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    Free landing page maker: 19 best solutions

    Free landing page maker: 19 best solutions

    por Equipe AllYourVideogames | ago 13, 2022 | Marketing Digital |

    Do you know what the best options are for free landing page maker available on the market? Many may have difficulty finding these tools, especially free ones.

    That's why we've separated the best options for free or affordable landing page builders.

    In case you don't know what a landing page is, let's explain. Literally translated, this can mean “Landing page”, that is, landing pages are the pages on the internet that you want the user to have more access to.

    This page can be a business website, an online store, a blog, etc. 

    However, this scope can make this concept somewhat generic. And for this reason the term “Landing Page” is more used for pages that have great strategic relevance.

    That is, pages where users can perform specific actions and enter their own e-mail address.

    Thus, a good landing page is more related to specific goals, not general ones, being able to convert customers into leads, sell courses and products, etc. Especially for this reason, it's always important to be aware of a free or affordable landing page builder. 

    You've probably come across a page like this on the internet, and they are marked for not having a menu, pop-up and links, for example.

    Usually, they only have an image with a little description and something that stimulates your action.

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    19 free or affordable landing page options

    Now that you know what a landing page is and its concept, you should also understand more about its importance.

    That's why we've separated the best options for a free landing page creator or with the most affordable prices.

    See the list below to see the best option that best fits your needs:

    1. Instapage

    Free landing page maker: 19 best solutions

    Instapage stands out mainly for its page loading speed. In addition, it has an advanced option so you can optimize your landing page, making it one of the best tools on the market for a free or more affordable landing page creator.

    The annual Building plan is priced at $199. The monthly fee goes up to $299. There is also the Converting plan, where you can customize your subscription the way you prefer. So the price can vary a lot.

    This tool contains several features focused on creating conversion pages, as well as offering page analysis, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your online campaigns.

    Among the key features you need to know are:

    • Unlimited number of conversion;
    • Ability to track visitor behavior;
    • Analyze conversions;
    • Integration with other tools;
    • Layout templates and more.

    In addition to all this, Instapage also performs well on mobile devices.

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    2. Wishpond

    One of the best free landing page builder options is also Wishpond. While all plans have a 14-day free trial option, you will have to pay a certain amount after that period.

    The Basic plan costs $49 per month. The Pro plan will cost $99 per month and the Growth plan will cost $199 per month.

    In addition to the landing page option, this tool also provides several marketing-related tools, such as sweepstakes and contests tools, marketing automation, pop-ups and forms.

    Several templates for you to choose and edit to your liking in a simple way are also accessible and you can do everything just by dragging and dropping.

    3. Optmizely

    Optimizely is a landing page tool aimed at the enterprise segment. That is, if you have a small or medium-sized business, this may not end up being the best option.

    The tool does not provide prices online on its website. So, to check the values ​​of the plans, it is necessary to contact the company directly.

    The tool integrates several data analysis solutions. That way you will be more likely to get insights.

    You can also perform A/B tests automatically.

    4. Mailer Lite

    A differentiator of MailerLite is that it offers a plan based on your level of followers and needs. That way, you avoid hiring a more expensive plan with functions you won't even use, for example.

    If sending up to 12 emails per month is enough for you, then the free starter plan for up to 1000 followers is an excellent choice.

    Despite being a mailing-focused tool, it also offers several features such as free landing page creators and editing tools.

    You can add dividers, forms and contact icons to your landing page. And all in a simple way. 

    5. MailChimp

    Free landing page maker: 19 best solutions

    Another great free landing page builder option, MailChimp stands out as a complete marketing tool. It allows the user to create one or more of their own and varied capture pages for different purposes. 

    The landing page tool allows the user to:

    • Domain integration;
    • In-depth view of interaction with tracking;
    • Landing page reports;
    • Integration with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel.

    In addition to website building, MailChimp also enables marketing automation solutions and CRM options.

    You have the option of the free plan, which depending on your goals can meet all your needs, but there are also others.

    The Essentials plan costs $10,90 per month, the Standard plan costs $15,92 per month, and the Premium plan comes in at $312,73 per month.

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    6. Omnisend

    Onmisend is more focused on e-commerce, but it's a great alternative to a free or affordable landing page builder.

    The free plan offers the user up to 15 thousand mail marketing per month. However, there are other paid plans.

    The Standard plan costs $16 per month, the Pro plan goes up to $99 per month, and you even have the Enterprise plan, which you can customize as you wish.

    The specialty of this tool is the capture pages, increasing the lead base. Campaign data is collected automatically and can be shared in real time with your team.

    7. Ontraport

    Another alternative for you looking for a free or affordable landing page builder is Ontraport. The tool offers up to 14 days free for you to check all available functions. After that, you will be able to choose from one of the available plans. 

    We have the Basic plan, which costs $79 per month, the Plus plan, which costs $147 per month, the Pro plan, which costs $297 per month, and the most complete plan is the Enterprise plan, which costs $496 per month.

    The tool stands out for its easy navigation and earnings optimization system.

    Thousands of templates are available for you to choose from, as well as buttons, icons and forms. But in addition to these, you will have several other resources to use when subscribing to the plan.

    8 Wix

    Wix is ​​one of the most popular free landing page builder options.

    In addition, you will also be able to create capture pages. You'll have at your disposal a collection of ready-made capture pages, which allow the user to make edits as he sees fit. 

    If you can use the tool to the fullest, it will be possible to obtain important information about the target audience through reports and also perform A/B tests.

