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    Apps to Watch Animes

    Apps to watch anime will help you not to miss any more episodes of the Japanese cartoons that are on the air – Giganima, Anitube and Crunchyroll are some of them. Just enter the application and the complete design is there, and can even be available offline and without taking up so much space on your device.

    With anime watching apps you will also be able to organize all your titles: those that are in progress, those that you have already watched and those that you want to watch. In addition, you can search for new anime with filters by release years and genres, share episode links to watch with your friends and connect the broadcast with Chromecast or TV Box, improving your experience even more!

    Check out our selection of 5 apps to watch anime and start marathoning now!


    Giganima Animes Pro

    Apps to Watch Animes

    Giganima is a very objective application with a good collection of anime. You can watch and group the cartoons in favorites lists and even search for them with filters of “most watched”, “updated” by the developer and those that have recently released new seasons.

    The app shows an alphabetical list of titles and makes the file available for downloading and watching even without connection with the internet. Image quality is also a strong point of Giganima, in addition to using little memory on the device, but the player could be optimized.

    Giganima Animes Pro is available for:



    Apps to Watch Animes

    The Anitube app comes from the famous Brazilian website for watching anime of the same name, which was on the air for 8 years. With a collection of more than 50 thousand animes and dramas, Anitube still has a blog with daily posts about news from the world of Japanese drawings.

    Animes already come with a synopsis to make life easier for those who are getting to know the titles, there are options to add to favorites, access to the most watched anime sections and much more! The app doesn't require such a good internet connection to work and the video quality is HD.

    Anitube is available for:



    Apps to Watch Animes

    Crunchyroll is another service that has been online for a long time, making several animes available to watch for free. Crunchyroll's collection is one of the biggest and it promises to be one of the fastest updated. The app also allows you to create several lists depending on your needs and it divides the titles by categories. was recently added Chromecast support also!

    Crunchyroll is available for:

    Android iOS


    Apps to Watch Animes

    Anime is another platform to watch anime. THE interface is completely dark, perfect for those who like night modes of apps. It also features “most watched” categories, in addition to favorite releases and anime.

    The application offers more than one player option for anime, it doesn't have excessive ads that hinder navigation and in the last update they were released manga to read na platform.

    Animes is available for:



    Apps to Watch Animes

    Playnimes is also great for watching Japanese cartoons for free, as well as downloading them and sharing them with friends in the otaku world. One of its strengths is that it automatically saves the video at the time you stopped watching, so when you go back to the episode you don't have to watch it all over again from the beginning.

    It also marks the episodes watched - which helps a lot in the personal organization of your marathons - and doesn't require a very advanced internet connection to work.

    Playnimes is available for:


    Watching anime for free on mobile is easier than ever! Try one of our recommendations and check out our other posts below for more tips like this one!

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