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    Anime Apps: The 3 Best to Watch on Mobile

    Anime Apps: The 3 Best to Watch on Mobile

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Oct 5, 2022 | News |

    Nowadays anime fans can follow their favorite works wherever they are and whenever they want, no longer depending on television stations. This great benefit is thanks to streaming. That way, throughout the content you'll be able to check out the best anime apps to watch your favorite titles.

    The idea of ​​this text is to indicate platforms exclusively with Japanese cartoon content, so it does not fit Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, for example. In addition, all streamings listed are licensed, avoiding piracy. That said, grab your ramen and follow along with all the content.

    Anime apps: the best to watch on the go

    Fortunately, consumers of Japanese culture are gaining more and more attention, it is now possible to watch anime online in various streams, and one of the most popular alternatives is Crunchyroll. So, check out all the features of this platform in detail.


    We open the list with “Netflix of otakus”. Crunchyroll users can access the platform for free or pay a premium version to watch subtitled anime and even some works are dubbed in Portuguese, which is excellent for the Brazilian audience.

    By paying the subscription, people will be able to watch any anime in the catalog without ads and with a resolution of up to 1080p (Full HD). The free version is limited to 480p quality, runs ads before and during each episode, and the weekly chapter is only added a week after its release in Japan.

    What is the price of a Crunchyroll subscription?

    Crunchyroll offers three types of plans in addition to the free one, which are as follows:

    • Free: Restricted access to the catalog delayed from the release in Japan. Also the advertisements during the episode.
    • Fan Plan: R$ 25 per month, which gives access to the entire catalog and without advertisements.
    • MEGA FAN (MONTHLY): R$ 32 per month, in addition to the benefits of the above package, it is still possible to have 4 screens and the option to download episodes.
    • MEGA FAN (annual): has the same advantages as the previous package, but in this plan the user gets a 16% discount on the annual fee

    In this way, there is the alternative of recurring subscription made by credit card or PayPal and non-recurring subscription through boleto or prepaid code. There is still the option of subscriptions via third parties: Google Play or iTunes. In recurring subscriptions, the user can choose the renewal frequency: monthly or yearly.

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    It is also worth noting that Crunchyroll has a partnership with anime studios to be able to keep the platform's catalog as updated as possible. And because of that, the episodes come out on the platform already subtitled in Portuguese, around 1 hour after the launch in Japan, which can be considered very fast and a good quality service.

    In addition, it is also important to note that part of the money raised by the company is intended for anime studios, so users who subscribe to paid plans are directly helping in the creation and continuation of anime. If you want to subscribe to a plan, click here.

    Another point that deserves attention is that Crunchyroll offers a free trial period of the Premium account for 14 days. Even so, it is necessary to enter credit card details. Just be aware that if the subscription is not canceled within this period of time, the tool is automatically charged for future use.

    In this way, Crunchyroll can be accessed on the following devices:

    • desktop
    • Browsers
    • Android
    • iOS
    • Playstation 3, 4 e 5
    • PS Vita
    • Xbox 360, One, Xbox Series S e X
    • Apple TV
    • Roku
    • Fire TV
    • Wii U

    How many anime are in the Crunchyroll catalog?

    Crunchyroll has more than 1000 animes in its catalog, which gives around 25 episodes, with all kinds of genres and ranging from the most classic works to new releases.

    Of the classics, we have as an example the following animes: Dragon Ball, Fullmetal Alchimist Brotherhood, Naruto, Yu Yu Hakushou, Bleach, Hajime no Ippo, Digimon, Death Note, among others.

    A das obras mais recentes tem: Boruto, Boku no Hero Academia, Black Clover, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Attack on Titan, Tokyo Revengers, Jujutsu Kaisen, Haikyuu e muito mais.

    In addition to these, there are also those animes that deserve the public's attention, but are not as watched as they should be, which is the case of Gintama, Hunter x Hunter, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Parasyte, Orange. So it's already a recommendation

    As there are so many titles, it is impossible to cite them all. But you can check out the entire catalog here, having the possibility to see the list in alphabetical order, by genre and by seasons.

    Fórum Crunchyroll

    Much more than just streaming, Crunchyroll also offers a forum where people can participate in discussions about the otaku world. And the topics that can be created in this space are the following: announcements, general discussion, anime, manga, dramas, entertainment and help.

    Each tab can be used to discuss a specific work or subject or in general. In the “Entertainment” option, the topics of discussion can be from Western series and films, music, games, among other aspects that follow this line. As a tip: there are many excellent theories on the forum of various animes, especially One Piece, it is worth checking out.

    Manga on Crunchyroll

    Crunchyroll also has manga, but the catalog is much smaller compared to the amount of anime. The good thing is that new chapters are released at the same time they come out in Japan.

    In addition, the platform has some well-known works such as: Attack on Titan, Ajin, Fumetsu no Anata and Edens Zero. You can check all the titles here.

    All manga on the platform are in English and can only be accessed by subscribing to a Premium account.

    Other Features

    In addition to all the features already listed, Crunchyroll still has some “hidden” features, for example, the release schedule of each new anime episode that is released weekly. With it you can see the day and time each episode is available to be accessed. To check out this feature, click here.

    All titles that are available on the platform have an RSS feed, which can be used to follow news, such as releases and new episodes. To access, just open the page of the work you want to monitor, scroll down a little and click on the RSS icon, next to “Forum”.

    In addition, the mobile application also has a favorites tool for the user to organize their favorite anime.


