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    Application that Corrects Text and Punctuation

    Brazilian spelling tends to confuse many people, as it is surrounded by many rules and rules that are difficult to understand or memorize.

    In this way, many end up resorting to spell checkers, as there is greater certainty that their writing is adequate to the norm. On the internet you can find many websites and platforms to perform this work.

    However, there are options to be used on smartphones, which are applications developed to assist in grammar.

    In this text you will find the best options for apps and websites to correct text and punctuation. 


    spelling corrections

    O spelling corrections was developed to find spelling and grammatical errors in texts and perform the correction accurately and quickly.

    The application uses more than 80 rules of the Portuguese language, to ensure greater confidence for its users.

    Among its functions we can highlight the correction of:

    • Grammatical errors;
    • Stylistics;
    • Punctuation;
    • General spelling rules;
    • Additional rules;
    • Logical errors;
    • Capitalization/linearization;
    • Typography;

    To use the spelling corrections is very simple, just type your text in the selected box, choose a language and click Check text. 

    In addition to Portuguese, it is possible to use the application in more than 30 languages.

    Application that Corrects Text and Punctuation

    CIRA - Automatic Copywriting Corrector

    The application CIRA it is still only released for early access, but it is already possible to install and use.

    With it you can perform automatic correction of texts and essays, being developed for students and students who are training for ENEM.

    Among the functions of this application we can highlight:

    • Score your text with a grade from 0 to 1000;
    • Generate statistics about your text (from simple information, such as the number of verbs you used, to advanced information, such as the number of connectives and social agents present in your writing!);
    • Point out any errors (spelling, concordance and many others);
    • Suggest improvements.

    Application that Corrects Text and Punctuation is a site that was developed to help correct spelling and punctuation, providing the user with feedback on improvements and the severity of each error.

    The platform is simple to use and has an intuitive interface, which greatly facilitates the user experience.

    To use the ,you must first access the website and enter your text in the selected box.

    After that, choose between the two language options in Portuguese and click on To submit.  

    Application that Corrects Text and Punctuation


    LanguageTool is a site that offers the possibility to use it in a practical and fast way or create an account for more recurring users.

    To create your account, you have to choose between three plans, one free and another two that cost $29,99 per year and $53,99 per year.

    With the free plan you have access to:

    • Distraction-free writing experience;
    • Personal dictionary;
    • Quality assessment of your texts, including spelling and punctuation;
    • Cloud System;
    • Dark and light mode.

    To use, just access LanguageTool create your account or write your text in the initial box. Remembering that it is possible to add a platform extension in Google Chrome.

    Application that Corrects Text and Punctuation

  is another platform that has an online and simplified text correction system.

    To use the site it is not necessary to register or make payments, its developers guarantee the best spell checker for free and easy to use.

    To get started, just access the website and type your text in the selected box.

    After that, choose a language among the 20 available and click on Correction.

    After a few moments your text will appear with all the correction options and the explanation for each error.

    Application that Corrects Text and Punctuation


    Grammarly  is an option for those looking for a complete website with good correction of texts in English.

    In addition to having an intuitive interface, this platform has a registration system, extension for Google Chrome, option to install on the computer and access to documents, emails and social networks.

    However, unlike others, the Grammarly cannot be used on your main page, as it requires a registration, which can be bad for those who want practicality.

    Another negative point is the lack of access to several languages, containing only the main and most known ones.

    Application that Corrects Text and Punctuation

    4 DEVS

    4 DEVS  is a platform full of tools that can help in everyday life, whether personal or for a company, which makes this site one of the most interesting on our list.

    Among so many options, it is possible to find the spell checker, which offers precise corrections and comments to improve the quality of writing.

    To use the platform is simple, just access 4 DEVS and type your text in the initial box, remembering that the text must have a maximum of 3.000 words.

    After that click on check text and wait for corrections. Errors will appear in red and suggestions for improvement will be marked in blue.

    Application that Corrects Text and Punctuation


    Prepostseo is a more practical option that offers other services in addition to grammar correction, as it is possible to:

    • Correct spelling;
    • Correct the score;
    • Check plagiarism;
    • Check DA;
    • Paraphrase.

    In addition to having many options, the site provides the correction in more than 20 languages ​​and has a color system, where each color in the correction represents a detected error.

    To use it, it's the same principle as the previous ones, just access the site, type the text and click on Check Grammar. 

    Application that Corrects Text and Punctuation

    Did you like the options?

    All are available for free on the Play Store or Google's search bar, you can install them on your device right now.

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