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    8 tools to create the best covers for LinkedIn

    8 tools to create the best covers for LinkedIn

    by Team AllYourVideogames | May 2, 2022 | Social Networks |

    In the digital age where social networks dominate the internet, LinkedIn is a platform aimed at professional relationships. In it, you can create connections with professionals in the job market, share your experiences, make posts, create a resume and many other things. But did you know that you can put covers on your profile to improve your appearance? Therefore, we have separated the best tools for you to be able to do Layers for Linkedin in this post.

    In addition to the functions mentioned above, the social network can also be a great tool when looking for a job. In these moments, it is important to have a visually pleasing and professional profile, and covers help a lot in that first impression. Thinking about helping you find and create great covers, we've selected 8 tools, platforms and apps for you to create covers for LinkedIn and improve your profile. You can do this using either your computer or even your cell phone or other devices.

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    Free LinkedIn Covers

    1. Can go

    8 tools to create the best covers for LinkedIn

    This is one of the most popular graphic design platforms online. With it, you can create photo montages, posters, infographics, presentations, YouTube icons, Instagram stories and many other content for free. Canva offers a giant list of creation possibilities, with ready-made templates and templates, in addition to the possibility of creating from scratch.

    Furthermore, the platform has an area specially designed for LinkedIn banners, where you can use a ready-made banner or create your own cover for the social network from scratch.  

    To gain access to the banners described above, just follow the steps below:

    Step 1. In the upper right corner of the platform, click on “Create a design”;

    Step 2. In the search bar “Search”, search for “Banner for LinkedIn”;

    Step 3. You will be taken to a new page, where you will have all the cover options that you can use as they are or make changes;

    Step 4. You will also have the possibility to create a cover from scratch on the page;

    Canva is available for desktop, Android and iOS devices as an app. 

    2 Desygner

    8 tools to create the best covers for LinkedIn

    Like Canva, Desygner is also a content creation and editing tool. The functions are very reminiscent of Canva, as is the functionality. You have the option of creating a template from scratch and editing it in your own way, or selecting a ready-made template and using it that way or making small changes to it.

    And just like in the aforementioned tool, Desygner also has an area focused only on LinkedIn covers, where you can select one of the available banners or create your own cover for the social network. To locate this part of the site, just go to “covers for social networks” and select the “LinkedIn” option.

    With this, the available skins will appear for you. Just download or make the desired changes. What's more, you can also create your own banner from scratch. Desygner is available for both PC and Android and iOS devices.

    3. Pixlr

    8 tools to create the best covers for LinkedIn

    Pixl is one of the simplest and fastest photo editing platforms. You can crop images, apply filters, remove elements, draw and perform many other functions on them. That way, you can edit an image you want and make the necessary adjustments so that it fits perfectly on your LinkedIn page. This is a great way to repurpose some images you might have as LinkedIn covers.

    What's more, like the programs mentioned above, Pixlr is available for both computers and iOS and Android devices in the Apple Store and Play Store app stores. The best thing is that the tool can be used by both beginners and professionals who already work with digital media.

    4. Fotor

    8 tools to create the best covers for LinkedIn

    Allowing the user to create collages, edit photos or assemble something from scratch, Fotor ends up being a very useful tool for those who need to edit images. Furthermore, the program also makes available to users some articles and tutorial videos teaching how to use the available resources. 

    You will have at your disposal several ready-made templates that you can use on social networks. What's more, you can create covers for Facebook, YouTube and, of course, covers for LinkedIn. In addition to having the site available for those who use the computer, Fotor is also available for Android and iOS devices in the digital stores of both.

    5. Visme

    8 tools to create the best covers for LinkedIn

    With hundreds of templates, different color schemes, photos you can use, custom fonts and icons available for you to create infographics, create presentations and images for social media, Visme becomes a great graphic design tool. It also allows users to create interactive animated graphics, maps and edit photos and videos.

    Through these available options, you can end up creating covers for LinkedIn with various information, along with the function of informing who accessed your profile on the social network. Although the platform has paid plans, it also offers a completely free plan, which works perfectly for simple edits like creating banners for social networks. 

    6. BeFunky

    8 tools to create the best covers for LinkedIn

    Available for computers, Android devices in the Play Store and iOS devices in the Apple Store, BeFunky is a great editing tool for you to use. The software allows you to create graphic design from scratch, make collages and edit images as you wish. You can edit images in various quantities and even create transparent background images. BeFunky ends up being one of the most complete graphic design tools available.

    As well as the ones mentioned above, it also offers some free templates and ready-made images that you can customize as you see fit, in addition to icons and graphics. You can create your LinkedIn covers on your computer or through the app available for Android and iOS.

    7. FotoJet

    8 tools to create the best covers for LinkedIn

    FotoJet provides users with options to make collages, create email headers, Instagram stories and many other templates. With them, you can create various graphic design projects, being the perfect program for beginners in the design field.

    But it also allows you to edit photos and add text, images and effects. You can also resize and crop the photo, so you can create some of the best covers for LinkedIn and best of all: everything to your liking. Although the program is paid, it offers a free version that is perfect if you want to work with simpler things, like creating banners for social networks, for example.

    8. Snappa

    8 tools to create the best covers for LinkedIn

    If your project is to create images for social media and blog, Snappa is the best choice of design software for you. In addition to the editing options that are available in the online tool, you also have the ability to instantly share your creations to the digital platforms you use. In addition to creating and editing images for social networks and blogs, you can also create graphics.

    For free, you have almost 1 million images available for use, hundreds of fonts to use in edits and many other things in Snappa's library that can end up resulting in great covers for LinkedIn, for example. You can choose pre-defined settings by the tool for your creations and/or use one of the templates that Snappa makes available to you. 

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