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    Apps to sell photo of the foot? Know everything here

    Apps to sell photo of the foot? Know everything here

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Nov 1, 2022 | News |

    One of the main sources of income on the internet is the famous sale of foot photos.

    Today we separate the best apps to sell photo of the foot using only your smartphone or computer and get an extra source of income.

    However, it is not enough to just start selling and guarantee a fortune.

    You need to do it right. While it can be relatively easy, it can also end up demanding a bit from you. 

    To help you in this process, we have put together a guide for you that has several explanations, tips and apps to sell a photo of your foot.

    So if you are interested in this, just check out our guide below, follow our tips, choose one of the apps and start selling photos online.

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    Why do people often buy pictures of the foot?

    Generally, buying foot photos is linked to some sexual fetish that some people may have.

    So when they see the feet they end up getting excited. This usually happens when the foot is well taken care of.

    So, we can already see here a requirement to earn a good income with apps to sell photos of the foot, keeping it well maintained and clean.

    Anyone who has this type of fetish is called a podolatra. 

    Who are the ones who buy the most photo of the foot?

    The internet has a wide variety of people who like to buy all kinds of photos, from full nudes to hair photos.

    So, you need to keep this in mind and be very well understood to be able to find the right audience and the best option among apps to sell foot photos properly.

    There are several options for you to find your target audience, post several pictures of the foot and wait for someone interested to show up (which is almost certain).

    But you need to always be posting something to draw attention to your sale.

    And in this regard, each social network has its criteria.

    A tip we can give you is to create a profile on Instagram itself focused only on publishing and selling foot photos, using hashtags related to the topic to further expand your reach and find interested parties.

    But keep in mind that not all hashtags can be used. You need to find the ones that will bring the most positive results.

    There are other ways that may even take longer, but they are still efficient.

    We are talking about the 1 to 1 sale, that is, you get in touch person by person and offer your photos.

    An even more interesting way is to access adult websites, look for videos on this topic and offer your photos and the link to the apps to sell photo of the foot that you use in the comments through WhatsApp and Instagram.

    The same can also be done on Instagram with posts of photos and videos that have to do with the theme of standing.

    This is a strategy that is likely to work, as you are already looking for your target audience in the most likely places they are.

    But take it easy, further on we will list the best apps to sell foot photos.

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    How does the foot photo sale work?

    There are several ways for you to organize your photo sale, being able to sell them individually or, what is most used and indicated, assemble the famous “Packs of the feet”.

    That is, you will assemble an album with several photos and videos of your foot and make the sale together, defining your price per album.

    Depending on the option between the apps to sell photo of the foot that you use, you can still sell the albums for a higher price. For example, someone might order an album with a toenail in a certain color, and you might charge extra for it.

    There are also those who prefer a foot with a dirty sole and you will be able to set prices to meet each request. 

    How to sell foot photos?

    Before learning how to do it and knowing which are the best apps to sell foot photos, you need to know what traffic is, especially qualified traffic.

    In short, the higher the traffic, the higher your income, but let's check it out in more detail below. 

    What is traffic?

    In a very direct way, traffic will be the amount of people accessing your offer.

    In this case, your foot album or photos, that is, the more qualified the traffic, the better it will be for you.

    There are some basic points that are enough for you to sell a lot and have good traffic: having a good offer and beautiful photos.

    In addition to qualified traffic, you will also need to have a minimum knowledge of copywriting so that people can access your photos and make a purchase.

    For those who don't know, in a very summarized way, copywriting is the skill needed to make someone decide to take an action just using the word, that is, it's the ability to convince, persuasion. 

    If you have this knowledge, your sales can even double, having the ability to sell practically anything.

    But for that, you need to know the best sites and apps to sell photo of the foot, and in that we will also help you. 

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    Apps to sell foot photo online

    There are several options of websites and apps to sell photo of the foot, and you need to know the best ones to have a good financial income.

    That's why we've selected the best options for you.

    While you may only be looking to sell photos of the foot, most of the options below also accept photos of other body parts for sale.

    Keep in mind that all websites and apps only accept adults.

    1. Girls packs

    Apps to sell photo of the foot? Know everything here

    One of the main options in the app market to sell a photo of the foot is Girls Packs.

    To register on the platform, you need to pay a fee of R$19,90 and be over 18 years old.

    This ends up being one of the best options because the platform is all assembled for the sale of foot packs.

    In addition, payment is made in Real, making the seller's life much easier. 

    The operation is quite similar to that of an online store, where you can make different packs available for sale and the customer will choose what he wants to buy.

    Payment is made every 10 days.

    2. Patron

    Among the options of apps to sell photo of the foot, Patreon works very similarly to the subscription of YouTube members.

    Thus, customers will pay a fee to have access to premium content.

    In this specific case, these contents will be your foot packs.

    Patreon also allows users to receive donations, however this option is a choice.

    Many people prefer to use Patreon over YouTube Premium, because while YouTube charges a minimum amount of subscribers to enable this feature, with Patreon it is not necessary, and anyone can create their own premium access.

    However, keep in mind that this is an international site, that is, your payment will be made in dollars.

    In addition, the platform can be a little complicated for those who are just starting out, but over time you end up adapting to how it works.

    3. Onlyfans

    Apps to sell photo of the foot? Know everything here

    In our list of apps to sell photo of the foot, OnlyFans is probably the best known to the general public and used by several famous around the world, such as Anitta, Bella Thorne, Cardi B, Raissa Barbosa, Rita Cadillac, Mulher Melão, Mia Khalifa , MC Mirella and Angélica Martins, which are some of the names we can mention.

    This site is not just for selling adult content.

    You can also promote work, which Cardi B does, and also sell photos of your foot, without having to show your body or face. 

