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    Boyfriend Nicknames: The 134 Most Affectionate to Use

    Boyfriend Nicknames: The 134 Most Affectionate to UseBoyfriend Nicknames: The 134 Most Affectionate to Use

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Sep 21, 2022 | Social Networks |

    Do you have an nickname for boyfriend or your girlfriend?

    If you're in a relationship, have a crush, or are interested in someone, sometimes using a nickname to show affection and affection for that person is super cool.

    However, creating a nickname might not be the easiest thing in the world, especially if you're not a very creative person.

    So, one solution is to use the internet to find a good nickname for your boyfriend or have an inspiration to create one, after all, there is no shortage of options on social networks.

    In order to help you find a nickname for your boyfriend, girlfriend or crush, we've put together a list of several options.

    Just choose one that suits your partner or maybe use the options that we are going to cite as a source of inspiration to create your own original nickname. 

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    affectionate nicknames for boyfriend

    1. Sweetheart

    Being the diminutive of “well” and very common, benzinho has been used for a long time by several couples.

    It's a classic and also a great nickname for a boyfriend, thus showing all the affection and affection you have for one of the most important people in your life.

    2. bae

    A more modern and popular nickname that over time has become popular with many couples.

    This option turns out to be a variation of the word “love”.

    So how can this not be a cute nickname for your partner?

    3. Little Lion

    If you're dating someone with long hair who has hair that resembles a lion's mane, then this nickname turns out to be a great one for you to use.

    He is also quite affectionate and cute.


    You might be wondering: Why is “panda” a good nickname for a boyfriend?

    Pandas are animals that we can consider silly, in the best sense of the word, and super cute.

    So if your boyfriend has any of these traits or both, this ends up being the perfect boyfriend nickname.

    5. darling

    If you're in a relationship or hooking up with someone, it's because you want that person, right?

    So the word “darling” is a great nickname for a boyfriend.

    It shows the affection you feel for the person and how important they are to you.

    6. Papi

    Papi is a very popular Spanish expression that became popular and used in several countries for a long time.

    In the Spanish language, “papi” is an affectionate way to refer to a husband or boyfriend.

    So why not join too?

    7. Vida

    Another classic on the list, everyone, or almost everyone, has heard or called someone life, right?

    This nickname demonstrates that your partner occupies a big place in your life.

    8. beautiful

    If you think the person you're with is super cute, then calling them "beautiful" turns out to be a great nickname for a boyfriend.

    In addition to always boosting your partner's self-esteem, you'll have a nickname used only by you.

    9. Rey

    If you want to uplift your spouse or partner and even boost their ego a little, then “King” is a nickname you can use.

    10. My love

    Amore Mio is another very popular expression used to call someone dear.

    This nickname originates in Italy, but it has also spread throughout much of the world, and many people use it as a nickname for a boyfriend.

    Amore Mio can be translated as “My love”.

    11. Enchanted

    If you think your boyfriend reminds you of Prince Charming, for example, then you might end up calling him that.

    Another reason is to say that he enchanted your life.

    12. Chuchu

    Coming from the French “Chouchou”, Chuchu is a very affectionate nickname that serves to tell your loved one that he is your favorite person.

    13. heart

    The design of a heart is a universal symbol that practically everyone uses to symbolize love.

    So if you want to make your feelings clear in a way that truth, strength, intuition and wisdom are still symbolized, then “heart” turns out to be a great nickname for a boyfriend.

    14. Dream

    If you think your life with your boyfriend is perfect or he's everything you've always dreamed of, a boyfriend nickname you can use is the simple but meaningful “Dream”.

    15. My Good

    If you want all the best and consider the person as something valuable in your life, “My Good” becomes a perfect option for a boyfriend nickname.

    Furthermore, she is quite popular among many couples.

    16. Pudding

    If your partner is sweet, “pudding” is a nickname that symbolizes this trait well.

    After all, the sweeter the better, right?

    17. heartthrob

    Is your boyfriend handsome, kind, affectionate and charming?

    Do you meet the criteria to be a famous soap opera heartthrob?

    So why not call it that?

    18. Champion

    This is a nickname for a boyfriend who is a fighter, who fights to overcome difficulties and achieve his dreams and yours as a couple.

    19. Passion

    Now, if what you feel for your boyfriend is something that snatched your heart and you can't even put it into words it's so intense, then "infatuation" might be the nickname you've been looking for.

    20. Little angel

    This nickname may not be very suitable for all boyfriends, but if yours has characteristics of a good guy, always patient, always looking to do good and the best for both, then “Anjinho” is a great nickname for a boyfriend.

