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    Happy New Year 2022 Message: the 145 best to send by WhatsApp

    Happy New Year 2022 Message: the 145 best to send by WhatsApp

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Nov 29, 2022 | WhatsApp |

    Goodbye old year Happy New Year! Are you looking for that one happy new year 2022 message to share with friends and family at the turn of the year? So you came to the right place.

    With the end of the year approaching, it's always good to send that affectionate message to people in our social circle to show our affection and wish them well for the new year to come.

    Words that bring hope and renewal in moments of fellowship are able to warm a heart and make it believe in a new year full of joy.

    It was with this in mind that we separated 145 new year messages, whether to send to your acquaintances or to post on your social networks. There are phrases for 2022 for every taste. Check it out below.

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    Happy New Year 2022 message to friends

    “Whatever, may it be a year of love.” - Unknown author

    “While no one can go back and make a new beginning, anyone can start now and make a new ending.” – James R. Sherman

    “Now is the time to fill our hearts with optimism, hope and dreams, it is time to start over and renew, because a new year is about to begin and we must live it and make the most of it. Wishes for a happy and prosperous New Year!” - Unknown author

    “To win a new year worthy of this name, you, my dear, have to earn it, you have to do it again, I know it's not easy, but try, experiment, conscious. It is inside you that the New Year naps and waits forever.” - Carlos Drummond de Andrade

    “It is time to welcome the New Year with joy and hope in the heart. To leave the bad in the past and embrace the future with optimism.

    Let's make this New Year's Eve a new beginning of everything that is good. A renewal of positive feelings and a rebirth of old dreams.

    I wish you a lot of happiness for this year. May it be 365 days of achievements, success and much prosperity. Happy New Year!" - Unknown author

    “Thank you for being my inspiration and motivation today and everyday. I can't wait to spend 2022 with you.” - Unknown author

    “Now that another year is starting, it's time to leave the past behind and start the future in the best way.

    Forget about mistakes, failures, disappointments and frustrations. Forget everything that was bad and take to the new year only the learning and the good memories.

    Start the new year by focusing on the future, on your dreams. Set goals, restart old struggles, set goals. Don't let the past get in the way of future success, or prevent your happiness.

    Happy New Year to you! With a lot of positivity and joy, start another year with a smile on your face and a motivated attitude.” -Unknown author

    "Happy New Year! May your days be magical and full of joy, good surprises and peace.” - Unknown author

    “You change the year, you change your dreams, you change your goals, you change your appearance, but you never change your friends! Happy New Year!" - Unknown author

    “After a successful year, I wish that the next 365 days will contain new and greater achievements!” - Unknown author

    “New year, old life. Life is more than calendars, time zones or gravitational orbit.”- Carlos Heitor Cony

    “I wish that in the New Year that begins you will really: Hear the words you always wanted to hear, pronounce the phrases you once wanted to repeat, feel the emotion you always hoped to feel, walk the paths you once wanted to follow, share the affection with who always wanted to share, hug all the friends you always wanted to gather and live the life you always dreamed of.” – Unknown Author

    “I am grateful for all the memories we created this year and the ones we will make in the new year.” - Unknown author

    “Life is made of good and bad times. So it is for you and so it is for everyone. Some days we smile more, others less, but what really counts is how we overcome those moments.

    So, in this New Year's Eve, a time of celebration and reflection, try to forget and forgive those who hurt you. Try not to focus on what went wrong, where you failed, but on the future, the recovery, the fresh start.

    New Year is also starting a new life. If the old year didn't work, try again, but in a different way. The important thing is to overcome and not give up, and start over, because there is always time to start over!

    Take advantage of this season to make hope be reborn in your heart and with peace, confidence and determination, embrace the new year with vigor, without fear of struggle. In the end, the reward will be yours!

    Happy New Year! May this be your best year ever; May it be a rebirth, a new beginning of everything that is positive.” - Unknown author

    “Inspire good things, wish well, think about happiness, mentalize your dreams and enjoy the turning point with a beautiful smile on your face. Happy New Year!" - Unknown author

    “Happy New Year to all those who spread the good and the word of God. May it be a blessed year for all of us!” - Unknown author

    “A new year will begin, remember to dream so that you continue to have reasons to be happy.” - Unknown author

    “Welcome, 2022! I can't believe I can already leave the past year behind and dedicate myself to the new year that arrives full of hope and opportunities!

