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    Cryptocurrency exchange: the 10 best to invest

    Cryptocurrency exchange: the 10 best to investCryptocurrency exchange: the 10 best to invest

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Jan 20, 2022 | Brokers | 0

    What is a cryptocurrency broker? Which are the best to invest? All this you will see in this article.

    In 2008 when Bitcoin was created, a new opportunity for investing in digital assets emerged, which over the years gave life to the billion-dollar cryptocurrency industry.

    Products, business models and companies were created around Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that were born after it. And among all that was born in this universe, there are cryptocurrency brokers, also called exchanges.

    In our country, in 2022 alone, there was a 938% growth in investments in cryptocurrencies according to a survey carried out by Hashdex, which is the largest cryptocurrency manager in our country.

    With this growth, cryptocurrency brokers have gained even more evidence in the market and have become an important part of this operation, as they facilitate the process of buying and selling digital currencies.

    What is a cryptocurrency exchange or exchange?

    A cryptocurrency brokerage, or exchange, is a company with a digital platform whose objective is to facilitate the acquisition of cryptocurrencies, acting as an intermediary between sellers and buyers.

    Through the broker's digital platform, it is possible to buy various cryptocurrencies in an easy, fast and safe way (if you choose serious brokers).

    How do they work?

    Cryptocurrency brokers offer several digital currencies and it is up to the brokerage itself to select which ones it will offer.

    It may be that on one exchange you find a cryptocurrency and on another you don't, and this is normal.

    To make the purchase of cryptocurrencies, you will need to create your account in the correct one you want, transfer the money there, select the desired cryptocurrencies and make the purchase.

    After making the purchase, in a few minutes, the purchased cryptocurrencies will be available in your account.

    It is important to remember that each cryptocurrency exchange trades digital currencies at a value, varying according to the law of supply and demand. But the values, in general, maintain an average difference that varies between 1% and 3%.

    One of the advantages of buying cryptocurrencies on an exchange is that they are open 24/7, which increases your chances of getting good opportunities to buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

    How to choose a cryptocurrency exchange?

    Choosing a cryptocurrency exchange is a very personal thing. But there are some factors that must be considered so that you can make a good choice. Here are some of those factors:

    • Background: Look for the basic information of the company behind the brokerage (CNPJ, address, telephone, partners);

    • Reputation: See on complaint sites, social networks and news sites what people are saying about the broker;

    • Fees: Check fees charged for transactions for withdrawals, deposits, cryptocurrency transfers and limits;

    Now that you know what a cryptocurrency exchange is, how they work and how to choose one, it’s time to get to know some of the best cryptocurrency exchanges to get you started investing.

    Top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges to invest in


    One of the most used exchanges on the market and considered one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges on the market. In the world, it is the largest exchange by trading volume and the one that offers customers the widest variety of cryptocurrencies.


    Since 2010 in the market, it is an international brokerage but created in our country. Still with a limited cryptocurrency portfolio, it has more than 20 digital currencies available for transaction.


    Another Brazilian cryptocurrency exchange, created in Rio de Janeiro in 2022 and purchased by Argentinian Ripio in 2022.


    Unlike the other cryptocurrency exchanges featured on this list, BitPreço is more of a cryptocurrency marketplace than a broker. It bridges the gap between national and international brokers and their users.

    He is one of the most important names in Latin America, having received several awards for his work.


    Bitso is a cryptocurrency exchange that mainly values ​​security and transparency in operations. In its portfolio, it has more than 30 coins, some of which are the main cryptocurrencies on the market, including some that appear in the lists of top cryptocurrencies for 2022.

    See more benefits you will have when choosing Bitso to carry out your operations:

    • It is regulated and licensed by Gibraltar, one of the territories with the strictest and most advanced cryptocurrency regulations in the world;
    • Cryptocurrencies have insurance – if your coins are stolen, insurance covers it;
    • It has support with easy access and language in Portuguese;
    • The platform is user-friendly and offers tutorials;
    • Accepts deposits in PIX;
    • Deposit and withdrawal fees are low or free;
    • The app is available for IOS and Android;
    • There is no minimum amount to withdraw and deposit reais.


    Coinext is the cryptocurrency exchange awarded in 2022 by the CoinTimes Awards as: best exchange, best UX and best service.

    It has more than 30 cryptocurrencies in its portfolio and has traded more than 6 billion reais in crypto assets.

    A cryptocurrency brokerage that seeks to present differentials to its customers, going beyond the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies.

    In addition to more than 250 cryptocurrencies available in the portfolio, it offers a Visa card that gives up to 8% cashback to users and has a cryptocurrency rewards program.


    Another Brazilian cryptocurrency broker, although its focus is on mediating transactions, has already traded more than 9 billion reais in cryptocurrencies.

    It is considered one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Deloitte Award Winner | SME exam.

    Bitcoin Market

    It is one of the largest exchanges in Latin America, becoming in 2022 the first cryptocurrency unicorn in our country.

    It has more than 100 cryptoassets available to its customers and this list continues to grow.


    Created in Argentina and present in 5 countries (Argentina, our country, Mexico, Uruguay and Spain), it is considered one of the best cryptocurrency brokers in our country, having acquired the Brazilian broker BitcoinTrade.

    Now that you know what a cryptocurrency exchange is, how they work and where to invest some of your money, it’s time to start investing.

    Take advantage of this opportunity as 2022 is being considered by experts as a great year to invest in cryptocurrencies and achieve future profits.

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