    Funimation was launched in our country in December 2022, and has already arrived with a large catalog of classic anime and releases. And despite having been made available in our country in the year mentioned, it is already available in 47 other countries. It is also worth noting that the platform belongs to Sony and is operated by Aniplex, the company responsible for the distribution and development of anime. Aniplex is also from Sony.

    And for you to know every detail of this platform, the coolest features were highlighted to make the most of this streaming.

    How does Funimation work?

    Funimation is yet another streaming platform that works similarly to Crunchyroll. When accessing the platform on any device, the user will be able to log in, creating an account with their email and password. After that, you will be able to use the tool and watch some works from the catalog for free.

    How much does Funimation cost?

    In addition to the free version, Funimation has only two plan alternatives: monthly and annual. The first is priced at R$24,90 per month. The second, BRL 249,90 for a year — a discount of BRL 48,90 in relation to the monthly payment.

    In the free plan, ads will be shown while viewing the episodes, and some works will not have Portuguese dubbing.

    The Premium Plus package (annual or monthly) gives subscribers the possibility to watch anime without ads, with the complete catalog of more than 250 works, not counting the movies. In addition, any subscription allows you to have up to five simultaneous transmissions on the same account. To subscribe to the service, click here.

    What anime are in the Funimation catalog?

    In all, Funimation has more than 250 works between anime and movies. All titles are divided into 14 genres, which are as follows: action, adventure, comedy, drama, fan service, fantasy, horror, live action, psychological, romance, Sci-Fi, shoujo, shounen and slice of Life.

    In fact, the platform does not have as many titles as its main competitor, but it still manages to have good works, such as: Tokyo Ghoul, Fairy Tail, Sword Art Online, Code Geass, Claymore, Cowboy Bepop, Fire Force. But remember that the packages are cheaper than the competition. If you want to see the entire catalog, click here.

    dubbed anime

    A lot of people are wary of Brazilian dubs, but who grew up watching Yu Yu Hakusou with Brazilian phrases like: “What are you thinking? Rapadura is sweet, but not soft, no”; “I'm in the area, it's a penalty!”; “Ugly face for me is hunger, thanks?”, he loves national dubbing. For those who followed, who doesn't remember the characters' carioca accent? And not to mention that this work stimulates the national scene and makes anime even more popular in our country.

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    So, at Funimation, the vast majority of titles are still in original Japanese audio, but all subtitled in Portuguese. In any case, the tendency is for the number of works with Brazilian dubbing to increase over time, even because the greater part of the public encourages dubbing. The quality of the Brazilian team is very good, it's worth checking out. Remembering that this advantage of seeing dubbed anime is only for subscribers.

    Now, for those who use the service for free, you will be able to access only subtitled anime and with the limitations mentioned above. And another very useful feature is being able to configure the size, color and background of the subtitles. You can customize it however you like.

    Organize the list of what you want to see

    If in the middle of your browsing you found an anime that interested you, you can click on “Add to Queue” and it will be placed in a tab so you can watch it later. Remembering that you can organize a list according to your preference.


    Funimation also has a calendar that shows the schedule of everything that will be added to the streaming catalog. This tab contains data on the day and time when the chapters of different works will be added soon, with information on whether they can be viewed by everyone or only for subscribers.

    content control

    If you have an underage child or share your account with someone under the age of 18, the platform has a feature that blocks content. This is a great tool for caregivers to be more relaxed with what the little ones are watching.

    Devices supported by Funimation

    You can follow the anime using Funimation on many different devices, being able to watch wherever you want. In this way, the platform works in the following places:

    • desktop
    • Browsers
    • Android
    • Android TV
    • IOS
    • Playstation 4 and 5
    • Nintendo Switch
    • Xbox One, Xbox Series S e X
    • Roku
    • Fire TV
    • chromecast

    Remembering that if you are a subscriber you can download the episodes to watch offline.

    By way of information, Sony, owner of Funimation, in 2022 bought Crunchyroll. You can check out more on this subject in this other post we have on the blog.


    To end the list, the latest indication of licensed streaming exclusive content about anime is Hidive. This platform was launched in 2022, but it still doesn't have a huge catalog of titles, but even so, it still has good names, such as: Ahiru no Sora, Akame ga Kill!, Atom: The Beginning, Food Wars!, MADE IN ABYSS. You can check out the entire catalog here.

    It is important to make it clear that the Hidive website and app are only available in English. In addition, some titles do not even have subtitles in Portuguese.

    About the design, if you are browsing the platform in the web version, when you hover over the cover of any title, a down arrow will appear, clicking on this arrow will show information about the work, including dubbing and available subtitle languages. , as can be seen in the example below.

    Regarding Brazilian dubbing, unfortunately, the site does not produce this type of work. At the moment, the service only has works in the original language, some in English and a few in Spanish, and there are about 220 animes in total in the catalog.

    How much does Hidive cost?

    Unlike other streams, in the case of Hidive it is not possible to use the platform for free, that is, you must sign a plan to take advantage of the tool. The service has two different packages: the monthly one that costs US$ 4,99 and the annual one that costs US$ 47,99. The person has up to three screens and can watch the anime in 1080p.

    Payment can be made via credit card or Paypal. There is also the possibility of doing a free trial for 14 days. It's worth at least getting the free trial, maybe you'll like it and end up subscribing to the service.

    Other features

    Hidive also has the content restriction, and its operation has already been explained throughout the text. In addition, this stream also has the weekly anime release calendar, which you can check out at this link.

    If you are interested in the platform, you can test it on the following devices:

    • Android
    • IOS
    • Xbox One
    • Navigator
    • Fire TV
    • android tv
    • Apple TV
    • Fire Tablet
    • chromecast
    • Roku

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