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    8 apps to have a dictionary always at hand

    A dictionary is something we all need to consult from time to time, whether looking for the meaning of a word or the correct pronunciation of a word. It can also be very useful to find synonyms or the translation into another language. Discover 8 dictionary applications to have these resources always at hand.

    1. Dio

    8 apps to have a dictionary always at hand

    Dicion is considered one of the most complete online Portuguese dictionaries in our country. Its app provides the meanings of more than 100 words, synonyms, antonyms and application examples in the palm of your hand.

    One of the biggest differentials of this app is the practicality of certain features. The possibility of consulting your content offline, after downloading, is one of them. User can select a specific word in any other app with Popup Meanings.

    The app offers Word of the Day, which features a new word daily, in addition to Random Words, to enrich vocabulary at any time. There are also videos about Portuguese doubts, voice search, among other tools.

    • Portuguese Dictionary Dicio (free, with in-app purchases): Android

    2. School Michaelis 3 Languages

    8 apps to have a dictionary always at hand

    Michaelis School 3 Languages ​​brings together three dictionaries in a single app. The Michaelis Portuguese Language School Dictionary, the Michaelis English School Dictionary and the Michaelis Spanish School Dictionary are available. Altogether, there are more than 285.000 definitions, translations, expressions, among other words.

    Slang, regionalisms and loanwords are included. As well as explanations and examples of the correct pronunciation of words in English and Spanish. The app also offers information on syllabic division, grammatical class, verb regency, phonetics, etymology, plurals and much more.

    • Michaelis School 3 Languages (paid): Android | iOS

    3. The Free Dictionary

    8 apps to have a dictionary always at hand

    Aiming to be the most comprehensive in the world, The Free Dictionary offers 14 different dictionaries, each in a different language. In addition to the various translation options, the app provides specialized and synonym dictionaries.

    Word games, daily articles and multiple encyclopedias are other features on offer. It is still possible to share your favorite words on different social networks.

    With a platform that uses elements characteristic of games, the tool gives points and badges as the user learns. After a certain amount of points, meals are donated to needy children.

    • The Free Dictionary (free, with in-app purchases): Android
    • The Free Dictionary (paid): iOS

    4. Priberam Dictionary

    8 apps to have a dictionary always at hand

    Definitions, synonyms, antonyms, pronunciation, origin. The Priberam Dictionary provides 16 dictionaries for consultation, four of which are

    The app also has 12 translation aids to and from Portuguese, Spanish, French and English. In addition, it is possible to view the conjugation of various verbs, follow the words of the day and the most searched words.

    • Priberam Dictionary (free): Android

    5. Urban Dictionary

    8 apps to have a dictionary always at hand

    Do you follow movies, series and texts in English and don't understand certain expressions and acronyms? Urban Dictionary offers unlimited free searches for slang and words that are on the lips of the people.

    The app also allows you to vote for your favorite definitions and easily share them on social networks. The user can expand the learning by checking the Word of the day or shaking the cell phone to draw random terms.

    • Urban Dictionary (free): Android | iOS

    6. English-Portuguese Dictionary

    8 apps to have a dictionary always at hand

    Learn to translate by voice with Google Translate on mobile and PC

    Dict Box was created with the purpose of being an offline translator and dictionary. Whether from Portuguese to English or vice versa, the app works without requiring an internet connection.

    The platform makes it possible to translate text directly from the web browser or other applications. In addition, it provides word pronunciation features, image dictionary, word reminders, among other tools.

    • English-Portuguese dictionary (free, with non-app purchases) Android | iOS

    7. Reverse dictionary and translator

    8 apps to have a dictionary always at hand

    Reverso is a fast translation tool for words and expressions in 14 languages. In addition to the Portuguese, English and Spanish classics, there are French, German, Italian, Arabic and Dutch, among others.

    The translations are accompanied by application examples selected by experts. Samples include web pages, official texts, movie dialogue, and product descriptions.

    Among its other features, it provides a pronunciation tool and the possibility of translating texts and words directly from the browser or from another app.

    • Reverse dictionary and translator (free with in-app purchases): Android | iOS

    8. Aurélio Digital

    8 apps to have a dictionary always at hand

    Aurélio Digital takes the classic Aurélio Dictionary to mobile screens. The program allows you to search for terms in writing or by voice, as well as knowing a new word a day. There is also the possibility of using it in the classic way, looking for entries one by one, in the midst of more than 3 thousand words.

    It is worth mentioning, however, that the application is freemium, with only 50 free consultations being offered. Once this limit is exceeded, the user must adhere to the paid plan to continue using the service.

    • Digital Aurelius (free for trial): Android | iOS


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