    The platform works with the subscription system. Thus, the person will pay to have access to your Only Fans per month, and the value will be up to you.

    This value will give access to all your content already posted on the platform. In addition, the platform also stands out for its simple operation, having some characteristics similar to Instagram. 

    Only users who are over 18 years old are allowed.

    Your registration takes a while to be approved, however, if you have something incorrect you will be informed about it.

    Keep in mind that you will only be able to withdraw the money if you reach a minimum target per month of $250,00.

    But don't worry, if you can't reach this goal, the amount will keep accumulating until you reach the balance and can withdraw. 

    4. Gumroad

    If you are looking for an option of apps to sell foot photos that are not exclusive to images, then Gumroad is one of the best options.

    On this site, you can publish photos, videos and texts, for example. Its operation is very simple and quite similar to a virtual store. 

    Although we cannot say if there is a minimum withdrawal amount, we can say that payment is made monthly.

    However, it is worth bearing in mind that Gumroad charges a fee on top of each sale you make on the platform, but the value is very low.

    So you can rest assured, as the registration and use of the services are completely free. 

    5. Booth

    Apps to sell photo of the foot? Know everything here

    If you want to expand your sales, there are apps to sell foot photos that you can use.

    And what we are going to tell you is Booth, exclusive for the Japanese public and which has an interface similar to a virtual store.

    And the best: Booth allows you to sell your packs individually, without needing subscriptions, for example.

    The payment method is Japanese Yen and you must meet a minimum sales amount for the payment to be released.

    If you get a decent amount of audience, your income will still be high. 

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    How to sell your standing photos with Instagram?

    The best way to be successful on Instagram is to give your audience what they want to see.

    And yes, you can also use the social network as one of the apps to sell a photo of the foot.

    As the famous saying goes: “it is in giving that you receive”.

    So if you post some pretty pictures of the foot, the target audience will be interested and start paying to receive more, in addition to the samples you give.

    Thus, we can say that content marketing is the key to explode on the platform.

    Once you have a loyal audience on Instagram, it will be even easier to sell packs and other apps to sell foot photos.

    Instagram also has several tools, such as the swipe up and the link in bio.

    So be sure to explore these resources to the fullest to achieve success and still have ways to promote your work in other places through your profile.

    How much should you charge for each foot pack?

    The best way for you to define how much to charge for each pack or a standing photo is to get references.

    Our tip is to access the profiles on social networks that work with this.

    You'll be able to look in apps to sell a photo of the foot and check the prices that each one charges in their packs. 

    In the beginning, you can set prices a little below average.

    Over time and with the increase in the number of followers and customers you receive, you can increase prices gradually and gradually.

    This will make customers prefer to buy the packs from you because they are cheaper.

    With that, you can arrest them and then raise the prices. 

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    How to convince people to buy foot photos?

    To learn how to convince people to buy your packs and sell photos online if you're new to the business, we've separated three tips for you.

    But remember: these are just tips, not rules. If you find more efficient ways, dig deep and start selling:

    make beautiful pictures

    Always try to take your photos in a bright place or with adequate lighting for the style of photo you are taking.

    In some cases, depending on the photo, darker locations may even help. But at first, try to focus on bright places that make the image clear.

    Access profiles and check out photos of people who have been working with this for the longest time.

    That way, you can get some tips on how to take the pictures. Also avoid poor image quality and blurry photos. This will drive away potential customers.

    Get lots of qualified traffic

    This should be your biggest concern, since if you don't have a lot of followers and access, you will practically not make any sales, and with that you won't have any money.

    However, it cannot be any type of access. They need to be people interested in your content, because what's the point of having multiple views from people who aren't your target audience and who won't buy anything? 

    Always use persuasive texts

    Learn how to use captions and descriptions to your advantage. This can already be a big differentiator from the competition.

    If you see ads and advertisements that caught your eye, write them down and take pictures and then try to adapt them to your industry and see how you can do something similar that works for your sales.

    Try to make word games, flashy pack titles, and finally, don't try to copy and paste formulas, try to adapt and be inspired.

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    Is it wrong to sell pictures of the foot?

    To answer that question, we have to look at it from the point of view of anyone who is involved with the topic.

    If there are people who take pictures of every second of their lives and bikini pictures and post them on the internet, then what's the harm in posting foot pictures?

    With this type of sale, people don't even need to know your identity, as you won't show your face or body. You will only show your feet in the apps to sell a photo of the foot and you can even create a nickname the way you want.

    In short, while most post photos for free, why can't you make money from it?

    In case you still have doubts about this, the best thing is to stop and think, organize your thoughts and list the pros and cons of starting to sell foot photos.

    Ask yourself what else is wrong and how it can be considered something wrong, draw your own conclusions about it, research the subject and see in advance what the photos you will sell would look like. 

    How to get the best results when selling foot photos?

    To know how to get the best results in apps to sell foot photos, it will depend on how much knowledge you have about how the internet works and people.

    After discovering this and improving yourself more and more on the subject, the chances of you failing at something on the internet will be minimal. 

    Those who sell their packs and know how the internet works have a big advantage over those who don't and who are likely to face much more difficulties than you.

    Thus, an excellent way that we can cite on how to learn to succeed in your sales is by listening to the most experienced.

    Talk to someone who has been doing this for a while and knows how sales work and how people who are interested in packs think.

    Write down tips and listen to that person's experiences and stories, as every detail can be essential to your success.

    That way, you have two options: the first is to try to do everything yourself, without looking for help and go by leaps and bounds to establish yourself in the sales of packs that are more likely to fail.

    The second is to seek this help and further improve your chances of achieving success in apps to sell foot photos.

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