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    Best digital bank 2022: Check out our favorites

    Best digital bank 2022: Check out our favorites

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Nov 23, 2022 | Banks | 0

    With each passing day, more and more digital banks appear on the market. Therefore, it is necessary to stay in the know and know the best digital bank 2022. The answer may vary a lot, depending on the proposal you want, the benefits you are looking for, the disadvantages you may encounter and so on.

    Below, we've separated a list with our opinion of the best digital bank 2022, so you can check each one and see what catches your attention the most. You can find the right alternative if you are looking for an institution focused on investments, but there are also those that are more suitable for people who are looking for a bank where savings will yield more, digital banks will not be lacking.

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    Best Banks 2022 – Which is the best digital bank 2022?

    1- Banco Inter

    The first that deserves to be mentioned in our list of the best bank 2022, we have Banco Inter. This ends up being an excellent choice, as the inter digital account is completely free and you can move your money via TED, transfers, Pix and withdrawals that, unlike many other banks, are free of charge.

    Banco Inter also has a great complete platform aimed at those who are interested in investments and a credit card line that does not charge an annual fee. In addition, the platform also allows loans in which your property and payroll loans can serve as collateral.

    You can open your account via website or app and you will not pay anything for account maintenance. The credit cards available to customers are: Black, Platinum and Gold, in addition to the account movement card you request when opening it.

    The options you have for investments are: Direct Treasury, Fixed Income, Investment Funds, Public Offerings, Private Pension and Variable Income. And the benefits offered are cashback on credit and debit purchases. In addition, you will be able to have additional services such as insurance, cell phone plans, consortium and exchange.

    The call center works via telephone, 24-hour chat, Customer Service, social networks and ombudsman. Banco Inter is rated on Reclame Aqui with a reputation of 7.9/10. It is a great option especially for those looking for a digital account that does not charge fees, good investment options, accounts for MEI and PJ and accounts for minors.

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    2- Nubank

    Nubank is perhaps the best known on the list, or one of the most, and is an excellent choice on our best digital bank 2022 list. Your free digital account has an automatic income on the money deposited. In addition, you will be able to transfer money via TED and Pix, also having a credit card with no annual fee and, if it is the Black card, with cashback.

    The opening of your Nuconta will be done completely free of charge through the website or application. Although it does not charge a fee for account maintenance, transfers and deposits, Nubank has a fee of R$ 6,50 per withdrawal from the Banco24Horas network.

    In addition to the aforementioned TED and Pix options, you can also carry out transactions with your debit card, bank slip for deposit and transfer between accounts. Available cards can be Black, Gold and Platinum. If you want to make investments, the options available are fixed income, more specifically CDB and RDB.

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    Among the main benefits we can mention the mobile recharge, the money saving function and Nubank Rewards, the exclusive rewards program. Additional services include a points and loan program, and customer service channels work via chat, social networks, email, telephone and NuComunity. At Reclame Aqui, Nubank's reputation is 7.9/10.

    3- Banco C6 Bank

    When we talk about the best digital bank 2022, one that cannot fail to be remembered is C6 Bank, which emerged as someone who wants nothing and has already gained prominence in the market. You will be able to make transactions and create a digital bank account 100% free of charge, and the platform also allows you to transfer via SMS at no cost and has a credit card offer. The platform also allows users to make investments, pension plans and payroll loans.

    C6 Bank allows you to create your account through the application available in the appropriate digital stores and also through the website, free of charge. In addition to not charging fees for transfers and account creation, there is also no account maintenance fee and issuance of boleto, which you can use to deposit money into your account.

    Among the account movement options, we have: Pix, transfer between accounts, Banco24Horas ATMs and boletos, in addition to your card received when creating the account. Speaking of cards, you can also have access to a debit card, C6 card and C6 Carbon card, with credit options.

    For those interested in investments, it will be possible to do this via CDB, investment funds and variable income. Among the main benefits, we have: exclusive TIM solutions, tolls, international bill, skip-the-line parking and the Travel Atoms program. Additional services offered are private pension and travel agencies, and C6 Bank has a 6.7/10 reputation on Reclame Aqui.

