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    Best upright vacuum cleaner: check out our list

    Best upright vacuum cleaner: check out our list

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Mar 7, 2022 | Shopping | 0

    Are you in need of a vacuum cleaner, whether at work or at home? In this post, we have put together a list of the best upright vacuum cleaner. To know the best options, some points need to be taken into account that make the machine a good choice.

    Among these essential characteristics, we can highlight some such as: suction power, reach below furniture, noise emission – after all, no one wants to be listening to noise all day, right? – wire length, accessories, filtration, weight, reservoir capacity, wind clearance and energy consumption.

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    Check out the best upright vacuum cleaner

    With all this in mind, we have listed the best vertical vacuum cleaner below, with some options that take into account the cost benefit, quality and features, so you can choose the best one for your needs and budget.

    1- Electrolux STK15

    Best upright vacuum cleaner: check out our list

    Image: Louise Magazine

    Our first suggestion for the best upright vacuum cleaner is the Electrolux STK15, which stands out due to its excellent suction force of 130 mmHG. If you need to clean under furniture, you don't have to worry, as compared to a standard box bed, the vacuum can reach up to one meter under the bed.

    In addition, this version is very quiet, compared to others on the market, reaching only 80 decibels of noise emission. You also don't have to worry about the length of the wire, as it is one of the longest available, reaching six meters. That way, you'll be able to clean a large room without having to change outlets at each new location.

    Another positive point of the Electrolux STK15 is the reservoir, which can hold up to 750ml. This allows you to carry out virtually any cleaning to the end, without having to stop halfway to empty the reservoir you've already filled. In addition, the wind released by the vacuum cleaner doesn't bother you, as it doesn't go towards you when you use it.

    Now, speaking of the negative points, even appearing on a list of the best vertical vacuum cleaner, this one is not very suitable for use on carpets. What's more, the cord is attached to the plastic body of the vacuum, which can make it easier to break both. Now, to use the vacuum cleaner on other surfaces, it performs its function with mastery. 

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    2- WAP Silent Speed

    Another option for the best vertical vacuum cleaner is the WAP Silent Speed, it stands out due to its construction pattern, which makes it very durable and very difficult to break or have any defect. It also has a reach under furniture such as a box bed of approximately one meter.

    As its name suggests, it is also very quiet and reaches only 81.7 decibels. You also won't face many problems with plug and range changes, as the cord of this vacuum cleaner is five meters long. In addition, this is one of the most economical options on the market, as it consumes only 0,41 kW/h, a difference of 25% with the standard of the other models.

    However, the Silent Speed ​​has some points that fall short, even in a list of best upright vacuum cleaner. One of them is its ability to vacuum, as its suction force is less than 90 mmHG, the market average. The other negative point is the direction of the wind that leaves the device, as it goes towards the sides and down, which can spread dirt and even make it difficult to aspiration of hair.

    3- Oster OASP601

    Following our list of the best upright vacuum cleaner, we have the Oster OASP601, which has one of the best vacuum strengths on the market, reaching 150 mmHG. The length of the wire is five meters and depending on the size of the place you use, it can completely satisfy your needs and range. 

    In addition, the filter used is HEPA, costing a low price and, if you have any problems, you can easily buy the part on the market, as on Oster's own website. That is, in the long term, it can have a great economy and durability. The power of this vacuum cleaner is an incredible 597 W/h.

    One of the negative points is the reservoir, which has the size of only 450 ml, that is, you will probably need to empty it during use. The OASP601 also doesn't have a good range to clean under furniture like bunk beds and can still be a little noisy compared to the versions mentioned above, at 87 decibels.

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    4- World AP-36

    The Mondial AP-36 vacuum cleaner is a great option and stands out due to the ease of cleaning the reservoir, especially for not using the HEPA filter, which for many can be an advantage, for others it can be a negative point, worth the your point of view. In addition, this version has a cyclonic pre-filter, which reduces the number of times you need to clean the filter. If the pre-filter has problems, you can buy another one for an extremely low price on the market.

    When it comes to suction power, the AP-36 deserves to be on this list of best upright vacuum cleaner, as it tops out at 120 mmHG. The reach under furniture is also excellent, even with the presence of wheels on the vacuum.

