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    Character Counter: The 13 Best to Use Today

    Character Counter: The 13 Best to Use Today

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Sep 16, 2022 | Technology |

    Use one character counter can be something very useful in your day to day, since knowing the exact size of something you are writing can be extremely necessary.

    As an example of the need for this tool, we can cite answers to questionnaires that you make, productions of Course Completion Work (TCC) and master's and doctoral theses.

    Depending on your profession, it is also necessary in the production of some document and among several other situations.

    Some programs like Microsoft Word and Libre Office already have this built-in character counter tool.

    So you don't need to use other programs, applications or websites to check this information.

    In case you need or use a character counter a lot, we have separated some options that you can use, and most still contain other functions, such as line counter, word counter and etc.

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    Character counter: The best options 

    1. Inverttext

    One of the most popular and used character counter tools on the web is Invertexto.

    This site counts the number of spaced characters in any text or phrase you enter in the count space.

    In addition, it is also possible to check the number of words and lines that your text has.

    How it works is very simple: you can type the material directly into the available field or copy and paste into space, if the text is already ready.

    If you use the first option, the information is updated in real time.

    But if you decide to paste the material in the blank area, then the information will be automatically available for you to check.

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    2. Character Counter

    Another very simple to use character counter option is the Character Counter: Counting characters, words and lines.

    The operation is very simple and standard.

    Just type what you want to count in the blank area or mute the text in the space.

    The information appears just below and is updated in real time.

    You can check the number of characters with and without spaces.

    3. 4Devs

    If you want a very complete and detailed character counter option, maybe the best option is 4Devs.

    The operation follows the pattern of the options mentioned above.

    Just copy and paste the text into the blank space or type directly into it.

    The site performs the count automatically and in real time. 

    You will be able to count characters with and without spaces, know the number of lines, words and space.

    Differentiating itself even more from the other options, 4Devs still shows the amount of numbers, vowels and consonants that your text has.

    4. How many Letters

    How many Letters is a character counter that differs greatly from the alternatives mentioned above, as it is much simpler.

    The main difference is that it does not count automatically and in real time.

    The interface is standard. You just need to paste your text into the blank space or type directly into it.

    To count, you will need to click on “Character count”, at the bottom in blue.

    By clicking “Reset”, not only the number of characters but also the type box are reset.

    Information other than the number of characters is not available.

    5. Company Websites

    Cia Websites is a character counter option more focused on digital marketing.

    In addition to the tool we mentioned, this platform also has several other marketing resources such as options to optimize online content.

    The operation of a character calculator follows the pattern, with a blank space for you to enter or paste your text.

    The tool counts not only how many characters with spaces there are, but also the number of lines, words, spaces, numbers and symbols.

    So, we can see that this is a very complete character account site. 

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    6. Word Counter

    This tool is also among the most complete the market has to offer when it comes to character counters.

    With Word Counter, the user has a blank space to enter text or type by himself.

    At the bottom, you can access character and word counts.

    If you want more complete information, on the right side there is a small table showing the character count, words, phrases, word averages, word density and paragraphs.

    In addition, this site also reports the difficulty and time of reading and speaking your text.

    Information is updated in real time as you type.

    7. Character Counter

    With the Character Counter tool, you can type or paste your text in the whiteboard space and the counting information will be done automatically and in real time.

    As a user, you can check the number of characters with and without spaces, the number of sentences and words, the reading time and the speaking time, as well as being able to check the keywords of your text through the percentage of use of each.

    8. Site 112

    Site 112 is a free character counter tool that follows the pattern of all the ones listed above.

    You just need to enter your text in the reserved part and the count information will be updated in real time and automatically as you type.

    In addition to characters, you can check the number of paragraphs, sentences and words.

    9. Count Characters

    Another free option for character counter is Count Characters.

    This option works very similarly to How Many Letters.

    To use, simply insert or paste your text in the space provided.

    But instead of checking the information automatically and in real time, you will only be able to see the number of characters if you click on “Account Characters” at the bottom.

    If you want to reset the information, there is a button on the side for that.

    10. Sum System

    Character Counter: The 13 Best to Use Today

    Before we talk about the Soma System character counter, it is necessary to understand what this platform is.

    This is an online software that allows users to control and organize their finances through the various tools offered, in addition to being able to manage projects. 

    One of these tools is the character calculator, which works in the same way as the others mentioned.

    Just enter or type your text in the blank space and the count happens automatically and in real time.

    You will be able to check the number of words and characters at the bottom of the text box. 

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    11 Google Docs

    Many people use Google Docs almost daily.

    But did you know that this option also has a character counter tool?

    Furthermore, you can check a setting to make the counter active at the bottom left of your document.

    With it, you can check the number of words, characters with and without spaces and pages of your text.  

    To activate this option, just go to "Tools", then "Word Count".

    If you want to make the frame visible, just check the “Show word count as you type” option.

    A shortcut to this tool is by clicking Crtl+Shif+C.

    12. Copywritely

    Another tool you can use as a character counter is Copywritely.

    Like other websites, you can copy and paste your text into the placeholder or type directly into it.

    Thus, it is possible to monitor in real time the amount of words, characters, pages and sentences that your text has.

    By clicking on the “Check” button, it is possible to check and analyze once again to be sure of the numbers. 

    13. WordCounter360º

    Character Counter: The 13 Best to Use Today

    Another option that we consider quite complete and functional as a character counter is WordCounter360º.

    After typing or entering your text, the information appears in real time and automatically.

    You have access to information such as number of characters with and without spaces, keyword density, number of words, sentences, paragraphs and the average of words and sentences.

    If you want to quickly erase your text, just click on “Delete” at the top right of the box.

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