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    8 Sales Apps to Advertise Any Type of Product!

    Making a little extra money at the end of the month has never been easier with the mobile sales apps available. With these apps it is possible to advertise new and used items and have an extra income without leaving home. Sales applications are also suitable for those who want to shop without having to face the movement of a store, and who are looking for cheaper prices and the best cost benefit on the market.

    With the sales apps listed below, you can sell and buy all kinds of goods, without complications, at the touch of your finger. Check it out below!


    • Mercado Livre
    • eBay
    • iCars – Buy Cars
    • I got sick
    • OLX
    • desapekids
    • Tradr
    • Book

    Mercado Livre

    One of the most famous sales applications on the market, Mercado Livre, has product options of all kinds, from clothing, utensils, cars, decoration and even real estate!

    In the app you can buy or sell everything for an affordable price. The user can find new and used products, with photos and descriptions. Payment methods are also friendly and very secure.

    In addition, Mercado Livre has a seller rating system so you know who you're buying from and whether or not it's worth it!

    Android IOS


    eBay is one of the most used sales apps worldwide, not just . It is possible to buy goods and products sold in all parts of the globe, so the diversity of products available increases considerably.

    For those who sell it is also excellent, as the product can reach many more people through the platform. eBay is also a safe and convenient way to buy and sell new and used products, and we've already said that: you can find everything, really everything, in the app.

    Android IOS

    iCars – Buy Cars

    The iCarros application is exclusively for buying and selling cars, both new and used. He has car ads from all over the country.

    In addition to the possibility of buying and selling cars, it offers information about car sales, news, financing and credit options for the purchase of your vehicle, among other useful information for those looking to buy – or sell – a car.

    Android IOS

    I got sick

    Enjoei is an application focused on the fashion universe and its products are mainly clothes, shoes and accessories, with some options for decoration items.

    With a jovial and relaxed language, the application attracted thousands of users in a short time. In this application, you can search for hundreds of sellers who expose their products in virtual stores and you can create your own store and expose your products.

    You can buy and sell new or used goods, always specifying the condition of the product. They have a curatorship that guarantees the quality of the products on sale and the site's own currency, enjucoins, which offers discounts for active users.

    Android IOS


    In the same vein as Mercado Livre and eBay, OLX is a buying and selling application that has all kinds of unimaginable products, new and used.

    In addition, on OLX you will find service announcements, which expands the possibilities of this tool and constitutes an advantage of this application over the others.

    The app does not have a specific payment session, what it does is advertise and put traders in touch. From there, the sale is made independently. Therefore, we recommend being careful and always checking who you are buying from, or who you are selling to.

    Android IOS


    Desapekids is an app similar to Enjoei, but with a very specific audience: baby moms and dads!

    The application serves for the sale, purchase and exchange of clothes, accessories and baby toys. It came about because small babies lose everything very quickly, because they grow up very fast, and parents are left with products in excellent condition at hand, with nothing to do with them.

    The application is a possibility to make some extra money and share the items you have chosen so lovingly for your baby so that other dads and moms can enjoy it too!



    Mias is an application aimed at the fashion world, where you can find clothes, shoes and accessories for purchase, and you can sell your products as well.

    The app's differential is that it is very similar to a social network, where users interact and enjoy each other's goods. The app's creators themselves sell it as a kind of Tinder, so it's worth checking out what it has to offer.



    Reserve is an application that makes it possible to purchase and offer services specifically related to travel. With this application you buy airline tickets, pay your taxis, your hotels and many other expenses related to your trip.

    With the application you can manage your expenses and generate receipts and it also has interaction with other services and applications to make the user's life even easier.


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