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    Caption for photos: the 154 best for your posts

    Caption for photos: the 154 best for your posts

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Sep 13, 2022 | Social Networks |

    Who never took a perfect picture where it came out completely beautiful, with a sensational look, but never found a good one caption for photos that did justice to the image taken and the moment that was recorded?

    This is one of the biggest problems for many people: captioning their photos. 

    But calm down! Let's help you!

    We separate several options for photos with caption.

    So you can choose from the best phrases that best match your photos.

    That way, you'll rock the best captions on social media posts, whether on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp.

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    Caption for photos

    1. Captions for selfie style photos and smiling

    Caption for photos: the 154 best for your posts

    Always allow yourself to be simple.

    If you dream in color then there are no gray days.

    He loves me, he loves me.

    Be love, be light, be you!

    First transform you, then transform the world,

    You won't change if you don't challenge yourself.

    Have a dream and use your own wings to achieve it. That's freedom.

    Look at yourself with love, this is a favor.

    If you decide not to care anymore, everything gets better.

    Live the story you want to tell.

    Falling into yourself is the best fall in life.

    I love the sea, the beach and nobody else warms my head but the sun.

    Dance or follow. Life is a dance.

    1Even if you feel as if you are going against the grain, don't let anyone change your direction.

    You can all. So be what you can be.

    Every season is summer when the heart is sun.

    Improve your day through a smile.

    Shine on, for we are all made of stars.

    Life is too short to shine only at carnival.

    A beautiful sun outside, another inside the chest. I don't know, I think it's going to take a while to get dark today!

    Shine alone, be like the sun.

    The sky is not the limit for those who have faith.

    Smiles and flowers bring a colorful day.

    The most beautiful silence there is is the smile.

    Problems shrink when we park the smile.

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    2. Captions for photo alone with music snippet

    Caption for photos: the 154 best for your posts

    I'm not one to put a lot of pressure, but I won't be in your hand. – Anita

    And the sky will be your home, it will fly with your wings. – Acoustic Poetry

    Let's live everything there is to live, let's allow ourselves! – Lulu Santos

    Your game is over and the dance has begun, you will remember me! – Luisa Sonza

    Keep within your heart purity and truth, what you transmit comes back with intensity. – Melim

    There's no other way to see me smile, her effect here is crazy. – Emicida

    If you don't like it, sit down and cry! Today I feel like bothering. – Ludmilla

    For the blue wave, gather only what is good, the rest will pass. – Silva

    I know they will try to destroy me, but I will rebuild myself… Come back stronger than before! – Iza

    But for those who have strong thinking, the impossible is just a matter of opinion. - Charlie Brown Jr.

    I'm focused and I don't give up. The no I already have, the yes I conquer. – MC Kevinho

    Who I want, doesn't want me. Who wants me, I won't. No one will suffer alone, everyone will suffer! – Marília Mendonça

    You have to love people like there is no tomorrow… – Legião Urbana

    In the air that I breathe I feel pleasure, to be who I am, to be where I am… Now I just need you! – Rita Lee

    Who has the courage to talk about love? Who has the courage to be what he is not? – Acoustic Poetry

    Shining life, smiling for nothing. Only vibrating love and peace! – Natiruts

    Let me tell you, I'm the type that can't decipher. – Luisa Sonza

    It's just that I was elected the perfect madwoman, who has the recipe that is made with confectionery that is made with the heart. – Anita

    If this is about living, then coming down to survival is stealing what little good I've lived. – Emicida

    I see a new beginning of an era, of fine, elegant and sincere people. – Lulu Santos

    I stopped complaining, life will pass, I won't stay in this anymore! – Silva

    From two hearts one was made, one that is worth more than two or three. – Melim

    No one is going to ruin my day today… – Charlie Brown Jr.

    I have a flying kite soul! – Ludmilla

    I fell in love with what I made up of you. – Marília Mendonça

    I don't care about your opinion anymore, your concept doesn't change my vision. – Iza

    One fine day I decided to change and do everything I wanted to do… – Rita Lee

    She's loose, he held her so much… – MC Kevinho

    Grow no matter what happens! – Natiruts

    Every day when I wake up, I no longer have the time that passed… – Legião Urbana

    Slow down and don't run over your time to start over. – Clara vs Sofia

    You don't have to hunt hard to find joy. She is sometimes hidden in everyday things. – Kamau

    Oh sun, see if you don't forget and light me up. – Victor Kley

    He has the strange mania of having faith in life. – Milton Nascimento

    Your blue all star matches my black high top. – Cassia Eller

    Everyone has their unique way of being happy, of living and seeing! – Lenin

    Now I want to go, to recognize myself back. - Ana Vitoria

    Wherever I went, I left traces of love. – Drik Barbosa

    Like the sea and the storm, I will always be brave. – Manu Gavassi

    If luck smiled on you, why not smile back? - Skank

    We know about our love… – Los Hermanos

    I've always been a dreamer, that's what keeps me alive. - Racionais MC's

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    3. Captions for photos alone in English

    Once, I dared to dare greatly. (Once, I dared to dare too much)

    There's just one life to live. (There's only one life to live)

    Smile even without reason. (Smile even without reason)

    Be and honor the person you are. (Be and honor the person you are)

    Enjoy the little things. (Like the little things)

    It's the imperfections that make things beautiful. (It's the imperfections that make things beautiful)

    Do whatever is good for your soul. (Do whatever is good for your soul)

    Look for the magic living in every moment. (Look for the magic that lives in each moment)

    You'll have the view of the top of the mountain that you climb. (You will have the view of the mountain you climb)

    Perhaps without the lows, the highs could not be reached. (Maybe without the lows, the highs couldn't be reached)

    If you never try, you'll never know. (If you never try you'll never know)

    Don't let life take you. Take control! (Don't let life take you. Take control!)