    21. teddy bear

    Bears are also an animal that many find cute and comfortable.

    So if your partner also has these traits, you've found the perfect nickname.

    22. Cute

    “Lindinho” is very suitable if you think your boyfriend is beautiful and you can't stop looking at him.

    The diminutive of the word "Beautiful" ends up being a great way to call your partner.

    23. Baby

    The English language often uses the nickname “Baby” among couples.

    So why not use the translated version here in our country?

    “Baby” ends up being a cute way of nickname for a boyfriend, because although everyone grows up, there is always a remnant of the baby that has passed away one day.

    24. Honey Bread

    Very suitable for the partner who has sweet and soft characteristics, many people also use “Pão de Mel” as a form of nickname for their boyfriend.

    25. Affection

    The word “Carinho” is used as a noun in Portuguese, indicated to show affection and tenderness.

    And what is more common to feel for the boyfriend than precisely affection and tenderness?

    26. Caramel

    Is there anyone who doesn't like it and doesn't have at least some caramel characteristics?

    This is a food that combines with several others, being sweet and a little sticky, characteristics that many boyfriends have.

    If your boyfriend is very romantic and clingy, “Caramel” is a great nickname for you to use.

    27. Coziness

    Very suitable for those who see their partner as a safe haven, to rest and get rid of all evil, to be hugged and supported whenever they feel exposed or needy.

    28. My Everything

    Often used to show the partner how much space and importance he has in his life.

    29. Dengo

    If you have a sweetheart boyfriend who loves to tease you and you also have some traits of a “tantrum” or “pouty” when he is with you, then “Dengo” is the boyfriend nickname you are looking for. 

    30. baby

    Dominguinhos already said in his song: “I miss a good one, what a baby I miss”, and many people are really after a baby.

    If you have one, make sure he knows it by calling him that all the time.

    31. Cherub

    “Cherub” is very suitable if you have a boyfriend who seems to be an angel and a gift in your life.

    So why not call him in a way that means the messenger of God.

    32. cuddle

    Use "Chamego" if you see your boyfriend as someone who loves to always be close and receiving affection.

    33. Cafuné

    Cafuné, in Portuguese, means the act of scratching a person's head affectionately and with the fingertips.

    It is quite present in the national culture.

    34. Wolverines

    If you see your boyfriend as a superhero, then why not call him one?

    If he has a big beard and is very brown, he can use "Wolverine", one of the most famous characters in Marvel and a member of the X-Men.

    It may not seem very affectionate, but coming from someone he loves, it certainly will be.

    35. Peanut

    Very suitable for those who have a shorter and cuter partner, it is a very affectionate way to call.

    36. Lucky

    If you want to have a unique way to call your boyfriend and still want to praise yourself, then lucky is the perfect boyfriend nickname.

    After all, he will be lucky to have found you and stayed with you.

    37. Shrek

    An old saying goes: it's better to have an ogre of character than a prince who sucks.

    And looking at it this way, which character best fits this description?

    Exactly, the famous ogre Shrek, who although he looks rough, loves his wife and has a huge heart.

    38. Talent

    This nickname can refer to talent chocolate, or even that expression that says: “my boyfriend is or gives talent”.

    So it can be a great nickname option for boyfriend.

    39. Top notch

    Many people use the expressions “Top”, “Topper” and “Topíssimo”.

    It is one of the most well-known modern slang and means something that is very good.

    So, you've found a funny and even meaningful way to call your boyfriend.

    40. Frog

    Often used to refer to a graceful and very handsome man, “Sapão” became a very popular slang that was spread in the culture very quickly.

    41. Boy Lipstick

    With this nickname, you will call and compare your boyfriend with the famous Garoto chocolate, that is, small but tasty.

    42. Look 43

    This is another nickname for a boyfriend that makes reference to a band RPM, which said: “And for you I just leave my 43 look, that one like that, kind of sideways, already leaving, leaving, crazy about you”.

    So if your partner is a music fan, you've found the nickname.

    43. Muscovado

    If your boyfriend doesn't like to show his feelings and his romantic side too much, but deep down he is extremely caring, affectionate and loving, then "Mascavo" is an excellent nickname for you to use.

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    Affectionate nicknames for girlfriend

    44. Tigress

    If you as a boyfriend have a fierce and determined girlfriend, then “tiger” is a good nickname option for you to call her.

    45. Heaven

    If you want to show how much you love your partner, calling her “Heaven” can be a great way to show your awesomeness.

