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    Audience Network: Expand the Power of Your Facebook Ads

    Audience Network: Expand the Power of Your Facebook AdsAudience Network: Expand the Power of Your Facebook Ads

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Sep 25, 2022 | Facebook | 1

    Facebook has expanded its ad platform here in our country with the Audience Network. This feature will bring new monetization possibilities for brands and media outlets on and off Facebook.

    Audience Network will allow advertisers to expand their campaigns beyond the Facebook News Feed. It will be possible to run ads on other websites and apps, for example, using the campaign inventory you already have on Facebook itself. The Audience Network is now available to all advertisers and will be rolled out to media outlets gradually.

    According to Facebook “Studies show that the reach of campaigns increases on average 9% when advertisers use the Audience Network in conjunction with Facebook and Instagram. The consumption of content in the digital environment makes it increasingly challenging to efficiently reach people where they are spending their time”, explains Diego Dzodan, Facebook vice president for Latin America. “Audience Network solves this as it delivers ads with the same accuracy as Facebook and Instagram, but in environments beyond platforms.”

    Audience Network: Expand the power of your ads

    With Audience Network, you can impact more people, reach more places and, above all, have more results! That's because Audience Network is able to expand your campaigns to other high-quality websites and apps.

    According to internal Facebook data as of October 2022, advertisers who combine Facebook with the Audience Network see, on average:

    • 17% increase in app installs.
    • 7% cost-per-conversion reduction for app install campaigns.
    • 12% increase in Conversion campaigns.
    • 9% reduction in cost per conversion for Conversion campaigns.
    • 40% of the top 500 apps are integrated with Audience Network*.
    • 16% more global reach on average than just Facebook and Instagram**.
    • 12% increase in website conversions with the combination of Facebook and Audience Network***.

    Audience Network supports video and display ads. Regardless of format, there's no need to upload a new creative: ads use the same assets as your Facebook campaigns and will automatically render in the placement type they're running on.

    How to use Facebook Audience Network

    Audience Network is a placement option available in all ad interfaces (Ad Creation Tool, Power Editor and API), and campaigns with eligible objectives are automatically inserted.

    The purposes you can use Audience Network for are:

    • Brand awareness (video only).
    • Reach (video only).
    • Traffic.
    • Engagement (video only).
    • Application installations.
    • Video views (video only).
    • Conversions.
    • Product catalog sales.

    Facebook recommends that advertisers use the automatic placements to run your campaigns across all available placements and get the best results.

    To use Audience Network you must:

    • Create your campaign as usual, choosing one of the objectives mentioned above.
    • Em Positions, leave selected the option automatic placements.
    • If you wanted to customize the placements, click Edit placements.
    • Em Audience Network, you can choose three placement options: Native, Banner and Interstitial; Videos in-stream ou Videos with Incentive.
    • Proceed with creating and completing your campaign as normal.

    With Audience Network, you can start reaching new audiences! Now, tell us in the comments how your experience with Facebook's Audience Network is going.

    *Source: Annie app data and Facebook internal data, based on the top 500 apps, free and paid, in the Apple App Store and Google Play, as of December 2022
    **Source: Facebook internal data, Global reach, December 2022
    ***Source: Facebook Internal Data, Global Reach, October 2022

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    Advertising on Facebook is becoming more and more essential! As you can see, with Audience Network, you will be able to reach even more people inside and outside the social network.

    When creating an ad, the first step is to choose an objective for your campaign. But, do you know what each of the goals is for?

    If you have doubts, check out a text with a detailed explanation of each of them:



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