    In the free version, you will get several tools and applications, free Wix domain, free hosting, dedicated support and a collection of icons and images.

    9. Weebly

    Weebly is one of the easiest to use free or affordable landing page builder options. Although it doesn't have ready-made landing page options, it does offer several template options that you can edit and adapt to be used as landing pages.

    This tool also has integration with other marketing platforms, use of forms, customization and several other alternatives. Weebly's free plan lets you get free domain, SEO optimization, lead capture, and chat and email support.

    If you are looking for new features, you can opt for paid plans, they are: Connect plan, which costs U$ 5 per month; the Pro plan worth $12 per month; and the Business plan, which costs $25 per month.

    10. Strikingly

    Free landing page maker: 19 best solutions

    Strikingly is another free landing page builder option that has both free and paid plans. The user is entitled to use the platform for 14 days free of charge, with a trial period available.

    The tool offers a wide variety of templates and designs that can work perfectly for your capture page.

    The free plan offers a domain, 5GB of bandwidth per month, 500MB of storage, the ability to invite collaborators and 24/7 support.

    If you want a personalized email, you need to pay $25 per year. 

    Now, if you are looking for extra features, you can turn to paid plans. They are: Limited plan, which costs US$8 per month; Pro plan, worth $16 per month; and the VIP plan, which costs $49 per month.

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    11. Ucraft

    Ucraft is another free landing page builder tool and it offers three plans for users in addition to the free plan.

    They are: Pro Website plan, which costs $10 per month; the Pro Shop plan, worth $21 per month; and the Unlimited plan, which costs $69 per month.

    What's more, you don't have to pay extra to connect your capture page to the domain. 

    The platform offers several layouts for you to choose the one that best suits your proposal. However in the free version there will be a small ad appearing on the page. 

    12. Webnode

    A better tool for those who don't have a lot of technical knowledge, Webnode ends up being a great choice of free landing page creator.

    Unlike most mentioned above, this ends up being a completely free option, being very suitable for small businesses and self-employed businesses.

    The free version offers hosting features, adjustable SEO setup, and assorted templates. If you want to implement the multilingual version, you will have to pay for a plan. 

    13. Carrd

    Carrd also offers a free plan for users, but you also have the option of carrying out a 7-day free trial, which may end up convincing you to choose the paid version of the tool.

    The paid plan can be worth around $19 a year. 

    This platform, despite being the newest, has also been standing out for offering beautiful and practical templates, which can adapt to all types of screens, thus working on computers, cell phones, tablets, etc.

    When it comes to a free landing page creator, this ends up being one of the best options and it's worth even using the paid version. 

    14. Site123

    If you're a fan of forms in your campaigns, then a perfect free landing page builder for you is Site123. This tool offers simple ways that allow anyone to create landing pages, pages and websites.

    The platform provides limited customization options, but the guarantee that basic functions will be performed successfully. 

    If you choose the free version of the tool, you will have free hosting, subdomain, custom forms and SEO tools at your disposal.

    If you choose the paid version, you can integrate with your online store and connect to your domain. 


    Free landing page maker: 19 best solutions

    Already known in the market due to its marketing automation tools and email tool, Sendinblue is also a great free or affordable landing page builder.

    The platform allows you to create the design the way you want, being able to create one from scratch or change ready-made templates. 

    The entire editing process is based on drag and drop which proves to be quite easy. Also, you can add extra pages and create a lead capture process.

    The platform also offers CRM, allowing the user to directly register the leads received. 

    Plans may vary depending on your followers and needs.

    However, taking into account the minimum values, the plans can be free; Lite worth $25 per month; Premium, being $65 per month; and Corporate, which you need to contact the company to check details. 

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    16. E-Goi

    If you're looking for simplicity in your free landing page builder. So an interesting alternative turns out to be the E-Goi.

    It has the Social One plan and is completely free. In addition to it, you also have the Basic Plan, which costs R$49,99 per month; the Pro plan, in the amount of R$179,99 per month; and the Corporate plan, in the amount of R$1.800 per month.

    In addition to the landing page, you will also have email marketing and other resources that can greatly benefit your company.

    You can also use lead capture tools, through pop-up forms and capture pages. 

    You can edit everything just by dropping and dragging and editing ready-made professional templates. 

    17. RD Station Marketing

    Although RD Station Marketing does not have a free plan, they all offer a free trial period on the tool.

    In addition to containing the main digital marketing resources, it offers more than 120 templates that you can edit in the best way possible for your landing pages. 

    Among the main highlights of the platform, we have customizable domains and subdomains, security certified pages, SEO optimization, native A/B testing, landing page reports, smart forms and much more. 

    18. Launchrock

    If you're looking for quick fixes, a landing page builder that might work is Launchrock.

    It does not have a free plan, but subscription alternatives are $29 per month, $20,75 per month for the annual plan, and $349 for the Lifetime Access plan.

    It provides users with quick editing and creation capabilities, making it perfect for beginner professionals. 

    You can create your page from scratch or choose one of the ready-made templates.

    You will have at your disposal, among the simple resources, SEO tools and data about who visits your page.

    In addition, you will also have access to a modest report on a landing page, being able to evaluate the performance. 

    19. Hello Bar (WordPress)

    Free landing page maker: 19 best solutions

    When it comes to being a free landing page creator, perhaps the best option is Hello Bar, which belongs to WordPress, being a plugin for this other platform. 

    While this tool has paid options, the free version is more than enough for most cases.

    In addition, it has a very intuitive and simple to use platform. 

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