    May this year be one of many achievements, peace and union for all of us! Happy 2022 my friends.” - Unknown author

    “I wish you a year out of the ordinary, out of the obvious, out of the ordinary, out of sadness, out of lovelessness, out of sanity, out of apathy, out of heartache, out of fear, out of hopelessness, out of meager portions. , out of solitude. After all, apart from all that, I wish you an outstanding year.” - Unknown author

    "Happy New Year! May the turnaround happen with positivity and true renewal from the inside out, which brings out the will to win and to finally make each dream come true.” - Unknown author

    "I'm so proud of everything you've accomplished this year and I can't wait to see what you do in 2022." - Unknown author

    “The new year has arrived! This beautiful time when we can look back, give thanks for the year that has passed and remember the good times. A new year arrives with new opportunities and 365 chances to go after our dreams!

    I wish you all a new year with lots of joy, health and peace! Make this year count and run after your goals. Happy New Year!" - Unknown author

    “Another stage of our lives has been completed. Another year has passed and I hope you have enjoyed all the good that God has given you.

    I wish you, dear friend, that in the peace of the Lord you find your way and that it is walked with great faith so that you increasingly believe in this feeling that is capable of overcoming obstacles and making us happy.

    Have the courage to assume and face difficulties. Persevere so that each day is watered with hope and never give up or be discouraged from your dreams.

    Wait for new horizons that our Lord God has to provide for you. Good health, peace, joy and harmony are my wishes for you and your family for this coming year. Happy New Year!" - Unknown author

    “It's always time to renew yourself. May the lights of the New Year bring success, prosperity and new achievements into your life. Happy New Year!" - Unknown author

    “Keep your mind calm and seek to be grateful for the year that has passed, to enter the new year with your heart in the right place! Other than that, make the most of this end of the year!” Unknown author

    “On New Year's Eve there is an opportunity to start over, even if it's just a new year. In the morning of the next day, the sun will rise and with it the hope that no matter how dark the night is, one day it will end to give way to light.” – Luis Alves

    “There are no impossible dreams for those who truly believe that the fulfilling power resides within each human being. Whenever someone discovers this power, something once thought to be impossible becomes a reality. (Albert Einstein) May this New Year that is announced, we can make all our dreams come true.”

    “I wish you 365 days of happiness; 52 weeks of health and prosperity; 12 months of love and affection; 8760 hours of peace and harmony. May this new year have 1000 reasons to smile.” - Unknown author

    ” New Year is realizing that the human being needs cycles to keep trying. It's more than fireworks and sparkling wine, it's about people and about yourself, it's feeling that more important than wearing a color, it's wearing the intention to be in your soul. It's what, with or without luxury, brings us hope (even if only for one night)

    It is, after all, an “old year” that in the future you will be able to be proud of having lived instead of hoping that it will come to an end soon.” – John Doederlein

    “I wish you a very happy new year despite the difficult times. We hope that 2022 will bring much prosperity to your family and that, in time, the world will return to being a safe place.” - Unknown Author

    “Happy New Year's Eve! It's the last day of the year, so be sure to make the most of it.

    Wear your best smile today and say goodbye to another year of life with the certainty that the next will be even better. Have fun, enjoy every second and always be happy!” - Unknown author

    “A toast to beginnings, may this be the beginning of the best year of your life. Happy New Year!" - Unknown author

    “May peace, health and love be present in every day of this new year that begins. Happy New Year!" - Unknown author

    “In the new year, everything can change… wishes are the most beautiful works of this annual event.” – Erasmus Shallkytton

    "Happy New Year! May we continue to cultivate good feelings and pursue dreams that have not yet been achieved with an extra dose of motivation and the desire to be happy.” - Unknown author

    “May the achievements achieved this year only be seeds planted, which will be harvested with greater success in the year to come. Happy New Year” – Author Unknown