    However, not everything is rosy, as this vacuum cleaner has two defects that many may consider serious. The released wind can contain micro particles from the dust sucked in, in addition, the length of the wire is one of the shortest, with only four meters.

    5- Electrolux PTE10

    Best upright vacuum cleaner: check out our list

    Image: Electrolux

    Another option from Electrolux, the PTE10 is our next suggestion for the best upright vacuum cleaner. Its design offers some excellent advantages, such as the ease of cleaning in high places, much of which is due to its low weight in portable mode, being only 845 grams. Another advantage is the ease of vacuuming under furniture because of the long pipe.

    The PTE10 is one of the quietest on this list, emitting just 79 decibels of noise. Unlike other options mentioned above, this vacuum cleaner does very well vacuuming carpets, so this is another advantage. In addition, its filtration system is practically flawless, as it has a HEPA filter, an SS pre-filter and a foam before the HEPA filter.

    Although it offers all these advantages, it has some serious flaws, such as not being able to stand on its own due to its format. Also, it is heavier on the ground than average because of its engine. The reservoir is also an issue as it is only 400ml of capacity, likely requiring you to empty it while cleaning.

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    6- WAP Power Speed

    Another option for the best vertical vacuum cleaner is the WAP Power Speed, being more suitable for those who need to carry out heavy cleaning in large areas. On this list, it is one of the best for carpet vacuuming, most likely due to its motorized brush near the wheels that helps gather hair, fur, threads and other types of dirt.

    Another highlight is the length of the cord, which reaches eight meters, ensuring that you don't have to make many socket changes when cleaning the rooms in your home. However, it is worth mentioning that some versions of the vacuum cleaner can be found with a cord length of five meters.

    The reservoir is also another excellent advantage, being one of the largest offered, since its size is two liters and six hundred. Thus, you can carry out cleanings without the need to empty the reservoir in the process. Improving the reach, the vacuum nozzle is wider, ensuring you clean everything faster and in fewer passes than usual.

    Among the negative points, we can mention its weight, since, in order to have all these advantages, it ends up being heavier than average. This is also not one of the best options for cleaning under furniture, due to the low reach it has. He also doesn't have a very good balance, and can fall while you use the hose. 

    7- Electrolux DYN10

    Once again on the list of best vertical vacuum cleaner, Electrolux brings the DYN10. It has one of the quietest systems on the market, coming in at just 73 decibels. It also has two speeds, to make your work easier, at the lowest speed, it can be even quieter.

    Below the nozzle on wheels, it has a motorized brush to vacuum hair, wires and hair. However, you need to clean that same brush periodically. Another advantage is the length of the wire, which can reach up to six meters. At 800ml, the reservoir is much larger than average, requiring no change during most cleanings.

    The motorized brush also offers a good performance in cleaning rugs or carpets. Due to its construction being made with robust plastics, it has great durability and difficulty to break. 

    One of the disadvantages is the lack of balance to stand alone, but to overcome this problem, Electrolux sends a base to serve as support. Also, it doesn't have a portable mode. Another disadvantage is its weight, which can make handling more difficult, as it weighs 3,14 kg.

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    8- Philco PAS3000

    Philco also has a great vacuum cleaner, being the PAS3000, which has the great advantage of vacuuming not only dust and other types of dirt, but also vacuuming water. However, you will have problems with noise, as it is one of the loudest on the list of best upright vacuum cleaner, coming in at 89 decibels. 

    Its assembly has a certain fragility, which can show that it can break easily. Even with accessories that allow cleaning cracks and corners, the vacuum does not have a portable mode. Its weight of 2,57 kg is yet another disadvantage that can make handling difficult. Its suction power is also not the best, coming in at just 85 mmAH.

    9- Britannia BAS1250P

    If you are looking for value for money, one of our indications of the best vertical vacuum cleaner is the Britânia BAS1250P. Its biggest advantage is its low price, in addition to the great suction force of 130 mmHG, together with its 800 ml reservoir.

