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    Christmas messages for WhatsApp: where to find the best ones online

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    Christmas messages for WhatsApp: where to find the best ones online

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Nov 30, 2022 | WhatsApp |

    Looking for a christmas message for whatsapp to share with your friends and family? You've come to the right place! Find out where to find the best Christmas phrases to send to your contacts.

    To make someone's day happier and make Christmas even more magical, nothing better than expressing your affection through words.

    So, check out where to find beautiful messages and some examples for you to send to your family, friends, co-workers and whoever else you want.

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    Christmas Messages for Whatsapp: The Thinker

    Pensador is a site that gathers messages of all kinds, from Merry Christmas messages to funny messages or to reflect on life. These are phrases from great authors and also from unknown authors.

    On this site you will find the perfect message at this time, to send in the family group or to that friend of yours who is not physically close or even to post on status. See some examples:

    “I will honor Christmas in my heart and try to keep it throughout the year.” – Charles Dickens

    “Blessed be the date that unites everyone in a conspiracy of love.” – Hamilton Wright Mabie

    “On Christmas Eve, when you take that very special selfie with the one you love, reserve a space in the photo for the Lord Jesus… The photo will not only be more beautiful, but your joy will be much greater. Merry Christmas!" – Gilberto Cabegi

    “The birth of Jesus must always be remembered as a celebration of peace, love and mutual help. May this season contribute to our personal evolution, teaching us to live in a more harmonious and supportive way, reaching out to those who need it most and perpetuating God's graces for all those who come our way. Merry Christmas and a blessed year!” - Unknown author

    “I wish your Christmas to be bright with joy, illuminated with love, full of harmony and full of peace!” - Unknown author

    “Christmas is not a time or a season, but a state of mind. To cultivate peace and goodwill, to have mercy in abundance, that, yes, is to have the true spirit of Christmas.” – Calvin Coolidge

    “Christmas is all about love. It is the time of year when our hearts are most receptive and harmonious and our hopes are renewed.” - Unknown author

    “Christmas means a spirit of love… a time when the love of God and the love of human beings should prevail above all hatred and bitterness… a time when our thoughts, actions and the spirit of our lives manifest the presence of God. .” - Unknown author

    “Christmas doesn't just happen once a year, on December 25th… It's Christmas every time we open our hearts and let Jesus be reborn within us.” – Deka Rissi

    “Christmas gift suggestions:
    To your enemy, FORGIVENESS.
    For an opponent, TOLERANCE.
    To a friend, your heart.
    For a customer, SERVICE.
    For everything, CHARITY.
    For every child, a good exemple.
    To you, RESPECT.” – Oren Arnold

    Christmas Messages for Whatsapp: World of Messages

    On the Mundo de Mensagem website it is also possible to find several messages with the Christmas spirit, to make December 25th even happier. Check out some messages that are available there and check out others here.

    “Christmas is a time of rebirth; It's time to rekindle the fire of life, to renew dreams and goals for the new year that is already announced.

    It is also a time to celebrate all the achievements and the goals achieved. This is the turning point, it is time to plan an even better year than the one that is saying goodbye.

    It is time to reaffirm partnerships, and look forward with determination and optimism, taking with us all the lessons we have learned.

    We wish you a Merry Christmas and a very prosperous New Year. We hope, for another year, to share great moments and achievements!” - Unknown author

    “This is the most beautiful and important time to give, do good and take care of those in need. Merry Christmas!" - Unknown author

    “Merry Christmas to all my friends in the virtual world! Because no matter what form friendship takes, what counts is the feeling, and you are very special to me.

    So many times we sit in front of our lonely, cold screen to find warmth and company on the other side. Thus, a heart that at times felt sad and desolate returns to smile and to feel hope.

    Virtual friends are sometimes just as important and relevant as face-to-face friends. And above all they are real and help when all else seems to fail.

    So to all of you on the other side of this screen I wish you much love, peace and joy. May the best gift be to feel your heart warmed by a lot of affection and friendship. Merry Virtual Christmas!” - Unknown author

    “It is time for peace and love and I wish your heart to be enveloped by this magic and you have a Merry and Holy Christmas!” - Unknown author

    “Christmas has arrived, this time of celebration, reflection and enchantment. It is time to take full advantage of this magical date, full of surprises. Merry Christmas! You can feel joy in the air and love in people's hearts.

    Let's celebrate with the people we love the most. May there be no lack of peace and harmony in every home. And may Santa bring gifts for all the children. Happy Holidays!" - Unknown author

    "It's Christmas! Finally the most magical time of the year has arrived. It's time to live the days with joy and peace with family and friends. Soon the gifts will be opened and the whole year's reward will be given out.

    It is a time for reflection and to live intensely all the hours of renewal that this date deserves. Children and adults together made this world even more wonderful. Merry Christmas!" - Unknown author

    “May this Christmas love and hope warm your hearts and the New Year bring great accomplishments and much happiness. May there be no lack of good food and rich gifts, but above all may there be health, joy and good feelings to share. And may each of you celebrate these parties with your family or those you love most. Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year to all!” - Unknown author

    “This is a moment of peace, where all people hug each other, understand each other, greet each other and seek new dreams, to try to be truly happy.

    In this moment where God is present in every prayer, in every family, in every home, I would also like to express my affection for you.

    I want to wish that your steps are always supported by the cherubs and archangels who have the mission to walk with you. May they hold firmly in your hands, so that your feet will never stumble in the middle of the way.

    May this Christmas you feel the presence of God, peace, love and forgiveness. Merry Christmas, in the peace of God, who can do all things; for with the Lord nothing is impossible! I wish you to realize your ideals.” - Unknown author

    “On the day we celebrate the birth of Christ, I wish that hope, faith and peace may be reborn in your heart. Merry Christmas!

