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    Application to create logo: meet our 8 favorites

    Application to create logo: meet our 8 favorites

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Dec 2, 2022 | Technology |

    The best way to get quality logos for your company, website, social media, business or other use is to hire design professionals who can create them. But a good jigsaw can be an app to create a logo. Many people, especially those starting a business, may not be able to afford to hire design professionals, and for that reason a logo design app can be a good momentary solution.

    However, there are several options on the market, and you need to know which one is best to use, thus resulting in the best possible work, in terms of quality. To try to make your choice a little easier, below we have separated our favorites of the best app to create a logo. 

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    App to create logo – Check out the best ones

    It is worth mentioning that all our suggestions for apps to create your logo are for mobile devices, that is, you can mount yours in the palm of your hand. Check out the best logo creation apps.

    1- Desygner

    The application to create logo, called Desygner, is available both for devices with Android system, in the Play Store, and for devices with iOS system, in the App Store. This app stands out due to its versatility, allowing you to create not only your own logos, but also other types of artwork.

    You'll have access to a huge customizable collection of templates, in addition to having its own area for creating logos in the application. In addition, the app offers free options with several styles for you to choose from, and you can make the changes you see fit. Most likely, you will quickly adapt to the interface, as it is very intuitive and the image elements will respond well to the touch.

    Application to create logo: meet our 8 favorites

    Desygner also offers a library full of icons, fonts and images that you can use to assemble or edit your logo, as the app allows you to create several options on your phone. Change color, size and opacity alternatives are also available. If you want to develop a more elaborate project, you can still organize and edit by layers. 

    The system also allows synchronization, allowing you to have access to the project also by tablet or computer. To be able to access all available templates and functions, you will need to have a premium subscription or enough credits offered by the app. However, only with the free functions and options you can create a great logo.

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    2- Canva

    When we talk about app to create logo or other types of design, one of the main ones available on the market is Canva. The app can meet a wide variety of demands, including logo creation, with templates for beginners and professionals, with artistic or other styles, with a more neutral color palette or a more minimalist design, meeting all the options.

    It can be accessed in the appropriate digital stores, such as Play Store or App Store, for Android or iOS devices, respectively, you can create your own logo using your own creativity or through ready-made templates. Among the available resources, we can highlight the possibility of inserting the same color in all the graphic elements at once, saving time. This is just one of several functions not available in most competing apps.

    Canva also has a large collection of fonts, images, textures, icons and symbols for users to work with. To have access to all the functions, you will have to pay for the Pro service, which unlocks several other features. On the other hand, only the free alternatives already allow a beautiful work.

    3- Create logo

    Logo Maker is a logo maker app that is only available on the Play Store for Android devices. You will be able to program the entire system for the creation of your brand's logo, as soon in the registration you are asked to enter the field of activity and the name of your company, thus receiving the best customizable logo suggestions.

    This registration option frees up the possibility that, whenever you open a logo option, it will already have your company's name in the template, automatically, having only the task of making the visual edits you want. The user will have access to an editing window that contains thematic packages, with subjects such as sports, food, architecture and many others.

    Application to create logo: meet our 8 favorites

    The logo maker app allows you to insert texts, reposition elements, change the background, resize whatever you need and etc. When the work is finished, it will be possible to save in PNG or JPG, also with the option of saving with a transparent background.

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    4- Logo Maker – Create Logo

    With download option on the App Store for iOS devices, and on the Play Store for Android devices, Logo Maker is another application option to create logo. With this tool, you can start your own logo from scratch or use one of the available templates to adapt to your needs. All templates are organized by categories such as fashion, cars, sports, YouTube channels, food and others.

    The user has access to a huge library of graphic elements, however, to be able to use them, you will need to follow the Instagram profile. To make the creator's work as easy as possible, the logo maker app organizes the project in layers. In this way, the user can work the elements individually, such as opacity, colors, size, etc. 

    It is worth mentioning that in its free version Logo Maker has some limitations, and to make the most of it you will need to buy the paid version, which is free of ads and watermark.

    5- Sport Logo

    If you want to create a logo focused on the sports area, regardless of where you will use it, then Esport Logo is the best choice of application to create a logo, being available only for Android devices in the Play Store digital store. The app offers a large library of drawings that can be changed to whatever name you want.

    We can consider this a more limited option than the ones mentioned above of creating a logo for a brand and its business with the right visual identity, since it will not be possible to edit the design itself. The user can just insert the desired name in the drawing and change size, font, background color and outline, which does not contain a watermark and the image can be saved quickly.

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    6- InstaLogo Logo Creator

    Instalogo is the logo maker application that is fully dedicated to this function, being available on the App Store and Play Store. You'll have access to several advanced graphic elements editing features that can be adapted to build your logo in the best possible way.

    Application to create logo: meet our 8 favorites

    Among the main functions, we can highlight the possibility of choosing the screen format, text arching, spacing between characters, freehand drawing and grouping of graphic elements, in addition to several others. It is worth mentioning that downloading from the App Store is free, but from the Play Store it will cost $0,99.

    7- Logo Maker Plus

    Only available on the Play Store for Android devices, Logo Maker Plus is a great logo maker app option. As a creator, you'll have a wide variety of effects to apply to images and texts, as well as textured backgrounds and filters so you can freely design the logo you want. 

    Logo Maker Plus also has ready-made logos created by professionals, which you can use and adapt any way you want. But it is worth mentioning that, in these options, you will have to pay a certain amount to download.

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    8- Logo Maker by DesignMantic

    Another app to create logo that uses the company name and the slogan to create the material is Logo Maker By DesignMantic, available for devices with Android and iOS, in the Play Store and in the App Store, respectively. As soon as you select a logo, the editing function will be released, where the user can add and remove elements, edit them to increase or decrease size, font style, resize, rotate and other functions, all for free.

    Application to create logo: meet our 8 favorites

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