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    Crimson Desert, from the creators of Black Desert, has been delayed indefinitely

    Crimson Desert is the curious new bet of Pearl Abyss, creator of the famous MMORPG Black Desert, but this time the studio wants to go beyond online play and also offer a single-player story. Despite having shown an aesthetic and gameplay style very similar to the MMO, it has a stronger participation of the character and the narrative. In general terms, the project's official website describes it as an open-world action adventure game, within a journey that can also be shared with friends.

    However, it looks like the studio's new venture still needs plenty of time to get ready, and it won't arrive at the end of 2022, being postponed indefinitely. The studio emphasizes that this additional time will be important to make the game richer and deeper, without having to push developers beyond their work limits, ensuring a healthy production environment.

    An important message from the #CrimsonDesert team:

    — Crimson Desert (@CrimsonDesert_) July 29, 2022

    Since the Crimson Desert trailer was revealed last year, the response we've received from the community has been a huge source of encouragement for our team. We would like to thank you for the incredible support and enthusiasm you have shown in our reveal.

    We are currently committed to developing Crimson Desert, which is rapidly evolving with new adventures and exciting experiences. However, we decided that we need to dedicate more time to adding new ideas for an even deeper and more enriching game. Therefore, in order to create the best possible experience while ensuring the health and safety of everyone involved in delivering the game, we have decided to delay the release of Crimson Desert. We will provide an updated schedule in the future.

    Thank you for your continued support. We wish you and your loved ones good health and we will continue to work hard so that we can meet you all soon in Pywel.

    The Crimson Desert Team

    Crimson Desert will feature Macduff as the main character, who is described as the leader of a band of mercenaries, and is struggling with the responsibilities of leadership and the survival of those who trust him. The story takes place in Pywel, and each character in this narrative will have their own origins and stories to tell, with unique characteristics that affect everything from the decisions they make to the equipment they use.

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