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    8 Powerful Flashlight Apps

    Prevent yourself with a flashlight app that offers brighter lighting for your Android or iOS phone. Check out the list of 8 downloadable flashlight apps that will help you find lost objects, open doors and see something in the dark or even during a power outage!


    • Lantern
    • Lantern LED HD
    • Brightest Flashlight Free
    • Best Flash Light! – Lanterna!
    • high power flashlight
    • Flashlight.
    • Strongest Flashlight – Call Screen Themes
    • Lanterna – Tiny Flashlight


    Lantern is, without a doubt, one of the best flashlight apps! Super powerful and with several options of lights that can be flashing or not! The ads are super discreet and don't interfere with the application at all! It's worth downloading!

    Lantern is available for:

    Android IOS

    Lantern LED HD

    Designed for Android and iOS devices, LED Flashlight HD is one of the best designed apps in this regard. Its light is powerful and simple, with just the push of a button.

    It integrates perfectly with the existing flashlight on the cell phone and can even use the cell phone screen to produce powerful light, which has varying brightness levels and patterns to flash or not.

    Lantern LED HD is available for:

    Android IOS

    Brightest Flashlight Free

    With Brightest Flashlight Free you turn on all the lights on your smartphone or tablet: flash, keyboard, keys, screen, notification led and stay with maximum lighting for 2 minutes, already programmed in the app's automatic timer!

    Brightest Flashlight Free is available for:


    Best Flash Light! – Lanterna!

    Best Flash Light! is a zoom flashlight for iOS devices that uses the light from the front camera and can be activated instantly by programming. Furthermore, the running time can also be controlled, as well as the speed!

    Best Flash Light! – Lanterna! is available for:


    high power flashlight

    Brightness, speed, simplicity, elegance and functionality: everything a flashlight app needs is in High power flashlight! In addition to lighting, it has a compass and even an SOS signal for when you are in an emergency – who knows, right? Just download, install and check it out!

    high power flashlight is available for:



    With high resolution graphics and bright flash, strobe mode and emergency beep, Flashlight is an essential functional app for iPhone, iPad and other iOS devices. The app is simple, but surprising!

    Flashlight. is available for:


    Strongest Flashlight – Call Screen Themes

    You can already see from the image that the strongest flashlight is a complete flashlight app! It's designed to work perfectly on all Android devices and has a super stylish design – an extra charm! Through the strobe you can even define how the light will be in variations that flash alternately!

    strongest flashlight is available for:


    Lanterna – Tiny Flashlight

    Lanterna – Tiny Flashlight uses the LED, flash and screen of your smartphone or tablet as a flashlight! The app even offers widget functions, flashing lights and even colored light!

    Lanterna – Tiny Flashlight is available for:


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