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    CCB Online: how to attend services online

    CCB Online: how to attend services online

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Aug 17, 2022 | Youtube | 0

    Want to learn how to watch CCB services online and follow the content? In this text we will explain step by step how to follow the transmissions easily and quickly. Get ready to write down our tips and clear your doubts once and for all.

    With the arrival of the pandemic and the spread of the Coronavirus, it was necessary for institutions to adapt to the new scenario, respecting security protocols. In the same sense, religious entities needed to adapt to the new molds.

    It was in this scenario that institutions such as the Christian Congregation of our Country (CCB) began the process of broadcasting services in real time through platforms such as Youtube.

    What is the Christian Congregation of our country and how did it come about?

    The Christian Congregation in our country (CCB) is a religious community based on apostolic doctrine and whose objective is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The focus of the study is based on the New Testament of the Holy Bible.

    The beginning of the Christian Congregation takes place in 1904 with a group of Italian evangelicals who met in their homes in Chicago, in the United States. Over time, the number of regulars who identified with the same belief increased, reaching other countries.

    Since the houses were no longer the most suitable space to gather the regulars, it was necessary to create a formal institution, following the precepts of the legislation. Thus, the meetings could be held in an appropriate place for the services and the entity was denominated as Congregação Cristã.

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    CCB services online

    All services are available through the official website and Youtube channel. They take place every Wednesday at 15pm and every Sunday at 10am. Both live streaming and recorded videos are subdivided into 3 categories:

    • Video – It is the official live broadcast with image quality;
    • Audio – Audio capture only happens, an option for those who don't have such a good connection capacity;
    • Libras – It is the format adapted for the deaf and dumb.

    How to watch CCB online live now

    Step 1. The first step is to access the official website of the Christian Congregation of our country and select the option “Online Worship”;

    CCB Online: how to attend services online

    Step 2. On this next page you will find the days and times of the services and the recommendations for those who are going to attend. In the upper corner of the screen there is an icon called “Official channels”, just click on it;

    CCB Online: how to attend services online

    Step 3. There are two channel options, but you must click on the first item that says “Youtube – Youtube channel for broadcasts”;

    CCB Online: how to attend services online

    Step 4. After selecting this option, the site directs you to the official Youtube channel of the Christian Congregation of our country, which is where the cult will be broadcast;

    CCB Online: how to attend services online

    Step 5. The video you want to follow is in the “Upcoming live streams” part;
    Step 6. Note that there are 3 different options to watch the same service, so just select which version you want (video, audio or pounds).
    Step 7. If you want to watch previous services, you can click on the “Playlists” option and choose your preferred version.

    CCB Online: how to attend services online

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    It is recommended that before the service starts you wait with the video already selected, this interval can be from 15 to 30 minutes.

    At this time it is possible to make your prayer request for someone who is sick, belonging to the risk group or who needs prayer for another reason. While the transmission does not start, these names are noted so that the prayer can be made during the service.

    For more information about the Christian Congregation of our country and to follow the news about the institution you can also check the official Facebook page and the CCB Online Telegram.

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