    May you live this Christmas season in full joy, and in the company of your family. May love and all good feelings prevail over the materialism of the gifts. And may God grant you and your entire family much happiness and health throughout the year. Have a blessed Christmas!” - Unknown author

    “The arrival of Christmas brings color
    and lots of light for our lives
    and also beautiful feelings
    to our hearts.

    I wish this time
    fill your life with magic
    and may you receive much love and peace
    as presents.

    May they gather around you
    all those you love
    in harmony and celebration.

    And so, with the arrival of Christmas
    come to your life too
    much happiness.
    Have a happy Christmas!" - Unknown author

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    Short Christmas Message – Ana Maria Braga (Globo)

    Globo's website also provides beautiful messages for you to use at Christmas. See some below and visit the website to see more.

    “Christmas is not about the lights shining outside. It's about the light that shines inside!" – Ana Maria Braga

    "Christmas is not a date... It's a state of mind!" – Ana Maria Braga

    “The Christmas of dreams is the one you idealize in your spirit, luck in your heart and share in solidarity.” - Unknown author

    “May your hohoho be filled with hahaha!” - Unknown author

    “The greatest Christmas gift we can receive is the image of joy projected from the depths of the eyes of those we love.” – Luis Alves

    “The best place in the world is here and now.” Gilberto Gil

    “The happiness of having the presence of the family together and happy, not only at Christmas, surpasses any present that may be under the tree.” – Edward Klumpp

    “May Christmas be like a garden, where joy blossoms and happiness grows for years and years without end!” - Unknown author

    “Celebrating Christmas is believing in the power of love, this is what transforms man and the world. Merry Christmas!" - Unknown author

    “Faith and hope are the lights that should illuminate us in this time of reflection. Happy Holidays!" - Unknown author

    “May every human being try to donate a little bit this Christmas. Not only in material things, but mainly in small gestures towards others.” - Unknown author

    “May renewal and reflection be part of your life this Christmas season, bringing hope and change! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!” - Unknown author

    “May we warm our hearts with the Christmas mood and convey that love to everyone around us.” - Unknown author

    “The greatest wealth of this time is not material, but friendship, love and being able to bring the family together in celebration and harmony. Merry Christmas!" - Unknown author

    "It's Christmas whenever you let God love others through you... Yes, it's Christmas whenever you smile at your brother and offer him your hand." -Mother Teresa of Calcutta

    Christmas Message 2022: Pinterest

    Pinterest is a site where you can find inspiration for a variety of things, including good morning and good night messages, status ideas to share on Whatsapp and much more.

    Christmas messages are also found there. To check out more phrases, just access the website. See some examples of Christmas messages that are found on the platform.

    “And Christmas was made! May we give the birthday person the most precious thing He left us: 'Love one another!'. Good night!" - Unknown author

    “May love overflow this Christmas. May he be a reason for great joy, peace in the heart and sincere thanks to our dear birthday boy, for everything he did for us: Our dear Friend and Master Jesus. Merry Christmas to you, family and friends!” - Unknown author

    "Merry Christmas! For you and your entire family. May everyone together celebrate the birth of Jesus surrounded by happiness and harmony.

    May this season awaken in you the best feelings and they will come to stay in your heart.

    May you receive lots of love, affection and attention, and these are your best gifts this year.

    This Christmas spread smiles, offer hugs and make the light of this season shine even brighter with hope and kindness!” - Unknown author

    “I wish your Christmas to be full of light, peace, joy, health, but above all with lots of love, wisdom and optimism.” - Unknown author

    “May the Christmas spirit bring to our hearts the unshakable faith of those who believe in a new time of peace and love.” - Unknown author

    “Better than all the presents under the Christmas tree is the certainty of being able to count on your friendship. Not just this Christmas but every Christmas in my life. Thanks for your friendship. Merry Christmas!" - Unknown author

    “The best Christmas message is the one that comes silently from our hearts and tenderly warms the hearts of those who accompany us on our walk along the road of life.” - Unknown author

    “Have a Merry Christmas! May Jesus inspire peace, love, serenity, tolerance and harmony in every heart in another blessed Christmas.” - Unknown author

    “Merry Christmas, may the good in me connect with the good in others, until the whole world is transformed through the contagious power of love.” – Rabbi Nachman of Breslov

    “Christmas is all about love. It is the time of year when our hearts are most receptive and harmonious and our hopes are renewed.” - Unknown author

    Christmas Message: Beautiful Messages

    On the Belas Mensagem website there are several Christmas phrases, check out some of them below and click here to see more.

    “May God, in his infinite goodness, bless and fill all hearts with peace. Merry Christmas!" - Unknown author

    “Christmas is a time to celebrate life, spread love and sow hope. Have a happy Christmas!" - Unknown author

    “May the baby Jesus light up your Christmas. Have a blessed Christmas!” - Unknown author

    " May there be no lack of love and prosperity on this date. Merry Christmas!" – Mayara Benatti

    "It's Christmas! May your heart blossom in love and hope.” - Unknown author

    “I wish you have a Merry Christmas, next to dear people and with lots of light!” – Mayara Benatti

    “May Jesus be more present in your life every day. Merry Christmas!" - Unknown author

    “May the Christmas spirit always dwell in your heart. Merry Christmas!" – Mayara Benatti

    “Perhaps the best Christmas ornament is a big smile!” - Unknown author

    “This is the time of celebration of life, reflection and family celebration. Merry Christmas!" - Unknown author

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