    “May you never lack a dream to fight for, a project to accomplish, something to learn, a place to go and someone to love. Happy New Year." - Unknown author

    “Leave behind everything that didn't work out and pave the way for a new year full of success and new achievements. Happy New Year." - Unknown author

    “It will be new moments, unforgettable surprises. In fact, every new day can be hours of a lot. And that is why we must preserve love and friendship among all. It's time to be happy through love. Happy New Year!" - Unknown author

    “I wish for the new year: abundant crops arriving in your fields and beautiful flowers appearing in your gardens, perfuming your lives in the exhalation of fragrances that you cannot buy in markets: Peace, Love and Prosperity.” – Rosemira Guerreiro

    “The end of the year is a time for celebration and celebration, but also for reflection, analysis and new beginnings. A year is behind us that now ends, and we must keep the good of it and forget the less good.

    From suffering and tears let us only keep the certainty that we will survive them. From mistakes let's keep learning; and from difficulties let us keep the moment of overcoming.

    We should feel joy and gratitude for another year lived, and despite everything that has happened, the important thing is that we have come this far. And today we are more experienced, stronger and wiser.

    Now is the time to fill our hearts with optimism, hope and dreams, it is time to start over and renew, because a new year is about to begin and we must live it and make the most of it. Wishes for a happy and prosperous New Year!” - Unknown author

    “Another year ending... May we leave behind everything that prevents us from moving forward, everything that delays our life, that takes away our peace... everything that no longer fits in the heart. May we end our year with renewed hope and faith that better and happier days will come. May we have new dreams, new desires... but above all the strength and courage to make them real.” - Unknown author

    “Next year, do with time what it does with you: enjoy it! Enjoy each day as if it were the first. Happy New Year!" - Unknown author

    “How good it is to start the year next to the ones we love! A great new year filled with love, hope, wonders and happiness for you, for our family, for everyone!” - Unknown author

    “The end of the year brings peace and calms hearts. And it's with him that we realize who really matters! Thank you so much for making a difference everyday and helping me be a better person.” - Unknown author

    “The fireworks herald the arrival of a new year! It's time to remake your dreams not yet fulfilled and believe that you will make them come true.

    Cast a sympathetic and warm look at your friends and yawn at your enemies.

    Learn from the mistakes of the year gone by and welcome the year with a smile.

    To run towards that love not yet lost or to surprise once again the love already conquered.

    I wish you a year filled with light, love, health and prosperity.

    New Year 2022 Messages for WhatsApp

    “May the coming year be much better!” - Unknown author

    “I learned a lot and grew as a human being. I overcame obstacles, won battles and strengthened myself in an inexplicable way. Now it's time to wait and enjoy the turn of the year, because new challenges will come. Happy New Year!" - Unknown author

    “There will never be a new year if you continue to copy the mistakes of the old years.” - Unknown author

    “The purpose of a new year is not that we should have a new year. It's just that we should have a new soul.” - GK Chesterton

    “I will be a participant and not a spectator. The new year will be bright and I will write my story every day. Happy New Year!" - Unknown author

    “I am very grateful for everything I experienced this year. Now, I'm starting a new cycle and it's going to be even more amazing.” - Unknown author

    “May the choices be elegant, may the moments be memorable and life be even more interesting. Happy New Year!" - Unknown author

    "New Year? Yes please! Better times are coming for all of us! Wishing you a happy, safe and healthy 2022.” - Unknown author

    “Another year, 365 more beers. I meant days.” - Unknown author

    “Start over, delete everything that wasn't worth it, give thanks for the good things and make way for new achievements. Happy New Year!" - Unknown author

    "Look at the center of the sky at midnight on the New Year's Eve, believe and you will see that all dreams and desires will only be your acts of faith." – Erasmus Shallkytton

    "It wouldn't be a new year if I didn't have regrets." – William Thomas

    “Make promises – keep them! Idealize goals – reach! Improve your world today and tomorrow the universe will be an even more special place! Make each day of this new year a memorable page in the book of your life.” - Unknown author

    “We understand it as synonymous with new year, new opportunity, and, if it is taken seriously, we will change our prosperity vows at the beginning of next year to celebrate this prosperity that has already come true.” – Ivan Teorilang

