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    Convert PDF: 10 tools to make your routine easier

    Convert PDF: 10 tools to make your routine easier

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Nov 24, 2022 | Entrepreneurship | 1 comment

    You know that contract you received to review, but it's in a PDF file and you can't edit it? We will present 10 tools to converter pdf. All are online and free.

    Know that there are many sites that can help you convert files to other formats. Today we are going to list some of them.


    1. SMALL PDF

    Small PDF is a completely free website that provides a service to convert PDF online. Also, you can create files and join two or more PDF files into a single document.

    Another advantage of using Small PDF is that it can compress your files by up to 90%. This makes it easy to share large and cumbersome documents.

    In all, the site has 12 online services between PDF file conversion, combination and compression. It is possible to work the PDF file to various formats like: pdf pdf, JPEG pdf, JPG pdf, Powerpoint, Word pdf.

    2. iLove PDF

    Despite being a very famous converter, its free version is limited to just 1 document at a time. Just like Small PDF, it allows you to convert and split PDF to Office Suite files such as PDF Word, PDF Excel and PDF Powerpoint.

    Its interface is simple and intuitive and it is compatible with the most used browsers: Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox.

    3. PDF Candy

    PDF Candy is an option that allows you to convert PDF by uploading a file on the website. You can also add files directly from Google Drive or Dropbox.

    This option has an optimal conversion quality, preserving the original formatting of the file. You can even unlock or protect PDF and add watermark.

    PDF Candy is free and there is still no usage limitation in the free option.

    4. SEJDA

    Sejda is yet another option for direct use by the browser. One of its advantages is in relation to maintaining the formatting of the text, images, tables, etc.

    It has all the functions that the others mentioned so far. A tip: it supports documents up to 50 MB in size and 200 pages.

    5. Docs.Zone

    Docs.Zone is our recommendation to convert PDF that works in almost any text editing program, like LibreOffice, for example.

    The site offers three ways to convert your PDF: Flowing, Exact or OCR. The first option is our recommended one, as it maintains the layout of almost 100% of the files.

    The only downside of Docs.Zone is that it is limited in the free version and only converts the first 2 pages of the file.

    6.Adobe Acrobat

    Adobe Acrobat is a more professional indication. It does not have a free version, but it has packages for individuals and companies.

    The cool thing about the business subscription is that you can share the login with your team.

    If you work with confidential documents and prefer more security, our tip is to use Adobe, as it is a very reliable option.

    7. NitroPro

    This is yet another advanced option for you to convert your PDF files. Being advanced, Nitro Pro has all the options included, as well as the converter for various files (pdf jpg, Powerpoint pdf, Excel pdf, Word pdf, etc).

    The cool thing about this tip is that it has an Outlook synchronization plugin. So you can convert files directly from your emails.


    PDFelement is certainly one of the most complete tools on the market when it comes to PDF. In it, you can not only convert PDF or edit PDF, but a very complete range of services, such as:

    • Convert any non-editable form into a file that allows changes;
    • Create forms, including pre-defined templates;
    • Extract form data and then work the information in Excel;
    • Certificate: facilitating the validity of documents;
    • Protect files: limit access, printing and editing.

    You can download the trial version by clicking here.

    9. FOXIT

    Foxit doesn't win by design, that's a fact. Nor is it as complete as the indications. But for those who need the basics, which is to convert or edit PDF, it is a great option.

    With a focus on editing files, your range for this function is wide. In addition, this PDF converter has a lightweight program, available for both Windows and Mac.

    10. PDF Converter

    This is a specific converter to convert PDF to Excel. You can use it online, without the need to download or register on the site.

    Among its advantages is the accuracy in converting files to XLSX extensions, maintaining the desired layout and ordering of the data.

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    Many people don't like to use a converter to make a PDF file editable. Among the main complaints is that the document, after being converted, loses its configuration.

    Oh, you've seen it, right? Mess everything. Depending on the case, it is more difficult to rewrite the document than to format it again.

    But what many do not know, is that this can happen because of the choice of font. Sometimes the font chosen for typing the PDF file is not available on your computer.

    Therefore, when transforming your file, it is impossible for your machine to recognize everything it needs to convert.

    In this case, it is recommended to try to find out which font is used in the document and download it to your machine. That of course, before converting your file.

    Taking advantage: see where you can download the free fonts if you need to when converting pdf.

    These are the tips we want to share with you to make your paperwork routine easier. If you know of another website or app to convert pdf that is worth recommending, leave the name here in the comments. Let's love the nomination.

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