

    In short, the affiliate does not have its own customers. But, on the other hand, this can be considered a good way. This is because the professional does not have to worry about all the relationship demands, after-sales assistance, save data or listen to complaints.

    Do not count the program as a fixed income

    It is important that you do not make commitments already thinking about a premeditated income from working as a digital affiliate. It is necessary to keep this in mind because the remuneration is very variable, which makes it difficult to set long-term financial goals.

    For example, let's say that in one month you did very well, sold a huge amount, got great commissions. The following month didn't do as well as the previous one, but he still made a good income. With that, he bought a product that he considers expensive to pay for in the long run. If the month you are selling is bad, you can end up having trouble paying off your debts.

    Winning customers is not easy

    As much as you make a beautiful plan, it seems that everything will go well, at the time of practice some unexpected situations can happen. It's even understandable that you don't get exactly what you expected in the first few months of work, and it's precisely in this situation that many people give up.

    In this way, those who work as a digital affiliate need to understand that the financial increase requires time, patience and insistence, in addition to strategies. All these characteristics need to go together to win the customer, which is not an easy task.

    beware of promises

    The affiliate program is a great opportunity, but this work is not miraculous, so beware of exaggerated promises. To have a good income you need a lot of work.

    In WhatsApp groups and, especially, Facebook, many people make ads that just enter an affiliate platform and, in a short time, it is possible to earn a lot of money with the program. There is no such thing as a big financial sum right away.

    Just like any other job, it takes time to understand the best affiliate programs and strategies to win customers, thus generating good financial returns.

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    And if you don't have the capital to invest or don't want to spend on the program, the organic customer path takes much longer to achieve.

    Therefore, it is necessary to keep in mind all the aspects pointed out throughout the content, which will allow you to have a direction in your studies. In addition, you can seek to delve into matters with sales strategies, whether by video, support team, among others.

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