    Another benefit is the three accessories that come with the product, one for cleaning cracks and corners, a brush to help with cleaning and a specific accessory for cleaning upholstery.

    Among the negative points, we can highlight the anti-dirt device, which is poorly closed and can drop dirt particles around the house. Another disadvantage is the hair, which is quite fragile and can break or have poor contact if you are not careful.

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    10- Electrolux PURE F9

    Best upright vacuum cleaner: check out our list

    Image: Electrosound

    Continuing our list of the best upright vacuum cleaner, we have another one from Electrolux, the PURE F9. Although the value is much higher compared to the others mentioned above, it can be well worth it. The highlight is that it works wirelessly, maintaining a suction power very close to the standard of 200W. 

    If you have any allergies but still need to clean, this is the best option. It has a five-step filtration system, including the well-known HEPA filter. It also stands out for its ease of operation and the ability to stand on its own. Considering its capabilities, it is quite silent, reaching only 80 decibels.

    11- Electrolux ERG25

    Also priced a little steeply, the Electrolux ERG25 is still on the list of best upright vacuum cleaner. One of the best things about this option is that it is wireless and still has several auxiliary features. The battery lasts around 45 minutes, in addition to having a charging base and a vertical parking system that makes it stand up on its own. 

    In addition, it has a triple filtering system, very good for allergy sufferers. Its power is 110W with a washable filter, the noises reach only 80 decibels, with perfect nozzles for cleaning cracks, carpets and floors.

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    12- Electrolux ERG22 2 em 1

    Also wireless, the Electrolux ERG 22 is very suitable for those who live in apartments or small places. It has internal brushes that help in the collection of fur, wires and hair, in addition to being able to clean carpets with it, even though it is not very powerful, with only 70W. 

    The user can have 180 degree mobility with the handle, in addition to the nozzle allowing a 360 degree rotation. However, the battery leaves a little to be desired, lasting only thirty minutes away from the socket. Thus, it is not very suitable for complete cleaning, but for occasional cleaning, which is why it appears on the list of the best vertical vacuum cleaner.

    13- Cyclonic Black Decker 2 in 1

    One of the most powerful with 1200W, the Black Decker Cyclonic definitely couldn't be missing from a list of the best upright vacuum cleaner. In addition, it has articulated capabilities, which make it quite functional. That way, you can vacuum under furniture more easily.

    According to information from the producer itself, the HEPA filter used in Black Decker allows it to remove 99,97% of the impurities present in the air, making the environment in which you use it healthier. Speaking of the accessories that come with it, we have a brush for cleaning upholstery and a nozzle so you can access hard-to-reach areas.

    Another important point is that it has a wire, which many consider to be short, even taking into account its capacity, it is silent, with noise reaching 84 decibels, a little above average, but understandable due to the power.

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    14- Mondial Turbo Cycle 2 em 1

    With a power of 1100W, the Mondial Turbo Cycle is highly rated, and cannot be left out of a list of the best vertical vacuum cleaner. In addition, it has three different types of nozzles, one for carpets and floors, one for upholstery and one for crevices.

    The filtration system is double and washable, so your main filter can last longer and efficiently. This is a wired option and, although we do not have the exact information of the decibels, many complain that it is very noisy, the reservoir does not disappoint, having a size of 1,3 liters.

    15- Agratto Duo As-21 2 in 1

    Best upright vacuum cleaner: check out our list

    Image: Leroy Merlin

    Last but not least when it comes to the best upright vacuum cleaner, we have the Agratto Duo AS-21. If you want an economical option with a good filtration system, if you have allergies, then this is one of the best alternatives on the market. It features washable HEPA filter, which can remove up to 99,5% of dust mites, thus preventing dust particles.

    This upright vacuum is still a 2-in-1 version, meaning it can be used to clean the floor or upper corners of your home. The portable form works by removing the reservoir, which turns into a handheld vacuum. With a power of only 600W, it is not very recommended that you use this vacuum cleaner on carpets and rugs.

    With that, we end our list of the best upright vacuums so you can clean more easily and with higher quality. Now, just choose the most ideal for your needs, search for the best price of corded and cordless electric upright vacuum cleaners.

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