    46. ​​Peach

    Many consider the peach as a fruit that has a soft and smooth surface, in addition to being very sweet most of the time.

    So, this might be the perfect nickname if your girlfriend also has these traits.

    47. Soul Mate

    If you think your girlfriend is the soul mate you've finally found, that is, your better half and you complete each other, then calling her that is a great way to demonstrate that every day.

    48. Princess

    Virtually every woman dreams of being part of royalty, right?

    So why not make her feel part of one?

    Always used by couples, the nickname “Princess” can increase your partner's self-esteem and put her at the height she deserves to be.

    49. Flower

    Flowers are beautiful and always surprise with the most diverse shapes, colors and smells.

    If you want to reference the wonderful essence of your partner as well as the beauty that delights the eyes, you can call her that.

    50. Queen

    Often used by husbands to refer to their wives, this ends up being an excellent nickname option.

    After all, everyone deserves to be treated like a queen, right?

    But it shouldn't just be used by husband and wife.

    You can also call your girlfriend that.

    51. Star

    You can use the nickname “Star” if you think your girlfriend is beautiful as one and that your relationship will last as long as a star shines.

    52. Doll

    If you have a girlfriend with a young and fun spirit, you can call her "Doll", and refer to her childhood and her energy.

    53. Darling

    There's not much to say about this option.

    After all, it may be the best known on this list and that in itself says a lot.

    54. Wonder

    Another widely used, you can also call your girlfriend by variations of this word, such as "Mara" or invent others, such as "Maravilinda".

    55. Precious

    Perfect if you see your partner as a precious jewel in your life.

    56. Diva

    If you are looking for a powerful nickname, but one that demonstrates all your love, “Diva” or “Goddess” are excellent options for you to try.

    57. beauty

    Very suitable if you like the classics and want to highlight your girlfriend's beauty even more and make reference to an object or person of great external beauty.

    58. Odara

    Once again talking about music, Caetano Veloso once said: “Let me sing that it's for the world to stay odara, for everything to be a rare jewel”.

    Odara has a very interesting meaning.

    This expression means tranquility and peace and is a very affectionate nickname for you to use.

    59. Musa

    “Musa” can be used a lot if your girlfriend is the one who brings meaning to your life and the things you do.

    She is your inspiration for everything.

    60. Sweetheart

    Love is quite popular and it never goes out of style to call your partner that way.

    But you can look for variations.

    And one of the cutest is “Amorzinho”, summarizing the way you can feel about your girlfriend.

    61. Sweetie

    More suitable if you have a girlfriend who gets along well in every situation and is a sweet person, always being pleasant.

    62. little fox

    If your girlfriend has characteristics of being smart and sagacious, like a fox, using the diminutive “Little Fox” ends up being a great nickname.

    What's more, foxes are beautiful, and you'll also be praising your partner's beauty.

    63. Linda

    If in addition to being in love, you also think your girlfriend is beautiful, calling her that, only in the diminutive, will show the way you see her and the great affection you feel for her.


    We have already listed pandas in male nicknames.

    But it can also be used a lot to refer to your girlfriend, thus showing your cuteness.

    Another option is to use a variation, such as “Pandinha”.

    65. Cinema

    Another one that enters the list as a variation of the word “Love”, and has become quite popular in recent years.

    This nickname spread especially due to the characters of several soap operas, who used “Mozi” to refer to their partner.

    66. Beloved 

    If you usually give a lot of love and affection to your partner.

    So “Beloved” can demonstrate this feeling.

    67. Butterfly

    Possessing different colors, the butterfly is one of the most graceful insects present in nature and a symbol of transformation.

    Thus, this nickname can show your girlfriend's constant evolution as a person and how beautiful and graceful she is.

    68. Glamorous

    Who has never heard that classic song that has the phrase: “Glamurosa, queen of funk”.

    If you have a girlfriend who likes funk and has the characteristic of being glamorous, you've found the nickname for her.

    69. Chili

    If you have a girlfriend that's hot like a pepper and you love her anyway, this can be a pretty endearing nickname.

    70. madness

    There is always that person who is a little “crazy in the head”, in the best sense of the word.

    So besides being funny, this nickname can be a compliment.

    71. Mermaid

    If your girlfriend possesses a trait of deadly seduction, just like a mermaid of legends, you've found a great way to show it in an affectionate way.

    72. Chinchilla

    Chinchilla is a very cuddly and cute animal.

    So calling your girlfriend that way can end up being a great nickname.

