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    Avenue Corretora: how to open your account and invest

    Avenue Corretora: how to open your account and invest

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Nov 30, 2022 | Brokers |

    One of the main investment institutions available in the market is the Avenue Corretora, making it much easier for our countrymen who want to start making investments in foreign markets.

    Avenue Corretora, although relatively new to the market, stands out for being the pioneer in investing resources that allow the common investor to access the North American Stock Exchange.

    Thus, new and novice users looking for a reliable broker to have their financial portfolio abroad can count on Avenue Corretora.

    Before deciding which broker you will use, it is important to know more about it. In this post, we are going to talk about all the main points you should know about Avenue Corretora.

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    What is Avenue Corretora?

    Avenue Corretora is also known as Avenue Securities, an investment institution that was developed by our countrymen.

    Headquartered in Florida, more specifically in Miami, the location in the United States has to do with the company's objective of connecting common investors, including our country, to foreign assets.

    Created in 2022, the company has around 300 accounts registered on the platform, as of this writing. In addition, Avenue Corretora has a wide variety of North American products in its catalog, which can be contracted with a little less bureaucracy compared to the competition.

    Now, investment in the foreign market can be done through the brokerage in an autonomous, direct and simple way, innovating in the market. Before, it was necessary to have a registration in a Brazilian brokerage, which contacted an American brokerage to fulfill the client's wishes.

    Aimed at the middle class public, Avenue Corretora has some partnerships in the national territory that end up facilitating the work and offer national services as well. One of the main partnerships is that of the Central Bank, which can authorize banking services at the brokerage.

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    How are our country's investors classified?

    Although the investor from our country can make their investments in the United States and Avenue Corretora operates in the US, the client from our country is classified as a non-resident of the United States. 

    This ends up allowing that, even with the assets being traded in dollars and the registration on the platform being validated by American regularization institutions, the declaration of the client's investments must be made directly in the national territory with the Federal Revenue Service of our country.

    Investors from our country with an account at Avenue Corretora will also receive a national portfolio of assets, which they will be able to count on through channels such as the official B3 consolidation platform and the Electronic Investor Channel (CEI), in addition to being able to integrate other investment applications . This allows the user to monitor their investments in our country and non-American way. 

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    Is Avenue Corretora safe and reliable in investments?

    Because Avenue Corretora is relatively new to the markets, those interested in making investments abroad may be apprehensive as to whether or not they should trust the company to do so.

    After all, your investing career will be built on this platform. So a qualified and well-structured service is necessary for success, security, trust and tranquility.

    Thus, below we separate some aspects that can show the security of Avenue Corretora. 

    legal aspects

    The company is subject to all US legal regulations as its place of business. Thus, in order to be able to act fully, Avenue Corretora had to obtain authorization from Organs American inspection agencies. 

    In this way, the broker is supervised by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). In addition, it is also part of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC), or translating to Portuguese “Corporação de Proteção de Investidores”. 

    This participation in SIPC offers a balance of $500 to the broker, in the event of a problem with Corretora Avenue and the transfer of receipts. The service is quite similar to the Credit Guarantee Fund (FGC) in our country.

    Transactions made on Avenue Corretora end up following American rules and channels. Thus, we can say that, under the law, the broker is perfectly safe to use. 

    operating technology

    Financial operations are also innovative by Avenue Corretora, as the company brings a system known as blockchain. This is a technology widely used in transactions involving cryptocurrencies, ensuring security and trust.

    At the exchange, blockchain is used to allow customer data to be recorded as securely as possible. Thus, they are stored in encrypted digital blocks, being tamper-proof by unauthorized persons.

    This technology also increases the security in the operation itself of moving your capital and resources, making the assets more stable.

    Avenue Corretora on Reclame Aqui

    Another way to check Avenue Corretora's trust is to check the opinion of other users of the platform, and you can do this through Reclame Aqui, which allows users to make complaints about companies and services and also evaluate them with grades.

    Taking into account data from May 2022 to October 2022, Avenue Corretora has an excellent rating, being considered a RA1000 reputable company.

    The company responds to 100% of registered complaints, in addition to having a problem solving rate of 95,5%, and 87,9% of customers who complained say they would do business with the broker again.

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    How does investing in Avenue Corretora work?

    Two in-house service departments are essential for Avenue Corretora to function.

    They make it possible to carry out national financial operations directly with the American market. Thus, customers who are interested in purchasing foreign products need to be registered with the broker and transfer their funds through the platform application, functioning as a payment platform.

    Thus, after receiving the money, the company transfers it to the North American branch and carries out the applications requested by the customers. To operate more autonomously, the client can access the broker's home broker.

    It is important to keep in mind that Avenue's brokerage is charged in dollars, and can vary between 1 and 8 dollars.

    Investors considered smaller, on the other hand, have a special type of account with zero brokerage fees, but also have fewer resources. For this option, it will be necessary to contact Avenue directly, as it cannot be done via the website.

    resource deposit

    One of the main advantages of the broker is that to invest, the client can make transfers and deposits in reais through the platform.

    The tools themselves performed the conversion to the dollar automatically. However, you need to know that the conversion fees, called Spread Fees, can be as high as 3$.

    If you do not want to make the conversion, the Avenue Corretora platform allows the user to make the deposit in transfer directly in dollars. This will make the transaction go faster and you won't have to worry about fees.

    To make the dollar deposit, you will need to contact the platform via chat and request the necessary data.

    Avenue Corretora fees and costs

    You also need to know what the costs and fees the platform charges are, as they can directly influence the service. Below are some of the main monthly fees:

    • Brokerage: Operations up to US$100: US$1 per order; Transactions from US$100,01 to 1.000,00: US$1,50 per order; Transactions from US$1.000,01 to 2.000,00: US$4,30 per order; Transactions over US$2.000,00: US$8,60 per order (up to no cost brokerage on the free account);
    • Deposit and withdrawal via the Avenue system: Exempted;
    • Third party deposit and withdrawal: US Domestic Deposit: US$8; International Deposit: US$14; US Domestic Pickup: US$25; International Withdrawal: US$45;
    • Sending a physical brokerage note via Correios: U$2;
    • Sending physical monthly statement via Correios: U$5;
    • Premium account mode offers the following free services: unlimited orders; fractional trading; tax reports; instant exchange and informative content.

    Disadvantages of Avenue Corretora

    The main disadvantage offered by Avenue Corretora is the possibility of investing only in certain assets, such as EFTs and shares.

    The product catalog is always expanding, however the secondary assets are not yet available to the public.

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    How to open your Avenue Corretora account

    To create your Avenue Corretora account, you must have a fully valid email address, in addition to an international card from a country accepted by the brokerage firm and a CPF.

    Avenue registration will be completely free. So, no need to worry. 

    You will also need to prove your identity for registration, and some documents that can be used for this are: CNPJ, RG, criminal certificates, voter registration, passport and school certificates.

    Account opening will be possible for legal entities, if they have a CNPJ, and also for individuals, with CPF. Minor children who have legalized emancipation and are over 18 years old and have parental authorization, as well as siblings who have the same account ownership can register.

    In the case of emancipation, it is important that the investor has an attorney specializing in financial and social security law. This can give you greater chances for the entire process to be approved without problems. An account opening tutorial is available on the website to help with your registration.

    Is Avenue Corretora worth it?

    So, is Avenue Corretora really worth it?

    For novice investors looking to invest abroad, yes, the platform can be quite interesting to use.

    Especially for the Brazilian public that reaches this North American investment market. The free services and the various other advantages also make the platform quite attractive, performing in an excellent way the function it proposes. 

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