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    9 sites to make caricature online and for free without downloading anything

    To turn a photo into an online caricature, you can use sites that offer this fun effect. Some of them distort the original image, while others also convert it into a drawing.

    has gathered 9 free options to turn your photos into online caricature. Check out!


    PhotoFunia is a website that offers hundreds of different effects to apply to your photos. One of them is Caricature, which transforms the user into a classic caricature, in pencil drawing style.

    To use, just click the Choose Photo button and choose the file from your PC, cell phone or take a photo on the spot. Then, just check the box next to Caricaturize and go to Go. Crop the part of the photo and decide if you want to save the image in normal size (Regular) or small (Small).


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    Wish2BE website has a proposal to cartoonize your photo. For that, it offers several frames in which you can fit the image of the face and have fun. There are female, male, couples, groups and guys with different hair styles.

    The first step is to decide what type of frame you want. Then click on a camera icon to upload your photo from your device, Facebook or Instagram. Then just make the adjustments and download the caricature in JPG, PNG OR PDF or share by email and social networks.

    It is worth mentioning that it is necessary to make a free registration to use the feature and the result has a watermark. creates hand-drawn-style caricatures with a dramatic, exaggerated tone using artificial intelligence technology. Just upload the file on the website, in Upload an Image and wait a few minutes to see the results.

    More than 60 versions of the photo are generated, which can be downloaded all at once or individually, in JPG format. To download in high resolution (HD), it is necessary to register on the site for free.


    The Selfie2Anime website allows you to turn your photo into a drawing in just one click. The generated caricature has anime style, as Japanese animations are called, known for their big eyes and striking expressions.

    Just go to Upload a selfie, choose the image and finish with Turn me into anime!. The result, in PNG, will be sent to your e-mail registered with the service.


    LunaPic is an online editor that lets you insert effects, filters, animations, borders, and more on your photos. For a caricature-like makeover, you can use just about anything from the Art tab, which includes styles by artists like Picasso and Van Gogh.

    In the Effects tab, you will find the effects Cartoon Face (drawing face), Comic Book Style (comic book style), the hilarious Implode and Explode, and several others.

    It is worth noting that the tool overlays the applied effects and filters. So whenever you want to remove one to use another, go to Undo this effect, above the image. The result is saved in JPG.

    The site has a tool that animates your photo in a hilarious way. Just click From Disk to use an image from the gallery, then check the box next to Face Morphing.

    On the left side are the transformation options. In Emotions, you can insert animated emotions into the photo. The feature can make you smile, squint and even flirt. Just below, are the strange faces (Freaky faces), which are closer to the proposal of caricatures.

    Transform into an alien, troll, martian and more. If you want to give it a cartoon look, you can overlay the effects with the Cartoon Effect filter (at the top). Save the result as a JPEG or GIF or share on the Save and Share button.


    IMGonline is an online image editor that provides image distortion feature. The tool is capable of transforming a simple photo into something that resembles a painting by Pablo Picasso. Just choose the device file from the Choose File button.

    The user can select the amount of distortion and the level of image compression. Then just confirm with OK. You can preview the result in Open processed image and save it in Download processed image.

    Stretch Your Face

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    Simple and straight to the point. Stretch Your Face allows the user to create distortions in their image by pulling and stretching parts of the photo. Just click Upload photo to use your photo. Then, click on one of the corners of the grid squares that appear over the image and drag it wherever you want.

    If you want to make more detailed changes, you can increase or decrease the number of squares in Grid Size. All done, go to Download Photo and then Download bitmap file (.png).


    PhotoMosh is a website that offers dozens of effects to apply to your photo. One of them is image distortion, which can even be used together with other filters. After uploading the photo (in Load File → Choose File), choose Melt from the menu on the right side of the screen and click On.

    Adjust the amount, scale and speed of the effect and link it to other filters if you want. Then choose whether to save the result in JPG (photo), GIF or WEBM (video).


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