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    Nicknames for hookups or crush

    73. Comrade

    “Comrade” can be a good option for the date or crush, as it falls between the personal and impersonal form.

    He may show affection for someone you like as a friend, but you're not dating yet.

    74. Scheme

    These days, whenever someone is going out with their date or crush, people often say “Schedule a schedule”.

    So why not call the other person "Scheme".

    75. Delusion

    More suitable to refer to a person who leaves you very disoriented, who causes so much desire that you don't even think straight.

    76. Contatinho

    “Contatinho” is one of the most recent slang terms on the list so far.

    It can be used to refer to a person you have a romantic date with, but nothing too serious.

    77. Mirage

    Perhaps a not-so-happy nickname for one of the sides, but a very functional one.

    Best if you have a platonic, one-sided love.

    It is indicated if you like someone but the person doesn't like you and you imagine a relationship with them, like a mirage. 

    78. Future

    If you have a crush or are staying with someone you fell in love with and want to have a future by your side, then calling him that can show your desire.

    79. Sensation

    If you have a crush or hookup that makes you feel great, even a little sweet, like the chocolate of the same name, this nickname might be perfect to use.

    80. Flirt

    If you like older expressions to refer to someone you are flirting with, then “Flirt” is the word.

    81. Icon

    It is more used if the date or crush has marked you more strongly, as an icon in your life.

    82. Departed

    It can refer more to a location.

    This modern slang refers to when a person asks you to go out somewhere and you agree at the same time.

    83. Shippo / Shippa

    Shipping someone with someone else is the same thing as hoping you both get together at some point.

    So, you can update the expression and if you want to get together with someone, you can call him or her that yourself.

    affectionate nicknames in english

    84. Honey

    This is a nickname that anyone who watches subtitled movies or series has surely heard around.

    It can be translated as "honey", referring to a caring, sweet, sweet and pleasant person.

    Thus, this is also one of the most used affectionate nicknames.

    85. Hubby

    This is an English word used to refer to her husband, who would normally be called “Husband”.

    “Hubby” turns out to be a rather affectionate variation.

    It has a cuter meaning, like "Esposinho" or "Hubby".


    Cupcakes are beautiful and colorful cookies that can brighten the lives of many people.

    They can be translated as "Cup cake" and an affectionate nickname to use with the partner.

    87. Sugar

    Another nickname that refers to sweet and sweet people, “Sugar” can be translated as “Sugar”, and many grandparents and grandfathers often use it to address their grandchildren.

    But nothing prevents you from using it as a nickname for a boyfriend who has the same characteristics.

    88. Sweet Little Dumpling

    Can be translated as "cupcake", this expression can be used affectionately to refer to your partner.

    89. Baby

    One of the best known and frequently appearing in American movies and series, it literally means "Baby".

    This nickname became so popular that even in our country several couples use the expression in English to call their romantic partner.

    90. Teddy Bear

    Another popular nickname, “Teddy Bear” means “little bear”, or more specifically, a teddy bear.

    91. Baby Cheeks

    If your partner has big or fluffy cheeks, this boyfriend nickname is perfect as it means “baby cheek”.

    92. My Everything

    It can be translated as "My Everything".

    This nickname can be used for both boyfriends and girlfriends, and it means the importance that one can have in the other's life.

    93. Lil Wolf

    This nickname means, in Portuguese, "Little Wolf" or "Little Wolf", and is a very affectionate nickname for the intelligent and wildest partner.

    94. Bae

    Bae is an abbreviation of the expression "Before Anyone Else", which translated means "Before Anyone".

    He as a nickname for boyfriend speaks for itself about being cute and important.

    95. Little Saint

    More suitable if you have a relationship where the partner is a saint and does nothing wrong, or at least pretends to be so, this nickname means “Saint” or “Little Saint”.

    96. Sunshine

    It can be translated as “Sunshine” or “Sunshine”, Sunshine is a nickname suitable for that person who shines in your life and gives you direction.

    97. Boo

    Although it is an American word, it originates from French, as a variation of “Beau”, meaning “Beautiful” or “Beautiful”.

    98. Dimples

    If your partner has dimples on their cheeks, then “Dimples” is a nickname you can definitely use, as it just means “Dimples”.

    99. Joy

    “Joy” can be translated as “Joy”.

    So if your partner is the reason for your smile, calling it that ends up being a very affectionate way.

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    Other cute and creative nicknames

    100. Marshmallow

    If your partner makes you feel cozy and safe as well as sweet, then “Marshmallow” is the nickname for you.

