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    Book apps: The 14 most recommended to download

    Book apps: The 14 most recommended to download

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Oct 6, 2022 | Technology |

    If you are looking for book apps, you've come to the right place. In this article, we will mention several options on the market, which contains more than a million works for different types of genres. 

    Most applications contain free versions with several benefits for users. There are even alternatives that offer works at no cost, so that the reader knows more details about the collection.

    If you are tired of wasting time looking for “how to download free books” or would like to know other different works, keep reading this post and get to know the best apps on the market.

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    What are the best book apps? 

    From now on, we are going to list which are the most popular and important book apps on the market. When choosing the alternatives from this list, we opted for options that contain an extensive collection of works and features that make it easy for anyone to read. 

    It is also essential to make it clear that the options mentioned in this article are apps for reading books in Portuguese and other languages. It has never been so easy to read books online our country. Follow up!

    1 Kindle

    Book apps: The 14 most recommended to download

    The first alternative of apps to read books is a service offered by Amazon. Amazon Kindle is one of the most important book apps on the market. Contrary to what many people think, it is also available for users who do not have a Kindle device. The app offers more than one million e-books. In the collection, there are paid and free options.

    The most interesting thing is that the user can read excerpts from books before finalizing the order. This way, you can choose an alternative that best matches your reader profile. One of the main advantages of the Kindle is the ability to customize the device's settings.

    The user can set the text size, screen brightness intensity, background color and even the reading type, which can be portrait or landscape. Available on Android and iOS. 

    2. Prestige eReader

    The next suggestion in our list of book apps also has several benefits for readers.

    Find out which are the most important below:

    • More than a million digital books;
    • Works available in 25 languages; 
    • 48 free books;
    • Support for opening various file formats for reading online. 

    You can still sort the books according to your preferred criteria. The most common are: author, title or reading frequency. This app is ideal for anyone looking for “free book apps”, as there are many free books. 

    Available on Android.

    3. Periodic Book Reader

    For readers who want to expand their knowledge in other languages, the Aldiko Book Reader app is a great alternative. In addition to Portuguese, he offers works in French, English, Spanish, German and Italian. 

    The app also allows the user to read the contents in PDF or EPUB. Another interesting tip is that the system contains a functionality to organize the works according to tags and collections. So you don't waste time choosing your favorite content. 

    Available on Android and iOS.

    4. iBooks

    In our list of book apps, we couldn't miss iBooks, which was developed by Apple. In addition to virtual books, the user also has access to audiobooks and can listen to various works while doing a physical activity or traveling.

    With this application, you can develop a list of the next books you want to read. To do this, just add them to the “Quero Ler” folder. Another differential is that the user can choose between four page colors, ensuring a more pleasant reading. It is a great option for reading books online. 

    Available on iOS.

    5. Wattpad

    The tool provides millions of works of various genres. In it, you can meet authors who are not famous or venture into works by Paulo Coelho and Maragaret Atwood.

    It is a great option to download free books. For those who have the habit of writing, it is worth highlighting an interesting tip: the application allows the author to publish his book free of charge. The application's collection contains romance, action, adventure, classic books, among others. 

    Available on Android and iOS.

    6. Moon+ Reader

    The Moon+ Reader app brings several interesting benefits to readers:

    • Allows you to adjust between more than 10 themes; 
    • Switching function for day or night;
    • Feature available “Keep your eyes healthy” for those people who spend several hours reading content;
    • Underline the most important parts of the book;
    • Functionality to take notes;
    • Look up words in the dictionary. 

    Available on Android.

    7. Kobo

    If you're passionate about comic books, the Kobo app is one of the best alternatives on this list. In addition, he has several eBooks and books for children.

    The tool also offers the user a space with free works. When reading certain content in this app, the user can mark the most important parts, annotate comments in notes and even share quotes with other people on social networks. 

    The application has a great tool that shows which are the most suitable books for the user, according to the works that have been accessed. That way, you can keep your readings steady. 

    Available on Android and iOS.

    8. Cool Reader

    This application has no integration with virtual stores. Therefore, you can import your books from your mobile device to the tool's system. The user can change the page background, screen light, among other features. 

    Available on Android.


    You have access to over four million virtual books. The collection also has online newspapers and magazines. The tool releases over a million materials, free of charge, to users. 

    When installing the application, the system sends some free works for the user to get to know the platform. Nook allows the reader to access samples of paid works for free, before finalizing the order.

    The application contains works for all family members, including children. To ensure the safety of their children, parents have control over the content they are reading. 

    Available on Android and iOS.

    10. ReadEra

    In this alternative, you can open various formats of read files. The proposal is for it to be a universal reading tool, being applicable to various eBook formats. With the tool, you can also adjust the page size and visual theme.

    The setting is also released for the margin, line spacing and various other features. The organization of the files is also editable, being able to group them in several ways:

    • Author;
    • Series;
    • Creation time;
    • Last read. 

    Available on Android.


    In the free version of this app, you can record notes and mark which parts of the book are most important. In the Pro version, you can choose the reading colors and take advantage of other marking alternatives. 

    Available on Android.

    12.FB Reader

    The translation into 34 different languages ​​is one of the main highlights of this application. It is also important to note that it is not integrated with a digital book store. Therefore, the user can import all the content from their mobile device to the application. 

    Like the other alternatives that have already been mentioned in this article, it also allows the digital reader to make configuration adjustments to make contact with online works more pleasant. It's an incredible experience. 

    Available on Android and iOS.

    13. Google Play Books

    Without a doubt, Google Books is one of the most beloved among readers. That's because, it offers millions of e-books to the users. Here, you have access to comics, textbooks and even audiobooks.

    All materials can be purchased from the Google Play store itself. It is a great opportunity to download free books. The tool also shows reading options according to the user's profile.

    Another positive point is that the technology synchronizes information. This means that, regardless of the device they are using, the reader accesses the book exactly where they stopped reading. 

    Available on Android and iOS.

    14. Marvin 

    In this application, the reader can make different types of settings to facilitate reading. See below:

    • Background colors; 
    • Page textures;
    • Shine;
    • Page turning direction;
    • Reading sources;
    • Text combinations. 

    One of the main differentials of this application is that it can read your works, collecting the most important information about each one. You will have access to data such as: authors, characters, places and events. Available on iOS.

    After discovering which are the best book apps, choose the alternative that matches your profile and schedule your next readings. It is worth sharing this article with your friends so that they also know about these alternatives that are available in the market. 

    Apps are great options to read books online for free or read PDF books for free. Despite having paid versions, they contain free options to read amazing works. In addition, they are safe and do not take up much memory on your mobile device. 

    Here on the site we always recommend several works to our readers. Enjoy and get to know 25 free entrepreneurship books to download.

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