    “A new year is about to begin and I hope it brings many achievements, happiness and prosperity to everyone. Happy New Year!" - Unknown author

    “The end of the year represents a closing cycle. Whether it was good or bad I don't know. One thing is for sure: your attitudes influence the results.” – Luis Alves

    “Take advantage of this end of the year to expel the ghosts from your life and start a New Year with the real people, the ones that are part of your daily life.” – Gil Nunes

    “On the New Year's Eve, my eyes float in the magic of a new time, wishing for the best lessons of hope.” – Erasmus Shallkytton

    “We all have exactly the same 365 days. The only difference is what we do with them.” - Unknown author

    "Our lives don't change at the turn of a year, but we can change the way we live from this moment on." - Unknown author

    “The year cannot be new if you plant the same trees. Change it! Plant new trees for new fruits to come” – Pr. Anderson Serra Rocha

    “A new period begins when a new year begins. It is a time when everything is renewed. Where the difficulties of the past will be just memories of overcoming. Where the new and the renewed take shape to generate a better life.” – Belcrei

    “May in the passage of the year, all our mistakes and pains be washed away. May all that remain for the year to come, joys and glories, for a Happy New Year!” - Unknown author

    “Let everything that went wrong go with this year. And that with the new, new paths are opened.” - Unknown author

    “A new beginning… a year saying goodbye… but with a wonderful heart full of hopes and plans, of joys, of faith and always with lots of love and peace. Happy New Year!" – Jared Hassan

    “New Year is a time to review priorities, embrace dreams and preserve the good things. May 2022 be very prosperous.” - Unknown author

    “Let's, with renewed energy and prayers, make 2022 a special year, full of light and peace!” - Unknown author

    “To have a good end of the year just look back without regrets and look forward with hope. Happy New Year!" - Unknown author

    “New Year is a time to review priorities, embrace dreams and preserve the good things! Happy New Year!" Unknown author

    “The new year has arrived and with it new promises. Every beginning of the year is like this. We plan, design,
    we architect, we want practically the same things for the beginning of next year. This year I will ask for different things… I will ask for wisdom, serenity and strategy.” – Milena Leão

    “Long live the New Year! May this new year be full of prosperity and success! May both your personal and professional life be of achievements and achievements. And may peace, love and happiness accompany you at all times. Happy New Year!" - Unknown author

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    New Year Messages for Client and Co-workers

    “May the lights of the New Year shine and bring everyone new challenges, new projects and much success. A prosperous New Year.”

    “The best way to predict your future is to create it. – Abraham Lincoln

    “Welcome the new year with joy, make peace with your past and look to the future with hope. Happy New Year!" - Unknown author

    “Believe that this will be the year of making all your dreams come true, and start fighting for it today. Happy New Year!" - Unknown author

    “I wish you to be happy, love unconditionally, travel the world, dream without barriers and live only for what makes you feel good. Happy New Year!" - Unknown author

    “May all the seeds of your dreams grow and bloom! Happy New Year!" - Unknown author

    “For the New Year, just one rule: enjoy the next 365 days intensely!” - Unknown author

    “May this new year that begins, be the year of change, the year of repairing past mistakes, the year of recovering what was lost and starting all over again in a different way. Because life is made of mistakes and beginnings. The secret is not to do it twice. Happy New Year!" – Wendell Gomes Teixeira

    “I wish you courage and strength to overcome all obstacles. Happy New Year!" - Unknown author

    “A special person like you deserves a New Year filled with peace, joy, prosperity and love.” - Unknown author

    “Let's leave everything that was bad in the old year, and take into the new year the good memories and the hope of more happiness. Happy New Year!" - Unknown author

    “We understand it as synonymous with a new year, a new opportunity, and, if it is taken seriously, we will change our prosperity vows at the beginning of next year, to celebrate this prosperity that has already come true.” – Ivan Teorilang

    “I wish that the new year comes full of joys for everyone and that it is the best year of our lives.” - Unknown author

    “To be happy next year: Love everything you do and do it with love! Follow your passions! Listen to your heart! Create your reality! Know your skills! Trust yourself and your intuition! Make your days happy!” - Unknown author

    “I wish all my co-workers a wonderful new year with a new face, so that we can achieve everything we've always dreamed of! Happy Holidays everyone!” - Unknown author

    "Happy New Year! May there be no lack of peace, success and prosperity for those who celebrate the turn of the year with faith and hope.” - Unknown author

    “I hope that this coming new year is a new opportunity to make your dreams come true.
    Happy New Year!" - Unknown author

    “Celebrate endings – for they precede new beginnings.” (Jonathan Lockwood Huie) Happy New Year!”