    The service channels available to customers are: relationship center, 24-hour Customer Service, WhatsApp and chat through the application. This is a good option for those who want quick service, exemption from fees, are interested in investments and use their credit card a lot, so it is on a list of the best digital bank of 2022.

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    4- Banco BS2

    The main features that make Banco BS2 appear as the best digital bank 2022 are the possibility of contracting an international credit card with no annual fee and converting your account to an international account. In addition, the client will also have access to the institution's portfolio of investments.

    You can open your account completely free of charge through the website or application available in digital stores. The services considered essential are completely free, so you will not pay for transfers and withdrawals at Banco24Horas, nor will you pay for issuing boletos.

    Banco BS2 allows you to move your account via debit card, Pix, deposit by bank slip, digital withdrawals and transfers. In addition to the debit card and the international credit card, the customer can also have an allowance card. 

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    For those interested in making investments, you can do so in Treasury Direct, Fixed Income, Variable Income, Investment Funds and Public Offerings. The main benefits included are: ease of withdrawal and the option of digital withdrawal, which some other banks do not have. Additional services, in addition to those mentioned above, include: Gift Card and currency exchange.

    If you want to contact the bank, the call center works via email, chat, customer portal and call center. The bank has a reputation of 5.8/10 on Reclame Aqui. This bank is more suitable for those who want to have an international account with foreign currency, want to have an account for teenagers and want to manage an allowance.

    5- Banco Digi +

    Another bank that is on the list of the best digital bank 2022 is Banco Digi+, which already in its digital account has a package of free minimum services, every month. In addition, the client will also have the option of investments starting at R$1.000, insurance, foreign exchange and diversified credit.

    The customer will be able to open their own account for free through the mobile application, however, some fees must be dealt with when using the account. The minimum service package has its restrictions, such as a limit of only two statements, four TEDs and only four withdrawals per month.

    To move your account, the options are Pix, transfers between banks, using the account card and via bank slip. The available cards are: Gold, Classic, Infinite and Platinum. However, the investment options are very limited, being only for the Investment Fund.

    The benefits include transfers by QR Code and withdrawals by lottery, and the additional services are just cell phone top-ups, insurance and currency exchange. The bank's customer service forms are limited to call center and chat. Digi+'s reputation on Reclame Aqui is 5.9/10. This bank is best suited if you do not intend to exceed the limited service package and are not keen on Pix.

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    6- Bank Agibank

    Just like the previous best digital bank 2022 option, Agibank also works with a limited free service package. However, an interesting feature that is available to customers is the no-charge digital wallet. If you are interested, you can create your account for free on the app and website.

    Among the fee charges, you will be free to pay to open and maintain your account, and the limited free service package only supports 4 free withdrawals and 4 boletos, more than that will need to pay a fee. In addition, to carry out the movement you can use Pix, boletos, QR Code, transfer between banks and Agibank accounts, and the card.

    The credit cards offered are conventional and aimed at INSS pensioners and retirees. Investment possibilities are through Savings and Post Agibank CDB. The main benefits for customers are summarized in physical branches for service. And additional services include Agibank Pay, insurance, consortia and loans.

    The digital bank's reputation on Reclame Aqui is 8.5/10, and the service channels available are, in addition to the physical branch: online chat, call center and social networks. This bank is more suitable if you want limited services, but with quality, ease of account approval and face-to-face service.

    7- Banco Next

    One of the best-known digital banks among other digital banks and which has gained a lot of prominence as the best digital bank 2022 is Next. The institution has a credit line for customers, in addition to credit cards with no annual fee, discounts on Uber trips and streaming services. You can open your account for free on the bank's app or website.

    The user does not need to pay account maintenance fees, transfers and withdrawals, and the options available for movement are via Pix, DOC, TED, account card, Banco24Horas and the Bradesco network. The credit cards available are Platinum and International. For those interested in investments, Next offers investment in Savings, Investment Fund and CDB.

    Among the main benefits, we can mention the Bradesco network for operational problems, discounts at partner stores (Mimos) and Vaquinha Virtual solutions. As for additional services, Next has loans and insurance. 