    Take only memories, leave only footprints. (Take only memories, leave only footprints)

    Don't forget to smile! (Do not forget to smile!)

    We are what we make of ourselves! (We are what we make of ourselves!)

    I don't need luck if I have love. (I don't need luck if I have love)

    Be happy, not perfect. (Be happy, not perfect)

    Life is better when you're smile. (Life is better when you smile)

    One bad chapter doesn't mean your story is over. (A bad chapter doesn't mean your story is over)

    Don't be afraid of dreaming! (Don't be afraid to dream!)

    The more we smile, the more life makes up for it. (The more we smile, the more life pays)

    Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced. (Life is not a problem to solve, but a reality to experience)

    Sometimes you need to fall before you can fly. (Sometimes you gotta fall before you can fly)

    Dream without fear, love without limits. (Dream without fear, love without limits)

    Inhale the future, exhale the past. (Inspire the future, exhale the past)

    I don't always take a selfie, but when I do… (I don't always take a selfie, but when I do…)

    Life goes on, with or without you… (Life goes on, with or without you…)

    Let your aura reflect who you truly are. (Let your aura reflect who you really are)

    It's OK if you don't like me, not everyone has good taste. (It's okay if you don't like me, not everyone has good taste)

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    4. Captions for photos alone reflective

    If you want to be happy, the secret is to keep your happiness a secret.

    When everything around you is darkness and darkness, learn to be light.

    If you want things to change, have faith.

    Make every minute of your life count.

    The good times are not just etched in memory.

    If someone doesn't hold you, then don't hold on to that person either.

    They say love is the answer, but which question?

    Less can be more, accept being simple.

    Whoever runs always stumbles, so let's be happy without haste.

    Hope is realizing that, no matter how bad that day, there will be another totally unexpected.

    If someone makes you light, then that's what you need to feed your soul with.

    After suffering a lot wanting a perfect person and a movie life, I just want to be happy in a simple way. – Tati Bernardi

    It's not the sun that makes your day bright, but your attitudes.

    When you think you won't hold the wave, remember that you are the sea itself.

    It's impossible not to bloom when you believe in yourself.

    Why would you stay the same if even the seasons change.

    The world will be able to give you back with gratitude when you scream with kindness.

    Your heart can bloom even on its own if it is at peace.

    If you know how to enjoy life, then it is infinite.

    The art of attracting good things is to give thanks.

    Everything can change as long as your heart beats.

    Order of love: first one's own, then reciprocal.

    When you stop pleasing the audience, that's when life begins.

    Evolving is expensive. Sometimes friends go, loves are lost and you suffer with the change. But, in the end, it is far from excesses that the essential remains: you find yourself.

    Miracles happen every day. So don't give up on your dreams.

    How many liters of coffee do you wake up to life with?

    There will always be reasons to exist as long as there are dreams to follow.

    Don't let people put you in their storm. Put them in your peace.

    Choose to be part of the journey or get out of the way.

    There will always be a chance to succeed where there is a will.

    So strong on the outside, so much confusion on the inside... Calm mind, noisy heart.

    The best part of life is being able to learn something new every day. 

    Carry a handful of earth every day and you will make a mountain. – Confucius

    I turned you into this song, so I could record you in me. – Pitty

    Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves. – Carl Jung

    Our happiness depends more on what we have in our heads than in our pockets. – Arthur Schopenhauer

    Don't wait for a crisis to find out what's important in your life. – Plato

    Your true personality is waiting for you all your life, don't make it wait any longer. – Dr. Steve Maraboli

    Each day nature produces enough for our lack. If everyone took what he needed, there would be no poverty in the world and no one would starve. – Mahatma Gandhi

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    5. Captions for photos alone and lazy

    Caption for photos: the 154 best for your posts

    Life needs to be taken lightly.

    You yourself are the only person responsible for your peace.

    All you have to do is close your eyes and just love yourself.

    Take out of your life everything that takes away your peace.

    Have power over yourself, how? Being at inner peace.

    The most important thing is to have a peaceful mind.

    Afflictions add nothing. So fill your life with joys.

    You can just be good, you don't have to be perfect.

    Try to have lightness in your feet and tranquility in your soul.

    Tomorrow is always a new beginning. So don't be in a hurry.

    You are not others, live carefree, don't care what they think.

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    6. Captions for photos alone and exercises

    If you don't lose focus, then rest assured, change happens.

    Whenever you think it's not possible, repeat to yourself that it is possible.

    Always gather the strength to be whoever you want to be.

    Always respect your limits, pain is not mandatory to have gains.

    You are perfect the way you are, love your body and your curves.

    The greatest proof of self-love is to maintain balance between your mind and your body.

    Your body will always thank you if you jump, run and dance.

    Results need time.

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