    101. Don't

    Donut is a candy that everyone loves that is pure sugar and perfect for that sweet, sweet partner with everyone.


    This is a nickname for that person who has the soul of an artist and excels in various things he tries to do.

    103. My Little Pony

    If you want to refer to the past and the child side of your love, this nickname comes from the classic children's cartoon "My Little Pony", which you may have heard of, and can describe someone cute and who is your better half.

    104. Bear

    If you have a furry boyfriend, a popular boyfriend nickname you can use is "Bear".

    105. Sweet lips

    If you never get tired of kissing your partner, then what better nickname than that?

    106. Lovinho

    Another variation of the word “Amor”, only this time in English, which is “Love”, with a hint of Brazilian.

    107. Flake

    This nickname is great and cute, as it makes a clear reference to the classic and well-known dog that appears in Monica's Gang.

    108. Vira-Lata

    If your partner can handle any situation and is very sporty, then mutt could end up being a boyfriend nickname that does justice to him. 

    109. H2O

    If a person is as essential to you as water, then calling it that is fair.

    110. Pulga

    A nickname for a boyfriend that doesn't let go of you.

    111. Little Bit

    If your love stands out due to your loud speech, a cute way to call the person is "Pitiquinho".

    112. Miau

    The meaning is the same as “Cat”, only more unique.

    113. Ember

    It is best suited for that hotter partner who gets stressed easily.

    114. Diamond

    Diamond is a nickname you can use to show how important someone is to you.

    115. Nono

    If your love has an older person's soul, then "ninth" could be a nickname for an affectionate boyfriend that shows this trait.

    116. Jam

    It can be used for that person who is sweet and who is calm with everything.

    After all, jam is a great accompaniment to food.

    117. Succulent

    You can reference the plant that is adored by many, as well as show your partner's sweetness.


    Eros means "Love" or "Act of Loving", originating from ancient Greek.

    119. Amulet

    If your partner brings you good luck, then call him an amulet. 

    120. Pretty

    You can discover the love of your life with this expression, which in Spanish means “Beautiful”.

    121. Flower

    In Italian, this word means “Flower”, a great nickname for your girlfriend.

    122. My Darling

    Another classic, this expression means “My Darling” in French, a great nickname for a boyfriend or girlfriend.

    123. Kitten/Kitten

    One of the most popular nicknames in our country.

    This is a great nickname for a boyfriend or girlfriend, who always praises the beauty of the other.

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    Nicknames for nerdy couple

    124. Batsy

    If your partner is a Batman fan, then you can call him “Batsy”, a nickname the character Harley Quinn uses to refer to the character.

    It's a great nickname for a boyfriend.

    125. Read from my Han Solo

    “Read from my Han Solo” is great if you're a Star Wars fan, as this is one of the most classic and beloved couples in pop culture.

    126. Pudding

    Also said by the character Harley Quinn, she uses it to refer to her love interest Joker.

    However, you need to be a big fan to use this option, as this is a somewhat controversial couple.

    127. Jack of my Rose

    Jack and Rose are also one of the classic couples in the movie world.

    Thus, Titanic lovers have an excellent option to call their partner.

    128. Infinity Gem

    Anyone who is a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies knows how powerful, beautiful and important the Infinity Stones are.

    If your girlfriend is that for you too, this nickname perfectly demonstrates your affection.

    129. Little Bat

    This nickname also references Batman.

    The character has been called that by several people.

    130. Mr. J (Or any other letter)

    Mr. J is also a nickname used by Harley Quinn to refer to the Joker, which in English is called “Joker”, hence the “J”.

    You can do the same and create a boyfriend nickname variation with your crush's initials, like "Mr. G”, for example.

    131. Wasp

    Wasp is the heroine and love interest of the hero Ant-Man.

    It's a pretty cute and meaningful way to call your girlfriend.

    132. My Person

    For fans of the Grey's Anatomy series, which is on Star Plus, "My Person" has a very important and deep meaning, and can be translated as "My Person", the one you trust in everything and is one of the most important in your life. life.

    133. Pepperony

    Pepperony is the combination of the names Tony and Pepper, one of the most famous and beloved couples in the Marvel universe.

    So, it can end up being a really cute way for you to call your partner.

    What's more, it's one of the funniest nicknames that I like to use and has its meaning. 

    134. MJ (or other initials)

    Last but not least, we have MJ, nickname of Mary Jane, the love interest of the hero Spider-Man.

    You can use an adaptation for your partner and take the two initials of their first two names.

    This is one of the best nicknames as it references one of the most romantic and cutest couples in comics.

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