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    Caption for photos with child: the most beautiful to use

    Caption for photos with child: the most beautiful to use

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Sep 14, 2022 | Social Networks | 0

    If you're having trouble thinking of a caption for photos with your child, you've come to the right place. In this article, we selected options from renowned authors, such as Augusto Cury and Machado de Assis.

    In addition, we have separated several song lyrics that talk about the relationship between parents and children in a very special way. You can still be inspired by celebrity quotes that show how beautiful the relationship with your little ones is.

    Undoubtedly, this is content to add to your computer's favorites tab, as you will probably need some of these phrases today or in the next few days. Follow up!

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    Caption for photos with child: which ones are the most beautiful? 

    From now on, we are going to show you some caption tips for photos with your child, which are present on the Pensador website, one of the most relevant portals on the market in relation to this subject. 

    When choosing captions for photos with the child, we took special care to add options that help create an amazing connection between mother and child.

    Multiple caption options for photos with kids 

    The following captions are great alternatives to use, such as short statuses for children on social networks or messaging apps. 

    • “Prepare your child to “be”, for the world will prepare him to “have”. - Augusto Cury;
    • “Declare to your children that they are not at the bottom of your life, but at the center of your story.” - Augusto Cury;
    • “A mother's love for her child is unlike anything else in the world. He obeys neither law nor piety, he dares all things and remorselessly exterminates everything that stands in his way.” – Agatha Christie; 
    • "A mother's love is the highest form of altruism." - Machado de Assis;
    • “True happiness is in the house itself, among the joys of the family.” – Leo Tolstoy;
    • "Family: the only kind of love that doesn't cause you pain." – Film: The Little Mermaid;
    • “I needed to give my son a place to look. She needed to tell him, silently, that things might change, grow, or wither, but life would go on. That we were all part of a great cycle, some sort of arrangement whose purpose only God could understand.” – Jojo Moyes;
    • “I loved my son from the moment he opened his eyes to the moment you closed them.” – Film Troy;
    • "Motherhood made my son's smile the biggest goal of my life". – Elisabeth Trinidad Mena;
    • “After opening my eyes my son changed my whole world, there I knew that it wasn't him who belonged to me, but I who would live for him from that moment on…” – Inoema Jahnke;
    • “So you came to change my life, transform my sadness into joy, you are more than I asked God for, you are the best part of me, you are the light that was missing to make my day more beautiful, you are and to will always be MY LITTLE PRINCE.” – Luana Schenk.

    Caption for photos with child: get inspired by celebrities 

    Celebrity statements can also be used when building a caption for photos. There are some phrases for children that can bring an amazing connection between images and captions. See below. 

    • “I think all mothers end up feeling that way. You do your best and still feel guilty. I love being a mother, I love my children more than anything in this world and I would do anything for them” – Victoria Beckham;
    • “I feel like Wonder Woman” – Giovanna Antonelli;
    • “Life is before and after (them). The focus leaves you. You never slam the door and go. I'm afraid of the moment when it's just me again” – Débora Bloch;
    • “Motherhood changes women. Our gaze is renewed. Today, I feel much more responsible for my habits and conduct” – Drica Moraes;
    • “My time as a child is now for playing with him, I can't do childishness, nonsense and waste time with nitpicking anymore. Now I'm a mother, I have to make decisions every day and bear the consequences” – Wanessa Camargo;
    • “While we try to teach our children all about life, they teach us what life is all about” – Gisele Bündchen;
    • “Since I had the baby, I can't remember anything. Seriously, this kid stole my brain” – Reese Witherspoon;
    • “It was a watershed. I love my career, but being a mother is transformative. I was an only child until the arrival of Victor, my brother, who is only 11 years old. Until then everything was for me. Being a mother took that focus away. I was able to share more, get out of individuality, donate emotionally. Motherhood is a new planet that I inhabit, much more colorful!” – Danielle Winits;
    • “People really change for the better after having a child. Human beings are selfish by nature, but we stop looking only at our own belly button when there is another person who depends so much on you” – Adriane Galisteu;
    • “The first child makes a revolution in our lives, the second pregnancy is a different experience. You are more open to sharing, to sharing. Today I feel much more complete and this is largely due to the relationship between work and motherhood” – Gabriela Duarte;
    • “What's crazier is that, even at such a young age, I'm completely happy with my new life as a mother. I don't miss the things out there that all my friends are living intensely and I'm not. That's crazy, isn't it?” – Carolinie Figueiredo 
    • “I fulfilled the biggest dream of my life. I think there comes a stage when, as much as we are happy, fulfilled, something is missing… And that something, in fact, is everything for me, it's my daughter, Rafaella”. – Ticiane Pinheiro. 

    Now, it's easier to choose a caption for photos with children, isn't it?