    The reputation rating on Reclame Aqui is 7.4/10, and the communication channels available are through artificial intelligence BIA, segmented channels and service via WhatasApp, via messages.

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    8- Banco Superdigital

    Banco Superdigital allows its customers to create their account for free and online via application and website. Unlike most of the best digital bank 2022 options mentioned above, here you will have to deal with some fees, the main one being the value of R$ 9,90 for account maintenance and some services available. However, you will be exempt from the fee if you spend more than BRL 500 on your card.

    Your account can be operated via Pix, card, cashier at Banco24Horas and transfers between banks and accounts. The cards offered to customers are prepaid, allowance card and International, and you will not have investment functions. However, among the benefits we can mention: generation of payment links, Bilhete Único for residents of our city and cell phone recharges. For additional service the institution offers loans.

    The reputation on Banco Superdigital's Reclame Aqui is 7.6/10, and the communication channels available are via private chat and call center, but it does not work 24 hours a day. 

    9- Original Bank

    Banco Original has a reputation of 7.3/10 in Reclame Aqui, which is why it appears on a list of the best digital bank 2022. If you want to be a customer, you can open your account for free on the website or mobile application. However, your digital account will have some fees, such as the amount of R$ 19,90 per month to have access to all features and services.

    You will be able to move money from your account through Pix, bank transfer, withdrawals from Original and Banco24Horas ATMs and deposits using bank slips. The credit cards offered are Gold, International, Black and Platinum, and for those who like to invest, the options available are: varied investment portfolio, funds, LCA/LCI and CDB.

    The additional services that Banco Original offers are loans and insurance, as a benefit we can mention cashback. The available service channels are via application support and telephone call center. Customer service is 24 hours, but the call center is not.

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    10- Banco Neon

    With a reputation of 8.5/10 on Reclame Aqui, Neon digital bank is one of the top banks we have in mind when we talk about the best digital bank 2022. You can open your account for free through the website or mobile app, however some fees are charged when using your digital account.

    The customer will have to pay 4% more IOF on international purchases, in addition to R$ 5,90 per withdrawal, however, if you make purchases with your Neon card, you will also receive three free withdrawals, the rest of the services are free. Among the investment options, we have CDB, scheduled or unscheduled. 

    For the movement of your account, the available options are via Pix, deposits by bank slips and transfers between banks and accounts. The credit card offered is international, and the additional services available are the Neon loan. You can get in-app and email support service.

    11- Bread Bench

    Banco Pan works by offering free basic services through a package, in addition to offering emergency credit limits, daily liquidity income and offers credit cards to customers, with zero annuity. The mentioned emergency limit is quite similar to the overdraft, and whoever requests it will have interest of 5,9% per month to pay. At Reclame Aqui, Pan's reputation is 7.3/10, and you can create your account on the bank's website or app, appearing on the list of the best digital bank 2022.

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    12- Banco BMG

    With a reputation of 7.0/10 in Reclame Aqui, another considered the best digital bank 2022 is Banco BMG. The digital account is 100% free, and you won't have to pay withdrawal fees, for example. The account movement can be done via card, Pix, TED and bank slips. The bank credit card has no annual fee and you will still have a line of credit and investments. You can access your account on the website and create via the BMG mobile app.

    13- Modalmais Bank

    Allowing you to create your account on the website or app, Banco Modalmais also appears on the list of best digital bank 2022, also having a reputation of 8.6/10 on Reclame Aqui. The digital account is geared towards investments and is completely free, in addition to having other services such as credit card, loans and Pix.

    The account is protected by the FGC (Fundo Garantidor de Crédito), an excellent protector of digital accounts, in addition to being exempt from fees for TED and custody fees. There is a complete platform for investments, which is Modalmais' specialty.

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    14- Banco BTG

    Last but not least when we talk about the best digital banks 2022, we have Banco BTG Pactual, another investment-oriented bank option, with a reputation of 8.6 on Reclame Aqui. The institution does not charge any account maintenance fees, TED fees or even opening an account. You can open your account via website or mobile app, for Android devices on Google Play and iOS on the App Store.

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