    "Happy New Year! Open your heart, for this is going to be a year of great joy and fulfillment!” - Unknown author

    “For you, I wish the dream come true. The expected love. Renewed hope.

    For you, I wish all the colors of this life. All the joys that made you smile. All the songs that can move you.

    For you in this new year, I wish friends to be more accomplices. May your family be more united. May your life be better lived.

    I would like to wish you so many things, but nothing would be enough. So, I only wish you have a lot of wishes. Big wishes! And that they can move you every minute, towards your happiness. Happy New Year!" - Unknown author

    “The turn of the year is a time of joy, hope and inspiration to fight for dreams yet to be fulfilled. Happy New Year!" - Unknown author

    “May the new year start off on the right foot! May it be a year of optimism, love, faith, hope and great achievements! May it be even more productive and rewarding than the year that is ending and may it bring with it only good feelings. Long live the arrival of the New Year!” - Unknown author

    “Life is every day. This New Year, have happy days, have a happy year.” - Unknown author

    "Happy New Year! May love, peace and wisdom be in our lives for the next year.” - Unknown author

    “Every 12 months we reset the calendar, leaving behind everything that happened in the old year and preparing for everything that will come in the new year that is announced. May a new cycle begin in your life from January 1st, full of joys, achievements and much prosperity.” – Luis Alves

    “We will open the book. Your pages are blank. We're going to put words on him. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year’s Day.” – Edith Lovejoy Pierce

    “The end of the year is approaching and this is the time to review everything that has passed and to restore energy for the new year that will begin.

    If I can give you one piece of advice to start the new year well, it's: get rid of everything that hurts you. Leave behind what is holding you back. Get rid of bad feelings or people who suck your energy.

    Enter this new year with your head held high and your soul clean. May it be a time to start over, to seek new goals and fulfill new dreams.

    May it be a year of good changes and incredible news. Happy new year of life and may the best come!” - Unknown author

    “You just gained 365 new days to shine. Happy New Year!" - Unknown author

    “May the coming year be a year of accomplishments, achievements, success and may love always be carried in all hearts. Happy New Year!" - Unknown author

    "Happy New Year! May your troubles be less, and your blessings be greater, and nothing but happiness pass your door!” -Unknown author

    "Happy New Year! Once again we overcome life's obstacles and come to the end of another year full of hope for the next one to come.

    Let's puff out our chests, lift our heads and welcome this new cycle with open arms, because with it come new opportunities to be even happier.

    A cheers for the year is coming and I wish that we all have an unforgettable New Year's Eve.” - Unknown author

    “May the new year be filled with boldness in love, creativity in choices and courage in everyday life. Happy New Year!" - Unknown author

    “May there always be work for your hands; May your purse always hold a coin or two; May the sun always shine on the windowpane; May a rainbow appear on every rainy day; May a friend's hand always be near you; May God fill your heart with joy every day.” - Unknown author

    “A New Year is approaching, it is time to set new goals. Happy New Year!" - Unknown author

    “May the rain of peace, hope, happiness and love fall around you and bring forth the prosperity of a new year!” - Unknown author

    “Another year begins and with it we begin a new 365-day cycle, of new opportunities, new beginnings, new plans, new expectations. But everything depends only on ourselves, so let's go to battle, reap what we sow in previous years and water future crops, starting the neutral year, coloring it throughout its journey and always looking forward to better days. ” – Elton Mendes

    “This sentence is a letter of peace, full of joy, wrapped with affection, closed with a smile and sent with a kiss. Happy New Year!" - Unknown author

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