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    8 sites to invite online, free and send by WhatsApp

    Making an invitation online doesn't require any knowledge of image editing these days. There are a number of websites with easily customizable templates for birthdays, weddings, baby showers, and other types of parties. Users can also choose to print or send via WhatsApp, Facebook, email or copy the link.

    has gathered the best sites to invite online, without having to pay anything and share with whoever you want. Check out!

    1. FestaLab

    8 sites to invite online, free and send by WhatsApp

    O PartyLab is a free online invitation creation service. The tool offers both the traditional option and Vibes, which creates a kind of interactive web page for the event.

    Through this website, guests have access to information, a map with the address of the place and the possibility of confirming their presence.

    There are template options for events such as birthdays, weddings, 15th birthdays, baby showers and many others. The user can select the theme from the menu or search in the search bar.

    When choosing the template, whether traditional or Vibes invitation, it is necessary to create an account on the service. The process is quite quick and can be done with Gmail login details. Next, some data about the event, such as name, date and address, are requested.

    The service generates a link to the created page (Vibe). This link can be shared directly via WhatsApp or Facebook or copied and pasted wherever you want.

    The virtual invitation can be downloaded in its own format for WhatsApp, in PDF (ideal for printing) or sent by email.

    2. Can go

    8 sites to invite online, free and send by WhatsApp

    O canva is a free image editor packed with template options. The site offers its own function for creating fully editable invitations.

    To use it, you need to create an account, either associated with your Facebook or Google profile, or using an email. With the editor open, in templates, type it Invitation in the search bar.

    Options such as birthday, wedding, party, baby shower, graduation, 15th birthday party and more will be displayed. There are both free and paid layouts. The free ones display a tag Free, in the lower right corner of the image, when hovering the mouse over it.

    In general, all items are customizable, from the content, background color, font, etc. Changes are usually automatically saved to your account.

    It is also possible to save the file on the device or share it on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Drive, among other online services. A novelty is the possibility of sending the invitation as a responsive site, by copying the link and pasting it wherever you want.

    3 Desygner

    8 sites to invite online, free and send by WhatsApp

    O Desygner is a free template generator available online. The service offers a unique feature for making invitations.

    To create, just create an account on the service, with your email, Google or Facebook data. in the section Invitations & Cards (Invitations and cards, in free translation) and choose the format you want. Then it's just a matter of choosing the model - those with a padlock are paid, the rest are free.

    You can change the font style, size and color, as well as the background color and image. Virtually all elements can be edited in the user's way, including icons and figures.

    The invitation can be saved as a PDF, JPEG or PNG. Or shared via email, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook or directly via the link.

    4. Adobe Spark

    8 sites to invite online, free and send by WhatsApp

    O Adobe Spark is a free online template creation program, developed by the same creator of Photoshop. To make your invitation, you need to create an account with login data from Google, Facebook, Apple ID or an email.

    When the editor opens, in the tab Models, type it Invitation to see the invitation options. It is possible to include photos, change the font, change the logo, among other features.

    Regarding the design, the user is able to customize the color pattern, layout aspects and also resize to predefined formats. There are specific sizes for Instagram posts or stories, YouTube thumbnail, or certain printable standards.

    When finished, you can share the invitation via Facebook, Twitter or copy and paste the link. If you prefer, you can save it to your computer in PNG, JPG or PDF.

    5. Scrapee

    8 sites to invite online, free and send by WhatsApp

    O Scrapee is one of the simplest and easiest options for making invitations online on our list. The models are made for children's birthdays, with themes such as heroes, princesses, Disney characters, among others.

    Just click on what you want and, on the side, fill in data such as age, name, date, time and place of the event. All templates have space for a photo of the birthday person, which must be downloaded from the device (there is no option to upload from the cloud).

    Then, go to save invitation and the file will be saved in JPEG format. Then just print or share the file via email, WhatsApp or social media.

    6. Smilebox

    8 sites to invite online, free and send by WhatsApp

    Smilebox is an animated virtual invitation generator, with a wide variety of themes available. To use, just make a brief registration using Facebook or Google login data.

    The online application allows you to edit both the content and the format of the text, such as color, font, size, etc. The user can choose to remove the photo, change the background, color of the elements as well as the music used. To know how the result will be, go to Preview.

    To finish, click on Share or Print. If you want guests to confirm attendance, choose Add RSVP. Otherwise, go to Skip.

    In the basic plan, it is possible to send the invitation by email to up to 10 people and the file has the Smilebox watermark.

    7. Avoid

    8 sites to invite online, free and send by WhatsApp

    O Avoid is an invitation maker that at the same time allows you to manage your events. A virtual invitation is generated, which is available on a page, whose link can be shared directly via SMS.

    It is also possible to send the address via WhatsApp, Messenger, post on Facebook, Direct on Instagram, among other options.

    There are template options, both paid and free, with the most diverse themes. There are templates for invitations for birthday, wedding, baby shower, among others. The editing possibilities, however, are restricted when compared to other services.

    The user can only change the textual content. This means that you can only enter the event title, date, time, address, phone number and include a message for guests.

    The event management tool allows you to manage confirmed attendances, send messages to all guests and include activities.

    To use the service, you need to create an account on the app using your Facebook or Google login details or associating an email account.

    8. Greeting Island

    8 sites to invite online, free and send by WhatsApp

    O Greeting Island is one of the most complete free invitation apps online out there. There are themes for weddings, birthdays, graduation and many others. After choosing the one that best suits your event, go to Customize to edit the information.

    You can change the text and add stickers, but the layout itself cannot be edited. continue on Next and choose to save, print or send virtually. The service allows you to send by email, Facebook, WhatsApp or copy the link.


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