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    Application to edit video: know the 6 best

    Application to edit video: know the 6 best

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Oct 5, 2022 | Social Networks |

    The use of videos on social networks has become increasing and with that, installing an application to edit video on mobile is practically mandatory for every content producer who has chosen to use this format in their strategy.

    And to help you streamline your video editing process, our team has selected the best apps for editing videos and listed them in this article.

    Oh, and at the end there's even a bonus list with some apps that go beyond video editing and can help you make your video content more creative for you to use in Instagram stories, Tik Tok and anywhere else you can. want to publish your videos.

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    InShot – Music Video & Photo Editor (Android | iOS)

    One of the most rated and most powerful video editors in the app stores right now is InShot. With it you can create videos for social networks, Youtube, Tik Tok and other platforms combining photos, music and videos.

    You can also crop videos, blur background, add subtitles and stickers to videos. In addition, it is an excellent photo editor.

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    CapCut – Video Editor (Android | iOS)

    Formerly called “Viamaker”, the CapCut video editing app is complete, easy to use and free. With it you can add filters and effects to your videos, stickers and subtitles, exclusive sounds and music.

    Adobe Premiere Rush Video Editor (Android | iOS)

    Smartphone version of Adobe Premiere video editor, the most popular for PCs. Its interface is very similar to the PC version and allows you to make cuts, apply filters and effects and manipulate different layers on the timeline.

    The smartphone version is leaner, but it has synchronization capabilities with the Adobe account, which is a differential. Accessing the application is only possible with an active account on the computer, which can be a problem for some users.

    KineMaster – Video Editor (Android | iOS)

    A video editing app that makes the editing process more fun and easier is KineMaster.

    It has several editing tools, allowing you to add filters, visual elements, stickers, adjust sound equalization, colors, make frame-by-frame animation and share on Youtube, Tik Tok, Instagram and other social networks.

    VideoShow Video Editor (Android | iOS)

    A very intuitive video editing application, with very interesting features, such as the double exposure effect, addition of voiceover to do dubbing, among other features common to video editors of the moment. Access the VideoShow here.

    Glitcho Video (Android)

    An application to edit video a little different from the one mentioned above is Glitcho. It allows you to artistically distort the video using glitch effects. You can even apply these effects while recording the video.

    It also has retro filters and editing tools to bring your video to life.

    Video editing app: more than editing

    Life Lapse Stop Motion Maker (Android | iOS)

    An app to create stop motion videos and explore your creativity.

    This type of video is really cool for you to present creative processes and tell stories to your audience in a very different way.

    mojo – Animated Stories Editor for Instagram (Android | iOS)

    With mojo you will be able to create stories with personalized media and texts, and you can share them both on Instagram and on other platforms.

    Unfold — Instagram Stories & Collage Editor (Android | iOS)

    Story editor with 300+ designs in the gallery, allowing you to create amazing stories in a simple way.

    Now that you know some of the best video editing apps, it's time to adjust the light, position the camera and start recording.

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