    Song lyrics to use as caption for photos with child

    In this topic, we separate a list of lyrics that anyone can use as a caption for photos with children. There are national and international alternatives. See below.

    • Lurdez da Luz e Paralelo – “Welcome”


    To your new life, my beautiful

    love does not end

    Ours and the goddess's, that your soul shields

    Come give the air of your grace

    And taste the fate of being born mine

    Jump between catrinas and colombinas

    To find your own way

    Far from the hot seat.” 

    • Joyce – “Clareana”

    “A little animal is made

    in the morning sun

    Ball of wool

    In the mother's womb." 

    • Lurdez da Luz e Paralelo – “Welcome”


    To your new life, my beautiful

    love does not end

    Ours and the goddess's, that your soul shields

    Come give the air of your grace

    And taste the fate of being born mine

    Jump between catrinas and colombinas

    To find your own way

    Far from the hot seat.”

    • Cássia Eller – “At recess”

    “In my heart, I made a home

    my heart is your home

    And what good is so much furniture?

    if you are not with me

    It is only possible to love you”. 

    • Paula Toller – “Eight years”

    “Why do bones hurt while we sleep?

    Why do teeth fall out?

    Where do the children go?

    Why do fingers wither when I'm in the shower?

    Why do the streets fill up when it's raining?

    What is a thousand trillion times infinity?”

    • Bárbara Dias – “Nine months”

    “My first step

    It will be in your embrace

    hold me when i fall

    And at the end of the day it's just your voice

    that will be able to make me sleep

    If it's a storm, all fear

    If it's regret, please take it out

    You still don't have me whole

    You don't even know me well, but I can hear you already."

    • Maria Rita – “Cria”

    “Growing up, it gained space

    jumped off my arm

    was born another day

    already want to go to the floor

    already speak mother, already speak father

    no longer dirty in bed,

    he doesn't want a pacifier anymore, he already eats beans

    and I can even see my features

    in the first steps

    stumble, I hold, and I do not let it fall.” 

    • Alanis Morrisete – “Guardian”

    “I will be your defender for life, as your guardian

    I will be your protective warrior, your first direction

    I'll be your angel on call, I'll always be alert

    The greatest of all honors, to be like your guardian.” 

    • Dina Di – “My son, my rules”

    “I gave birth to a boy, my feeling is eternal

    That winter night I will never forget

    After nine months of waiting

    Being a mother for the first time made me grow up, I was no longer

    That girl who had nothing to lose.” 

    • Beyoncé – “God made you (Beautiful)”

    "When you were born

    The angels sighed in delight

    They never thought they'd have such a beautiful sight

    you breathed

    And the world was right again.” 

    • Marisa Monte – “The river”

    “Remember, my son, it has passed, it will pass

    This certainty, science gives us

    That it will rain when the sun gets tired

    So that flowers don't miss

    So that flowers never fail.” 

    • Gustavo Lima – Family Man 

    “I looked at you, you looked at me

    Now my life believes

    I never believed in love at first sight

    Until you appear out of nowhere

    And rip my cachaça with your lipstick kiss

    Until you show up out of nowhere.” 

    And who would have thought that I even removed my stereo from the car now”. 

    Add these songs to your computer's favorites tab. They are great suggestions when it comes to captions for photos with your kids.

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    single mother

    We know that in our country, there are millions of mothers who take care of their children with great disposition. So, from now on, we are going to show you a list for you to choose which is the best caption for photos with children. 

    • “Being a single mother is not shameful. Shameful is to stop being a mother for being single.” – Julian Mamoru Iwasaki;
    • “There is no single mother. Mother is not a marital status.” – Pope Francis;
    • “My mother was also a single mother. It's difficult, very difficult. All mothers are heroes.” – Beartown (series);
    • “There is no single mother, there is a woman with attitude and courage. – Pedro Afo Inserted by AFO”;
    • “Life is incredibly hard, until you feel someone kicking you inside. I understood her meaning when she grew inside me, then love took over and has been making it all worth it! They were born of me and I was reborn with them.” – Natalie Leite. 

    Here, we have mentioned the best captions for Instagram child photos. So, analyze all the alternatives and choose which one is the best option for your next publication. 

    If you are looking for “tumblr child status”, this social network can also be a great alternative, as it contains excellent phrases for parents. You can also search for “my blue world son tumblr phrases” and “little piece of me my son tumblr” to find other options. 

    It is also important to remember that, when publishing a caption for photos with a child, we recommend choosing an alternative that best represents the image and also your profile. Thus, all the elements of the publication will make sense for the story you intend to tell at that moment.

    After following a complete list that indicates the best caption for photos with children, we would like to know your opinion. Did you miss a phrase that you are in the habit of using in your routine? If the answer is yes, share it with us in the comments below. We'd love to know more about your creativity.

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